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The Best audiophile tracks to test equipment

Discussion in 'Music' started by deafmutelame, Mar 9, 2005.
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  1. golov17
    Michel Sanchez - Windows [Japanesse Press] 1994
    Instrumental & Electronica
  2. outcast151
    1. Wandering - Yosi Horikawa 
    2. Dreams - Fleetwood Mac 
    3. Tank! - Seatbelts 
    4. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat - Mingus 
    5. Money For Nothing - Dire Straits 
  3. esteboune
    I just went through the 13 pages, i cannot believe you were the only one referring to Fleetwood Mac, and especially Dreams.
    I also use The Dance.

  4. MMB1
    I am genuinly surprised that it was not mentioned so far but... Allan Taylor - Colour To The Moon 
    Recorded with Stockfish Records this track is meant to testing HiFi equipment :)
    The whole album "Closer to the Music" from Stockfish Records is audiophile but i use this track in particular to test equipment
  5. esteboune

    Will try. Thanks

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  6. golov17
    Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells II & Heaven's Open,
    Chris Jones - Moonstruck & No looking back
  7. golov17
    "Blue Nile - Autumobile Noise" for stereo effects
    "Jon & Vangelis - Friends of Mr Cairo" stereo, vinil rip
  8. -Vox-
    Some time lurker here. Decided to officially subscribe to this awesome forum!
    First of all, Hi, hope everything's awesome and working out for you guys.
    Secondly, my experience in the audiophile world isn't that broad, but I love music. I have in my collection a little bit of everything including Jacky Terrasson, Eagles, Mark Nauseef, Dr. Dre (2001 was a superb production in terms of music), T.Yamamoto, Pink Floyd, the Kronos Quartet, among other awesome pieces that I use constantly when dialing in new audio equipment, specially car audio speakers/drivers.
    So, after that brief introduction, I would like to suggest an interesting, brilliant, unique, poetic, melodic and DARK concept album by songwriter Robi "Draco" Rosa. This album, Vagabundo, was recorded by Phil Manzanera and is full of instruments, full of cohesion. From electric guitars, through the magnificent Hammond B4 to classical and wind instruments all mixed beautifully.
    The album is one my personal favorites and has that cult gem stigma that you can't stop listening from time to time. One thing, the cd is in spanish, but it shouldn't matter to appreciate the immersive mood that's set throughout this album, closing with an incredible song with an impeccable arrangement in "Amantes Hasta El Fin".
    Type text or a website address or translate a document.

    Did you mean: Y posee una difuminación de instrumentos increíble. es de

  9. JesusTossas
    I am A musician, mastering engineer and consider myself an audiophile. I read 9 pages of this treat and the diversity is nice! Now I notice that some of the songs are heavy compressed, nothing wrong with that but should  known so proper judgement on testing system actually is worth the evaluation of the performance! I find myself sometimes in the position to compress more than what I think is to my ears ok to let the dynamic breath in specific projects or artist request. Compression is very debatable this days, but some albums sound the way they are because of it, some are destroyed and make my ears bleed...
    Here are some missing songs I think are worth mentioning and audition them on systems. I need to point out that this are mostly what I use to test systems to start with since I know them very well.
    Cultura Profetica- La Complicidad Just listen to this song and the whole album. The recording was done analog and in a studio I been before and know what the engineers wanted with this talented artist! I personally love this band and enjoy the albums even if is in Spanish. (I will let you review your impression on it)
    Cultura Profetica- Me Faltabas Tu Same from above
    Amy Winehouse- Know You Know : Good mixing in general
    Patricia Barber- Autumn Leaves : Because of the complexity and dynamic range that the song keeps from start to finish
    Gogo Penguin- Murmuration : Because the bass is very interesting and snare sounds very nice, also the song have a lot of "air"
    Korn- Its On: Because of the depth this track contains, heavy bass recording, pure analog recording, drums sound huge and have a big sound stage.
    Colbie Caillat- Realize : Because that song can't be more warm than what it is. 
    Radiohead- Talk Show Host: Because that recording sounds massive and instruments have huge texture and you feel that the guitar is right on front of you, and the bass? well... listen to it.
    Stratovarius- No Turning Back: Because this song has a well-balanced mix on all the instruments.
    Dream Theater- Overture 1928: Because this song has a well-Balance mix on all the instruments. Sound-stage is big.
    Dr.Dre-Whats the difference: Because is analog recording, Big dynamic range, sound stage.
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  10. Demo3
  11. deafmutelame
    It is amazing to re-discover this thread 10 years after I opened it and see that it is still fresh and alive! Good!
    More tracks, in no particular order:
    1 - Phil Collins, In the Air Tonight - Drums at 3:40.
    2 - Michael Jackson - Why You Wanna Trip On Me
    3 - Muddy Waters - (Folk Singer) - My Home Is In The Delta
    4 - Miles Davis (Kind of Blue) - So what
    5 - Radiohead (OK Computer) - Exit Music (For a Film)
    [​IMG] Keep 'em coming! [​IMG]
  12. dreambass
    Some of DJ Quik's lyrics make me chuckle, substantially :wink:
  13. thebrunx
    access (album) by doe, this album is the reason I bought high end headphones.
  14. alegar
    Malia & Boris Blank - I Feel It Like You (Convergence)
    This topic has low and subwoofer to test headphones,
    Amazing sound of this CD

    Steve Smith - Viewpoint
    Reference sound,
  15. aphex27
    The voice sounds good but the instruments (especially the drums) uber-compressed..could you expand?
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