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The Best audiophile tracks to test equipment

Discussion in 'Music' started by deafmutelame, Mar 9, 2005.
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  1. jermg77
    Hey all,
    Some really really great picks listed in this thread. I thought I'd add some of my own. I'm a live sound engineer and am fortunate enough to work with some of the best high end sound reinforcement gear day in and day out. Needless to say, I've developed my own (ever evolving) playlist over the years. Some tracks picked to tune, balance or even stress test PA systems from small to arena sized. Below are some of my current go-to's that I've not yet seen mentioned here:
    Tears For Fears - Badman's Song : A great live sounding mix with fantastic drums, dynamics and at times, a really busy arrangement that is nicely balanced. (the bass guitar playing is a hidden gem was well...)
    Lyle Lovett - She Makes Me Feel So Good : A fantastic mostly acoustic arrangement with some excellent vocals, both lead and background. Nice spatial placement of the instruments. 
    Eric Clapton - Change The World : My opinion of a great sounding mix that is representative of typical pop compression and mastering. 
    Infected Mushroom - Forgive me : My go-to stress test track. Very out front, heavily effected vocals, excellent tight low frequency energy, lots of wide panning effects. 
    Depeche Mode - Policy Of Truth : A snare drum that just punches right through the center of the mix.
    Beck - Morning : The vocals, the vocals, the vocals. Nice low frequency heavy mix with high frequency features that really seem to float on top. Oh, and the vocals!
    I've got plenty more, but these are the tracks in heavy rotation for me right now.
    Love this thread!
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  2. esteboune

  3. AeroSatan

    Home at Last!!! Hell, the whole Aja is great to check equipment! Steely Dan's albums were masterfully produced!
  4. AeroSatan
    Steely Dan- Aja
    Radiohead- 15 Steps  ( Jigsaws falling into place, Fishes)
    Pink Floyd- DSOTM, WYWH, Division Bell
    Dave Matthews Band- Crash, Under the Table dreaming
    Jamiroquai- Rock Dust Light Star
    Jeff Beck- Live at Ronnie Scott's
    Glass Animals- Toes, Gooey
    Daft Punk - RAM
    Enigma- Sadness, Return to Innocence
    Fleetwood Mac- Rumours
    Amy Winehouse- Frank
  5. alegar
    That album recommend me to serve me for shooting headphones.
  6. NiceGuyTom
    Fun track recommendations in here.  I'll share some as well.
    Trespassers William - Red
    Robert Plant, Alison Krauss - Rich Woman
    Paul Simon - Diamonds On the Souls of Her Shoes
    65daysofstatic - Prisms
    Low - Into You
    BT - Hikari, 1.618 (off his Electronic Opus album)
    ASTR - Get So High
    Clean Bandit - Rather Be
    Animals as Leaders - Another Day
    Periphery - The Walk (Instrumental), Alpha
    Fear Factory - Church of Execution
    Melody Gardot - Love Me Like A River Does
    Michael Buble - Fever
    HIP HOP:
    Thomas Newman - Define Dancing
    I'll add more as I remember or encounter them... FYI Source was Tidal lossless.
  7. vapman
    i used to have a cd i brought to head-fi meets with me... it had 5 songs on it different levels of production value, one from FLAC and one from mp3 192.
  8. Herueyes
    Was at a demo for some new speakers recently...
    One of the Tracks used was

    Artist - Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble
    Album - Mr. Machine
    Track - 7. Teufelsleiter

    I heard this track about 3 times with $15,000 speakers in an acoustically treated room... Two channel setup (vinyl) phono stage was another $10,000 or so cartridge was some new laser do dad (you get the picture) and yes I was sitting in the sweet spot... All this to say on my way home picked up the cd... Ripped it FLAC

    Streamed to my Arcam rCube Sounded way better than those $15000 speakers then
    Airplayed to my Phillips fidelio flower pots(DS9800W/37) even better
    listened via my oppo pm-3 iPhone 6s and could hear even more detail...
    I'm almost afraid to do a session with my other gear...:L3000:
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  9. golov17
  10. aphex27

    Wow, this is great with the Abyss![​IMG] 
    However, I don't understand the rest of your post..this must sound insane with proper speakers..
  11. TonyTripleA Contributor
    I have noticed my non audiophile friends often seem unimpressed when I play my audiophile "best" albums... Things like American beauty soundtrack (20 bit version) or Clapton unplugged. They miss the nuances.

    When I revert to something with audiophile quality but an emphasis on punch they get excited. To this end the best recording I have experienced of late is "grove is king" by rock candy funk party. The title says it all. I have gotten to love this album! Dire Straits can do it to but rock candy just seems to grab people in an audio test.


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  12. TonyTripleA Contributor
    Herueyes thanks for that suggestion, Mr Machine is definitely added to my demonstration audiophile show off collection! Very clearly defined recording.

  13. Herueyes
    The speakers might not be the problem... it could be the phono stage, the cartridge, the amp, power cables, the room itself, who knows...
    Here's a pic of the amp that was being used
    The total system must've been around $80k-$100k.....
    What's worse is @ the recent NY Audio show I heard the Martin Logan Neoliths and they sounded horrible... worst room ever... but it could be that the setup wasn't
    optimal... or better yet the synergy between all the various do dads didn't gel... like oil & water it just didn't mix...and @ $80k for a pair!!!
    Some of the other tracks that were used to showcase the $15,000 speakers are 
    Artist - Kraftwerk
    Album - Tour De France
    Track - 12. Tour De France
    Artist - Duke Ellington
    Album - Ellington Indigos (1957)
    Track - Tenderly
    Track - Prelude to a Kiss
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  14. Herueyes
    You're most Welcome... That track has a certain something about it that's just right for audiophiles.... it's a PRaTrack... <-- You heard it hear first!
  15. Herueyes
    Hey ya'll  just came across this track while researching for a new camera...
    One of my childhood friends is getting married and asked me to participate 
    so I decided to look for a new camera to record his wedding in 4K...
    My old camera is a Lumix FZ-150 and can still take the pics but not the video in 4K...
    While reading up on the Lumix FZ-1000 I came across this video on youtube...

    The smoothness of the track grabbed my attention immediately...
    Artist  -  Manu Katché 
    Album -  Neighbourhood 
    Track  -  1. November 99
    Enjoy & Peace...[​IMG] 
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