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The Best audiophile tracks to test equipment

Discussion in 'Music' started by deafmutelame, Mar 9, 2005.
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  1. amigomatt
    Anything of these incredibly recorded albums.  You may not like the music, but the quality is EXCEPTIONAL:
    Stravinsky The Firebird - London Symphony/Antal Dorati
    Royal Ballet Performances - Orchestra of the Royal Opera House Covent Garden/Ernest Ansermet
    Harry Belafonte - 'Belafonte at Carnegie Hall'  and 'Belafonte Returns to Carnegie Hall'
    Antil:  Corroboree Ballet Suite etc. - London Symphony Orchestra/Sir Eugene Goossens
    The Weavers - Reunion at Carnegie Hal
  2. JiggaD369
    Try this one guys...
    A. R. Rahman - Warriors of Heaven and Earth (OST)
    Especially the song "Dacoit Duel". I suspect only few systems in the world can portray this track with justice. So much detail.
  3. alcyst

    "Between heaven and earth"?

    Cinematic stuff.

    Bit puzzled here, A R Rahman did do the soundtrack for the film "Warriors of Heaven & Earth", Qobuz lists an album called "between heaven and Earth" with a track Dacoit Duel.
  4. amigomatt
    Same on Spotify.  Sounds great though through my PC>HRT Microstreamer>Cayin C5>HifiMan HE560.
  5. JiggaD369
    BHAE is a re-release, I believe.
  6. Giogio
    nice thread, I wanted to make a thread like this but nice that is already done :)
    I will answer istinctively with what I use now:
    Pink Floyd Money and Time + The Zen of Space by Zakir Hussain to see the detail and soundstage and panning
    Limit to Your Love by James Blake + Balloons (Club Mix) by Nils Hoffmann for the Bass
    Boa Sorte (Good Luck) by Vanessa de Mata & Ben Harper + Roads by Portishead + Hope there's Someone by Antony and the Johnsons for mids and vocals and warmth
    No particular one for highs. But I am open to suggestions :)
  7. Cobaltius
    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Blood Sugar Sex Magik album
  8. alcyst
    Californication Gets lots of abuse over in "Worst recorded/Mastered Albums" on account of compression, where did it all go wrong!
  9. StanHalabyII
    Hi alcyst!
    I believe RHCP's Californication is given so much grief because it's one of the first what they're considering "overcompressed" in the current 'loudness war" ..there's a huge movement especially in Europe in quieting down mastering and leaving in the dynamics instead of tight compressed loudness. Look up "loudness war" on Wikipedia, it spells it out in more detail :)
  10. StanHalabyII
    Also, thinking in retrospect, A buddy of mine and me went to their concert in Houston on their Californication Tour and the Foo Fighters opened for them. At the time Flea and the guys were pushing a movement of lower distorted/overdriven guitar (lots of concentrated mids) and bring up the lower end (bass/drums) to keep the 'power' in the rock but save folks' hearing. The style of mastering may reflect that and when that album sold huge (I think that's their best selling album in their career) of course the big music industry jumped all over it.. "Making it louder must mean it sells more!" .. well that's my educated guesswork, but it sounds logical to me.. I honestly don't think that mastering style was made for sales so much as altruistic to help save folks' hearing, but because it sounded 'different' and sold so big, well.. you can fill in the rest :) Of course, that's just my opinion, I could be wrong LOL
  11. alcyst
    Interesting to see what would happen if people were given a choice between: no compression/better mastering, or 2x DSD of 128k 24bit FLAC, which way they would jump.
  12. StanHalabyII
    Well, that certainly is a loaded question. lol  Of course, there's genre-specific "sound" (e.g., acoustic jazz vs. EDM vs. modern country and rock vs. rnb). But now, after personal research for my music, we mastering the 'end product' are highly encouraged to have separate 'masters' of our album, song, video for each delivery platform. That means one for a CD, one for YouTube, one for iTunes, one for Amazon, one for.. etc. etc. because EVERY platform has a different set of digital parameters for their specific compression scheme. Heck, the reason why I even found this site was researching 'alac' vs. 'flac' .. heh. Apparently all 'digital' content isn't the same and it seems everyone wants to 'reinvent the wheel' lol .. :D  How's that for an answer? :D :D :D
  13. putterolf
    Hello guys!

    I just was on a High end hifi exhibition, and there was a track many of them was playing on there equipment, but I forgot to ask what the name of the track was.
    but it start with a solo guitarr play and then like 30-40sec in i think it start with someone singing Railway letter or somthing like that. it was also live, and some had it on digital devices and some on vinyl discs.
    Anyone know the name of the track? :)
  14. lamode
  15. lamode
    Nice thread, though I think many people are listing tracks which are not well recorded but just well-known to them. Unfortunately, this is not useful to others.
    I also like some hip-hop and lo-fi and electronic music but they are not so useful as test tracks. Nothing beats a stunning acoustic recording test separate the wheat from the chaff :)
    I went through my entire collection and picked out some good recommendations. Not surprisingly, they are almost all on Telarc, Opus3, 2L, Chesky or Linn.
    Not a single pop, trip-hop, electronica, rock, etc track made the cut. Pity that no-one records these genres properly :frowning2:
    (you will need to click the "original" button to see this at normal size)
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