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The Best audiophile tracks to test equipment

Discussion in 'Music' started by deafmutelame, Mar 9, 2005.
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  1. KElyas
    I just listened to the album you mentioned and compared it to Country Boy, The Devil and Elvis Presley which (I'm not if you've heard but) is basically the same thing except with more songs and an alternative mix and imo it sound much more airy, clear and less over produced than the later which sounds less realistic and feels like it is missing some of the subtle details that I can hear in the other album..
  2. christian u
    I prefer the studio master version,''Road to Memphis'' it is more realistic and seems to be the concert as it was played.'
    'Country Boy''' is the concert and what sounds to me as additional studio takes mixed in,it is a great album as well but not a Studio Master file. 
    But anyway, both versions are very good indeed.
  3. chlyhne
     I second that! Mindblowing! Just testing my all new LCD-X, O2 amp and ODAC.
  4. christian u
  5. Mila Kunis
    Touch - Daft Punk
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  6. Neuromance
    A few additions to this thread:
    - Stereophile Test CD 2 - really cliched I know, but it has a few really useful tracks:  
         - A test of imaging, where someone is walking across the mikes while clapping their hands
         - Some warble tones done at different frequencies to taste bass response
    - In the realm of MUSIC, I really like using Tori Amos (Little Earthquakes) - it's a female voice with a piano accompanying it - great for sussing out how "real" those sound on your system
    - House of the Flying Dagger - some big instrumental drums, with logs of stringed instruments
  7. Trekmech
    I like Rodrigo y Gabriella the guitars are so beautiful through my akg's.
  8. AK7579
     agree, Rod and Gab are great at what they do, they sound great on Grados as well
  9. fatcat28037 Contributor
    Wow! this thread is pushing 10 years old. many of the titles listed are, in fact, very good. However, I believe if you're interest is in listening to how
    a headphone really performs, test tracks and a musical selection intended for just that purpose is your best measuring tool. I suggest this.......

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  10. Trekmech
    I've got it on order on Amazon. Can't wait to check it out.
  11. Annafrancesca
    David Pack's Biggest Part of me from the album The Secret of Movin' On. Listening to it right now....
  12. Herueyes
    This is a sample of my off the beaten path [​IMG] listing that keeps me busy at work.. Enjoy...
                                         Acoustic / Semi Acoustic
                       You Move Me - Cassandra Wilson - Love Jones (Soundtrack)
                       Bitter - Me'Shell Ndegeocello - Bitter
                       Blackbird - Dionne Farris - Wild Seed Wild Flower
                       Quiet Desperation - Family Stand - Moon in Scorpio
                       Playing Possum - Maxwell - BLACK summers' night
                       Like a Tattoo - Sade - The Best of Sade
                       Pink Houses(Acoustic Version) - John Mellencamp - Uh-Huh (Remastered) 
                       Believe (acoustic) - Lenny Kravitz - Super Soul Fighter
                       Outono (Stay) - Karrin Allyson - Imagina: Songs of Brazil
                       She Talks To Angels - The Black Crowes - Croweology (Disc 2)
                       Beautiful - India Arie - Acoustic Soul
                       Strength, Courage & Wisdom - India Arie - Acoustic Soul
                       Sweet in the Mornin' - Bobby Mcferrin - Medicine Music
                       Change - Fishbone - Fishbone 101 Nuttasaurusmeg Fossil Fuelin' the Fonkay
                       The Sunshine - N'Dambi - Little Lost Girls Blues
                                                         Rhythm & Bass
                        Submerge: Till We Become the Sun - Maxwell - Embrya
                        Let Me Have You - Me'Shell Ndegeocello - How Stella Got Her Groove Back (Soundtrack)
                        Trust - Me'Shell Ndegeocello - Cookie: The Anthropological Mixtape
                        Earth - Me'Shell Ndegeocello - Cookie: The Anthropological Mixtape
                        Jabril - Me'Shell Ndegeocello - Cookie: The Anthropological Mixtape
                        Priorities 1-6 - Me'Shell Ndegeocello - Cookie: The Anthropological Mixtape
                        Rush Over - Marcus Miller & Me'Shell Ndegeocello - Love Jones (Soundtrack)
                        If this Bass Could Only Talk - Stanley Clarke -  If this Bass Could Only Talk
                        Bassically Taps - Stanley Clarke -  If this Bass Could Only Talk
                        Africa, Center of the World - Fela Anikulapo Kuti & Roy Ayers - Up Side Down/Music of Many Colours
                        Slavery Days - Burning Spear - Chant Down Babylon
                        Definition of a Band (Intro) - Mint Condition - Definition of a Band
                        Definition of a Band (Swing Version) - Mint Condition - Definition of a Band
                        Asher in Rio (Interlude) - Mint Condition - Definition of a Band
                        Take Off (Nicola Conte Remix) - Marco Di Marco & Nathan Haines - Break N' Bossa 7 - More Funk Into It
                           Generique - Miles Davis - Ascenseur pour l'echafaud (1958)
                           Kaneda - Geinoh Yamashirogumi - Akira     *(get past the beginning noise)*
                           Unicornio - Cecilia Noel - from "The follow" (BMW Films)
                           Lemurian Star - Henry Jackman - Captain America: The Winter Soldier
                           Taking a Stand - Henry Jackman -  Captain America: The Winter Soldier
                           Time to Get Out - David Arnold - Quantum Of Solace
                           Aishiau Iru ka Moshikashii - Miura Hidemi - Cyber City OEDO 808
                           A Dark Knight - Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard  - The Dark Knight
                           Time - Hans Zimmer - Inception
                           Auto Rock - Mogwai - Miami Vice (2006)
                           A-500 - Klaus Badelt & Mark Batson - Miami Vice (2006)
                           Enterprising Young Men - Michael Giacchino - Star Trek (2009)
                           Wonderful Days Theme I (Trailer Version) - From movie "Sky Blue" aka " Wonderful Days" South Korean Animation (2004)
                           Wonderful Days Theme III (Piano Version) - From movie "Sky Blue" aka " Wonderful Days" South Korean Animation (2004)
                           Wonderful Days Main Theme  - From movie "Sky Blue" aka " Wonderful Days" South Korean Animation (2004)
                           Promentory - Trevor Jones & Randy Edelman -  The Last of The Mohicans
                           Moanin' - Charles Mingus - Blues & Roots
                           Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting - Charles Mingus - Blues & Roots
                           Spiritual (C) - John Coltrane - The Complete 1961 Village Vanguard Recordings
                           Jelly, Jelly - Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra - They Came To Swing
                           In a Sentimental Mood - Duke Ellington - Supreme Jazz (2006) 
                           In a Sentimental Mood - Duke Ellington & John Coltrane - Love Jones (Soundtrack)
                           Man from Monterey - Dizzy Gillespie & James Moody - with Gil Fuller & The Monterey Jazz Festival Orchestra
                           Fiddler On The Roof - Cannonball Adderley - Fiddler on The Roof
                           Sewing Machine - Cannonball Adderley - Fiddler On The Roof
                           The Gigolo - Lee Morgan - The Gigolo (1965)
                           Killer Joe - The Jazztet -  Meet the Jazztet
                           Garvey's Ghost - Max Roach - Percussion Bitter Sweet
                           Moon in Scorpio - Family Stand - Moon in Scorpio
                           New World Order - Family Stand - Moon in Scorpio
                           Postman - Living Colour - Stain
                           Numb - Gary Clark Jr. - Blak and Blu
                           I Must Go On - 24-7 Spyz - Harder Than You
                           Jungle Boogie - 24-7 Spyz - Harder Than You
                           Sunless Saturday - Fishbone - Fishbone 101 Nuttasaurusmeg Fossil Fuelin' the Fonkay
                           Freddie's Dead - Fishbone - Fishbone 101 Nuttasaurusmeg Fossil Fuelin' the Fonkay
    Peace... [​IMG] 
  13. chillaxing
    this album is on spotify for those  dont need more than 320kps
  14. alcyst
    Stuck at home with some winter flu/cold/bug thing. Which means sleep interspersed with listening.
    Got a Qobuz subscription recently and having good fun listening to albums I wouldn't otherwise sample. The marketing spin is that it is CD quality, which potentially means 2 or more people could share recommendations & listen to the same file in pretty much real time.
    All that out of the way;
    Ballake Sissoko 's album At Peace features a track Maimouna which is worth a listen for those liking percussive stringed instruments, big range from low bass to higher notes and sensation of the finger plucks. Low on sonic complexity, good on impact, one for those of you who appreciate string quartets and solo acoustic material. He is playing a kora and Wikipedia and others tell me he has worked with Toumani Diabate. Diabate's Djelika (from King of the Kora disc 2) is a kora led quartet (quintet?). Well worth a listen & on Qobuz. 
  15. Cobaltius
    Want some good stuff:
    Channels - Open EP (Good luck finding this) [Just use Spotify on your computer since it doesn't sound schiity]
    Rammstein - Herzeleid (Its a german band)
    Deftones - Koi No Yokan (HDTracks)
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