The $9000 Audio-Technica ATH-W2022 is Now in Stock at Bloom Audio
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Seems rather stupid to not make it an even $10,000 which would add more of a prestige effect.
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I can almost see the boardroom meeting where these were created. "We're going to take like 10 ATH-AWKT, change out the headband, and pay someone $100 to paint cherry blossoms and a phoenix on them, then sell them for $9k each because they're a limited edition." That said, if they actually SOUND amazing, then this becomes a collector's item and triples in price in a few years.
Who would pay $27,000 for a headphone? But then, no IQ test is required in order to possess too much money.
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Dear Head-fiers,

Imagine that there are many business owners, software developers or managers that have loose $9k. And while they still value their $9k, it won't be a huge problem to pay that price if they also value listening to the music and the overall experience. So I really don't know what you are bitching about in a world with watches going $10k+, 5- 6- and 7-stars hotels with a night for $1k+, business class flights for $1+ etc.

Every topic on head-fi looks the same, there is a product launch and then people talking not about the music or beauty of the product, but complaining about the price all the time, and it never stops, repeated every time, all the time.

For me, headphones are more important than watches or cars, I love them and value them, and I love how ATH tunes their headphones, therefore am a fan of the brand, and so I am waiting patiently for my pre-ordered pair of W2022, which is just one way of making life a little bit nicer.
I agree. There's something for everybody whenever it comes to any product.
Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and if one is happy to pay top dollar for something like this, who am I to complain?
These are definitely not for me or people like me.
But whomever these are for, go ahead and indulge yourselves.
You obviously are looking at something the rest of us aren't, and needless to say, have the resources and the willingness required for this exchange.
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