The $9000 Audio-Technica ATH-W2022 is Now in Stock at Bloom Audio
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Aug 13, 2017
Bloom Audio
Happy New Year, friends! We just received limited stock of the very extravagant and very expensive new ATH-W2022 headphones. Celebrating Audio-Technica's 60th Anniversary, this hand-painted beauty features their most exotic materials and bleeding edge tech. If you're looking to add this special piece of audio history to your collection, check it out!

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Cost of stuff in any hobby can be insane, only problem with headphones is flagships are no longer as affordable as they once were. K701 and HD600 were TOTL years ago, HD800S seems reasonable price for a flagship compared to other brands.
Has anyone gotten their hands on them and gotten a chance to listen? I don't think it's likely, but hey, The susvara exists, and so do other 10k plus headphones. To early to write off?
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It's more like a collector's item than a daily driver, or a headphone that actually has stellar performance. Like some classic Jags or Ferraris; ain't the fastest, or the most comfy, high cost of ownership and maintenance, replacement parts will run expensive. Can't use so often or so casually.

But the sense of ownership, exclusivity and putting it on display is worth it.
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W2022 will be available to try at Canjam NYC :)
This looks like its going to be at the next Canjam. So if you are really interested, here is another reason to be at Canjam NYC this year.
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I have the ADX 5000's (from Bloom BTW)...great folks.
Seems its similar to them on many respects, except the wood, case, cables and positioning of the drivers ?

IMO I paid almost $2K for these. Having the HD 800's the ADX 5000's IMO are what the HD 800s should have been. I really like the ADX 5000s...light, airy and open.

For me $9K is way out of the ballpark, I cant see how a $7,000 delta is worth the cost unless you an Oil Emirate in the middle east...

They are really beautiful...but I will pass big time.

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To my understanding, the ATH-W2022 is not a flagship HP, but an ultimate material extravagance item with what's likely an A-T niche tuning. A-T has led the sticker-shock luxury market since 2003's ATH-L3000 Connelly Leather wrapper, after Sony gave up the spot. Sound-wise, if it gets near the ADX5000, then it'll really be a closed-back flagship that your wallet cannot buy: purchasers are risking the % of resale appreciation on that alone :darthsmile:
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I'd love to see AT have a go at the same tuning and exact same driver in a much simpler, less fancy enclosure. I totally get celebrating an anniversary with a beautiful design with artisan craftsmen painting it etc...

but after a while of it being on the market, do the same headphone in a simple 3d printed cup or similar and charge much less. Could be a great closed back.

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