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Discussion in 'Music' started by wraithape, Jul 23, 2014.
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  4. taffy2207
    Not a huge fan of Electro but I did love this back in the day:-

  5. taffy2207
    And Delphics' Acolyte is pretty awesome, it scales nicely:-

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  8. Libertad

    Jake Chudnow Keith
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    Heres a darkone for you head bangers out there
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  13. Libertad

    My personal fav of the whole album

    Fantastic album from an underground duo favorite of mine flembaz
    Also this site ektoplazm is a great souce of free downloads for alot of alternative musics in the electronic genra like techno and techtrance and i recommend it if you wanna get silly and explore:)
  14. Lohb
    15 great mixes direct link from Hypnus SC page vs 1-by-1 on here.

    Can't believe the mixes have been sitting out in plain sight so long, but it really is overload with the volume of new stuff out there.

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  15. Moochibond

    Mind Against - Days Gone
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