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Takstar HF 580 Planar Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by heavyharmonies, Apr 12, 2019.
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  1. stimuz
    I'm considering this too cause I'm too lazy to unpack the Dremel.
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  2. theangelboy
    This is true. If I ever get around to recabling my old M50, that's how I'm going to do it. That way I don't have to cut/melt/dremel into the driver housing. However, I'll be the first to admit it doesn't look as clean. But I will just have to wait and see how annoying the HF 580 cable is. I have several permanently attached cable headphones in my collection (3 sets of Beyers, CAL!, M50, Retros) and the only one that actually bothers me is the M50 because the wire way too long for portable use (my only use case for this can, currently) and it has gone all stiff and janky over the years.
  3. stimuz
    well its like a 10 foot cable so have fun
  4. theangelboy
    Yeah, I'm well aware of the length. But, since I'm not planning on using it portably it should be fine.
  5. elkosith
    Hi guys, need some advice here. I'm currently using pro 82, and pro 80 before that. I really enjoy both.

    So, would HF580 be a significant upgrade?

    I'm not planning to do any mods
  6. stimuz
    Never tried those, but these have become my favorite jack of all trades headphones. It's been the tipping point for me in this hobby, like realforce 55g was for keyboards(killed hobby for me), this has been my all time favorite for headphones and now I just check this site for cool modifications and news on them haha.
  7. EdenElectronics
    i was so in love with the hi-2050.

    cant wait to try these out!!!!
  8. EdenElectronics
    did u ever have the hi-2050?
    if so, how would u compare these to the 2050?
  9. elkosith
    My collection list is very short, so I don't have many references to compare. For me Takstar Pro 80 is excellent and Pro 82 is even better. I'm really interested to HF 580 but $200 is really stretching my budged, so I need to think hard before deciding to buy it

    I have the 2050 and I quite like it, although Pro 80 and 82 are way much better. 2050 was my daily cans in the office since it's an open back and I need to know what's going on in my surrounding.
  10. EdenElectronics

    holy ***!?!? so the pro 82 is better than the 2050?!?!?!? im astonished. ever try any takstar iem like the ingping or hi1200 or ts2260?
  11. elkosith
    I never tried takstar iem, don't like iems that much. Have some pairs to go mobile but nothing special...
  12. EdenElectronics

    Yeah, I've never gotten into I'm either, but I've got a set of Beoplay H9i on the sellers forum n am trying to decide what to buy with my earnings.
    My hesitation on the pro82 was that they were closed. I've owned a ton of headphones n I really favor open back.
    Takstar hi2050, Grado 325i, sennheiser 598, Grado 80I, sennheiser 650, those were my babies.
    Best pair of closed headphones were prolly my Sony mdr1a/s brown n silver Japanese imports
    Had kinda bad luck with closed candidate.
    M50x were junk
    Sennheiser Momentum Over were junk
    Really Sony offered the only closed cans I liked. But after talking to u, maybe I need to give pro 82 a shot 9941123_l.jpg 9941141_l.jpg 9941123_l.jpg 9941121_l.jpg 9941140_l.jpg 9941141_l.jpg 9941120_l.jpg
    9941123_l.jpg 9941121_l.jpg
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  13. Hal Rockwell
    Don't even consider buying Takstar IEMs! They're worthless junk!
  14. EdenElectronics

    Well thank u so much for the $35 u just saved me.
    I had literally just put a set of ingping takstar h60 in my eBay cart.
    Which iems did u own?
    Isn't it odd how a company can be so dead on with one model n so far off with another?
    I've encountered it with sennheiser, Sony, pretty much everyone.
    Sux u can't really have to much blind brand loyalty in the Audiophile world.
    Thanks again for the word of warning, I owe ya one!!
  15. elkosith
    That sony looks similar to pro 82, the shape and size of the cups...

    For iems, try look for KZ AS 10 or KZ ZS 10 pro. I have the AS 10. It has some sibilance and recessed mids, but overall it's pleasant to listen to. Reviews said ZS 10 pro is better, but I don't have it
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