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Takstar HF 580 Planar Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by heavyharmonies, Apr 12, 2019.
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  1. Sourcesys
    That sounds interesting. I havent sold my yet, bause damn, these sound just too good for the price. For me the stock pads sound the best also! I tried many other pads, but all were inferior. Maybe I should try the Sendy Aiva pads.

    Do you have a link for the Sendy Aiva pads? Google doesnt spit out any results for me, maybe because I'm from the EU.
  2. filthyweeb
  3. Sourcesys
    Wew! $75 with delivery!
  4. MarCo7
    contact Andrew, the guy at Musictek, about the shipping charges. The automated system charges the $50 for international shipping but when I ordered headphones from him the actual charge ended up being like $20 to Asia.
  5. Sourcesys
    I messaged them, thanks :)
  6. RayceManyon
    I got mine for $25 from: https://shop.musicteck.com/collecti...one-replaceable-earpad?variant=19910738509886
  7. filthyweeb
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  8. Hal Rockwell
    Finally got to recabling the HF580 with MMCX connectors and a balanced 2.5 NICEHCK cable.

    P91011-135723.jpg P91011-135709.jpg P91011-135651.jpg P91011-135606.jpg

    Does anyone else find this headphone to be a little too much with some musical genres? With some metal albums, I feel like I get f****d in my ears, and it's not a volume thing.
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  9. Miiksu
    @Hal Rockwell Looks good! It's worth it. What songs exactly?
  10. Hal Rockwell
    Even A7X "Hail to the King" album, which is exceptionally well mastered for a metal album. It's something about the density of the music, which is just overwhelming.

    Other genres, that have air between the notes, that just allows them to breathe, sound amazing, and very detailed.

    It's a very abstract description of what I sense, when I listen to music with the HF580, but that's the best I can do.
  11. Miiksu
    Definetely well mastered. May be to do with the tonal balance. It has some meaty high notes. I tested this with Yarland FV-34C + Quad 12L and TPA3116 2.1 + Homemade vibration speakers. With Quad 12L it's has a bit too much contrast on upper frequencies. With my hybrid vibration speaker it just perfect. With my modded HF580 it was something between those two speakers. I have a bit too much some of the treble energy. But it's kinda ok sounding atm. You can try cover the front with fabric tape to relax some of the treble.
  12. Hal Rockwell
    Did a single layer of kinesio tape on the front of the driver. Guess I'll be needing two, or even more.
  13. Miiksu
    Thats a start. But also I have multible back mods too. Those modifications restrict airflow. It soothes the sound too. I did not like WC paper. It cuts high frequencies. Try that multible layer of kinesio tape. Im with that.
  14. theangelboy
    So I'm listen to the album right now on my THX 789. I agree, it's very well mixed. My HF 580 is bone stock save for the Sendy Aiva pads.

    They definitely didn't back off the treble in the album, opting to de-ess it less than most albums. Definitely feels like a conscious decision though. So that upper treble can be a little much but on ess sounds and cymbal hits but I'm getting decent instrument separation and imaging.

    Now everyone hears differently but I think what you are hearing is a limitation of the pads. They look to be brainwavz hybrid pads or something similar. I tried the hybrids on my 580 and it messed up the sound too much for me. The Sendy pads are leagues better in every respect. Before I got the Sendy pads I had to be very choosey with what I listened to with them because it was easy to get overwhelmed by the hollow upper midrange and treble. The Sendy pads fixed 90% of that and now I can listen to almost everything with them.

    Here are the pads I tried, ranked by how good they sounded to me.
    Sendy > stock cloth > Monoprice oval velour > stock pleather > Brainwavz Hybrids
    I'm sure the sound can be further refined and improved by mods with any of these pads but if there is anything I have learned over the years of modding and pad swapping headphones is that picking a good-sounding pad makes modding way easier. Otherwise, it's a uphill battle.
  15. Hal Rockwell
    Did you use kinesio tape on the back of the driver too?
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