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Takstar HF 580 Planar Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by heavyharmonies, Apr 12, 2019.
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  1. FireLion
    Is it me or the fidelity on these hitting well above it's price range? I do have the sendy pads and the extra felt but even without it's a very nice driver.
  2. Zyoomy
    What mods are you guys doing, I see alot of potential in the driver but that ring is making me set aside the can. I've read people here placing these above sundaras but the ringing/echo is really bugging me. Did the pad change reduce the ringing?
  3. stimuz
    the stock pads are terrible, get something thicker.
  4. stimuz
    yes, but only because prices are silly in niche hobbies.
  5. D3soLaT3
    Curiosity finally got the best of me so I decided to open these up and try some suggested mods. Added an 1/8th inch foam and another thinner denser fabric in between the driver and ear cup. Detail and bass came to the forefront. Really enjoying the results. Deciding on a pad swap now. Did anyone end up trying the Monoprice Velours? Or are the Sendy Aiva pads available from Musicteck the way to go?
  6. MarCo7
    That sounds doable, did u happen to take any pics of the mods? I'm currently using the Brainwavz hybrid HM5 pads with mine. I really like the comfort of these since the ear opening is bigger than the originals and a much better fit for my ears. I also like how they have improved the sound, the bass is definitely deeper and I think they give a more open soundstage than the originals. I'm so pleased with them that I ordered a pair of the angled hybrids during their recent summer sale. Looking forward to those arriving. Another option is the iBasso PT-1 pads, you can order them directly from iBasso and I think they're $25+ship. You can specifiy if you want the perforated or standard versions of the pads.

    Happy listening :)
  7. stillWanted
    I'm really liking my pair of HF580's so far, do you think it benefits from a desktop amp ? because it already gets plenty of volume from my Cayin N5IIs and SMSL Idea so I guess it's not as picky as other planars

    Also, it appears that Musicteck prices $50 for international shipping (I'm from France), so I can't order Sendy Aiva pads :triportsad: I guess Musicteck are the only ones selling them unfortunately ?
  8. elkosith
    I didn't know this headphones is released already! I knew about it when I was active in pro 82 thread.
    I lost interest to the thread and didn't log in to head-fi for months, and now I have to read this thread from beginning before I decide to buy this
  9. Robert Hz
    After a some mods and stock form, i can say that these headphones are very hipped, the mids are missing, the highs dirt and the bass hit very hollow, compared with my DT1990pro, M1060, Fostex t20 mkiii modhouse, and others 6-7 pairs of dynamics, my mods: a thin felt behind the drivers, HM5 pads, angled and straight, felt on front or cotton behind, the last one almost fix the hollow bass but no more.
    Jumbotron likes this.
  10. heavyharmonies
    What does that phrase mean? I've never heard the term "hipped" before.

    What you are describing with respect to highs and bass otherwise does not sound like my set at all.
  11. Robert Hz
    Sorry my keyboard change the Word, i mean "Hyped", and yes, i really like Clear highs, my favorite highs set are Beyerdynamic DT1990 pro, DT990 pro and Sony SA1000, Even the m1060 are more crystalline and open.
  12. Miiksu
    Stronger back dampering helps with mids and highs. Try my mods. Very flat frequency response and with nice bass. You need strong amp because you gonna lose quite much efficiency. I use hybrid china pads not memory foam. I think good optional is the grey fabric pad not memory foam. Memory foam seems to erect middle. Basic foam seems to lower low-midrange and more base.
  13. Robert Hz
    I'll try a stronger dampering but i find me using a more cheaper/chinese headphones than the takstar.

    My main amp is the "NuForce HA-200" with Topping D10, Fiio K3 and Soundblaster Zx
  14. stimuz
    eq the bass. I compared 1060 and 580 without eq and the bass on the 580 lost by a large margin, but with both boosted the 1060 bass just got messy while the 580 had far cleaner, very deep bass. dunno why but it takes very well to eq
    trellus likes this.
  15. Miiksu
    That is a good amp. My is XiangSheng DAC-01 is very good sounding but can just barely handle my modded HF580. I think I'm gonna do avg pink noise for just the fun. Not it can really measure correctly because I don't have artificial ears.

    Here is closer pic of Y joint of my cable mod. Heat shrink is not equal but otherwise damn good looking. I recommend this clear Y splitter.
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