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T-PEOS H-300 - 3 Way Hybrid Impressions and Appreciation Thread

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  1. d marc0
    Yes, better in almost every area except the treble peak is a bit more than the H200.
    Took me some time to find the right tips and added a foam filter to keep the treble at my tolerance level.
    Comply TS200 + foam filter did it for me. 
  2. SibeiKnowHow
    Hi guys i'm in the market for a new pair, and i wanted to ask if i should get the H300 or the Dunu Dn-1000.
    I'm a fan of a really bright treble signature with tight bass, sort of like the DBA-02, from what i hear the H300 would be more similar to them than the DN-1000, and i wanted to ask for your opinions on that comparison.
    Currently i can get the DN-1000 with warranty for about 207 USD, and the H300 from (bit.ly/1iRnFf9) for 279 USD, not too sure about the warranty with that. Basically I was wondering if the difference in SQ is worth the 70 dollar difference.
  3. newdm
    Despite the pre-sale, I decided to wait for comparisons between the H-300 an Dunu DN-2000.
    The H-300 might be a nice IEM, but considering the treble spike and the need for comply tips (which I dislike), I will better wait...
  4. xaddictionx
    Contemplating between the H300 and DN2000 too. But more drawn towards H300 as it has a removable cable! Will be excited to see a show down between these 2 up and coming IEMs!
  5. Francisk
    If Dunu release DN2000 with a replaceable cable and improve it's sound quality over the DN1000 then we'll see some real competition but as for now H-300 seems to take the lead.
  6. newdm

    The non-replaceable cable is definitely a downside of the DN-2000.
    Otherwise, I will use my new in-ear only for my office-job and at home, so it could be acceptable. Until now, my daily used TDK IE800 is still fine.
    But, due the large casing, I'm still sceptical about the fit of the H-300 and DN-2000...
  7. Jetblack08

    I ordered both the dn-1000 and the h300 from the same dealer. The dn-1000 first then the h300,but the dealer got sick or something and was late sending the dn-1000. Long story short, they both arrived on the same day. I can tell you with absolute certainty that the h300 is a better earphone. Night and day difference. Don't get me wrong the dn-1000 is a nice earphone...especially for the price. The h300 is phenomenal for the price. IMO.
  8. d marc0
    totally agree... congrats on both IEMs. They are definitely keepers!
  9. swong
    All this talk is making my wait for these unbearable! [​IMG]
    For those who ordered in the presale in this forum, how long between your payment and the product arriving on your door?
  10. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Well, I have not heard back from T-Peos guys, I assume at this point they're really not interested in retuning or fixing their H-300. Actually, T-Peos have been rather brief with me most recently, I am losing any enthusiasm or patience I have for them. I had to email them twice for a simple replacement cable as they didn't reply at all initially and the same silence now about retuning and I simply don't have time for it. You know, I will say I quite enjoy H-300 for what it is, but it seems the members have spoken about the treble and like I said in my review H-300 will be judged by them in it's entirety. I"m unsubscribing from the thread and letting it live or die it's own course as I simply don't have time for T-Peos any longer as it is currently, maybe someone else can try.  
  11. Bohdy
    Thats a shame H20, they have been nothing but courteous in my correspondence with them.

    That said however I've unfortunately had several issues with build quality of the casing and cables, which I have raised with them. They have acknowledged the issues and replied that they are working on remedying the problems with their QA.

    But it is something that the early adopter may have to deal with, so I think it is worth calling out that those short on patience should maybe hold off till the product is a bit more mature before jumping in.

    But fwiw I think they have a rather special IEM here with the H-300, treble spike or not. Just as long as the buyer does their homework first and isn't afraid to use a little EQ or spend some time matching tips and source :)
  12. olddude
    I backed off on these after talking to some here who were already selling theirs.  I'm not interested in having to eq to get good sound from a $300 unit.  I like a flat eq, and anytime I have to start messing about, it changes things.  Too bad, I was excited about them, but now I'm glad I'm not one of the ones on here already selling them.
  13. HK_sends
    If they are a small company, they may just be very busy with the H300 launch. I've run into that issue with other companies handling new product launches. Be patient...

    Cheers! :beerchug:
    -HK sends
  14. HK_sends
    I agree that you shouldn't have to adjust your EQ to make up for an issue with your headphone/iem freq. response.

    Cheers! :beerchug:
    -HK sends
  15. Bohdy

    I think that really depends on how much money you want to spend... :p
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