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Synergistic Research "Atmosphere"

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by bigshot, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. SilentFrequency
  2. bigshot
    It shows what Atmosphere is. It's the iPad version of a baby's busy box... lots of buttons that don't really do anything.
  3. mulder01
    Ok so I've taken the audio from this video and cut it up into smaller pieces and swapped back and forward between the two tracks a little faster so it's easier to tell if you hear anything or not.  I understand an mp3 of a video shot off a phone recording the music doesn't reproduce soundstage etc accurately, but it's the same audio from the video, just swapped a little bit faster.
    Sorry about the ads guys.  I guess there's no such thing as free file hosting.  If anyone has a better spot to save it to I'm more than happy to update the link...
  4. bigshot
    sounds the same to me
  5. SilentFrequency
    I listened to the link twice and couldn't tell any difference either.
  6. bigshot
    I think no difference is their "house sound signature"
  7. BlindInOneEar
    Here is a quite favorable review of another Synergistic Research "transducer." 
    What type of energy or signal is being changed into a different type of energy or signal is not clear from reading the review.  While the US$300 for five pieces may seem a bit pricey, the reviewer asserts that the improvement to sound quality they wrought on his system was well worth their price. 
  8. Head Injury
    Sure it is.
    So apparently it turns RFI/EMI noise into harmonic distortion, or something. Sounds good to me!
    I'm more interested in this:
    A reduction in high frequency noise should be easily validated with measurements. Syn Res, are you willing or able to provide any? Surely you've run your own analysis during development.
  9. SilentFrequency

    The readers comments from that link make for interesting reading! :)

    And it seems Syn Res offer no measurements for their ECT.
  10. BlindInOneEar

    Actually, it doesn't say that.  That would read: "The ECT converts ultra-high RFI/EMI frequencies..."  Instead it says: "ultra-high frequencies that ARE FOUND with RFI-EMI circuit board component emissions."  Note that it doesn't say it is working on RFI/EMI.  Instead it says it is working on "ultra-high frequencies" without specifying frequencies of what, and that these "frequencies" may or may not exist in the presence of component emissions (emissions of what?).
    Call me crazy, but for me at least, the quoted sentence is so completely equivocal as to defy any reasonable attempt to discern its meaning.  Accordingly, I have no idea whether the gadget is working as a transducer or not. 
  11. mulder01
    How did this thread go from the sound science of the atmosphere to drinking tea to magic dots that make stuff more magical...
  12. Don Hills
    You're not crazy. You have accurately discerned the purpose of the quoted sentence.
  13. mulder01
    Even if it did help with extra high frequency noise, why does the picture show them stuck to power components which would be generating noise at 50 / 60 Hz, if at all.
    There is so many things about this that sound suss it's ridiculous.
  14. Arttt
    Has anyone listened to Atmosphere drunk? Is there any difference ? Is sound not so " hard " anymore and there's a little differences , little but you notice them ?
    I noticed when I have a cute girl in my arms my stereo sounds so much better!!
  15. SilentFrequency

    In the comments section of the stereophile link someone who attended WRMAF 2014's SR Atmosphere demo commented,

    "I too definitely heard greater soundstage proportions and three-dimensionality with Atmosphere and its module engaged. The demo was 100% convincing. The thing works."

    I also noticed in the same article that the Atmosphere costs $1995 with add on mood modules at $495 each.

    At those prices you would very expect the product to work and very well at that! :)

    Also, I never knew speakers could cost so much, one stereophile commenter mentions along the lines of speakers with a starting costing $5000 only begin to sound exceptional.

    Seriously, if anyone is into that kind of top end speakers scene, I think that's great if it gives more pleasure in return, absolutely, but I've also read that much cheaper certain top end headphones can produce the same sound quality as much more expensive speakers, so I'm sticking with my headphones for now.

    But sometimes when I see some prices of audiophile stuff, I nearly die :)
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