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Synergistic Research "Atmosphere"

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by bigshot, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. Arttt
    I meant the idea of " atmosphere" that setts the mood or presentation of sound. Just like we switch pads on headphones to effect the sound, leather pads or velour. Thick or thin..
    Or tube rolling? Different tubes gives different sound presentation, it's the same sound of your setup with same gear in it, just atmosphere is different. We also change speakers placement in our rooms, we can give sound more buddy and warmth by hanging a thick wool carpet on the wall behind speakers, or simply put a bookshelf at sidewalls, in places where unwanted reflections hit the wall and soundstage will grow and become more pronanced...

    Of course all those things have to do with acoustic and adjusting the sound ...

    But what if there was a device that made it possible to sett the " mood " of sound without going thrue all the things I mentioned above...
    I like the idea of " atmosphere" but I don't think guys in YouTube video made it possible...

    I also liked the idea of hovering board from Back To The Future movie, but I didn't think it was for real :)

  2. SilentFrequency

    Oh, I get you now, totally :)

    I guess SR's proposition by idea is good but their reality seems to not follow through perhaps.
  3. bigshot
    That's  what booze is for.
  4. SilentFrequency

    Not if you're tea total :)
  5. Don Hills

    Don't underestimate the mood altering power of a good cup of tea.
  6. SilentFrequency


    I totally live off the stuff!
  7. Arttt
    Black ceylon Tea , no sugar, dark.... Mmmmm...
  8. SilentFrequency

    At the risk of going off subject, tea is calorie free and increases metabolism :)

    Fact :)
  9. Arttt

    À hot cup of proper cooked tea makes soundstage wider, and more pronanced, separetion between instruments is better, and mids get warn and smooth! Add à shiny disco ball to the room and music will sound even better, fact!
  10. SilentFrequency

    You're funny :)
  11. bigshot
    This just in! You can "scan" your Atmosphere Tuning Module to unlock additional "settings"!
  12. justaname

    The other stuff in tea, like milk, sugar, they all add up though. You can take green tea extract supps instead of drinking actual tea to get the same effect
  13. Head Injury

    I drink my tea bare, leaves and boiling water, uncluttered by sweeteners. Like a man [​IMG]
  14. Arttt

    I put tea leaves in mouth , chew it for few minutes then put boiling water in my mouth straight from the kettle. Cups and sugar is for girls!
  15. Head Injury
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