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Synergistic Research "Atmosphere"

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by bigshot, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. bigshot
    Transforms room acoustics using an iPad as remote control. NOT PART OF THE SIGNAL PATH.

    Did ya see what he did there? He planted expectation before he turned it on, dropped the volume about 1dB when he turned the fake gizmo on, and then provided a dandy offscreen person to reinforce the expectation bias! This guy is as good as Penn and Teller.
    Would someone like to grab the two samples off the video, normalize them and post them online for us to compare without all the planting of expectation?
  2. bigshot
    By the way, the acoustics of that room don't sound very good to me. He has some sort of midrange reflection going on there.
  3. Head Injury
    Syn Res, if you're at all around anymore, could you answer a few questions about this product and this presentation?
    At the beginning of the presentation the designer says that he quantified what causes our systems to sound better on certain days, or at night. Could you explain how he measured these effects, and ideally provide some graphs or measurements of the effects?
    Going off this, could you also explain how the Atmosphere is able to adjust and control the effects, without being in the signal chain and with being so small as to have little effect on the room acoustics directly?
    Could you explain what the different app settings are doing to the Atmosphere unit itself? What sort of physical or electrical changes it undergoes to affect the sound stage in such a way?
    Now about the presentation itself...
    Why did the designer stop the recording while turning Atmosphere on and off? Studies have shown that fast switching makes differences more obvious. I'm sure the unit would have had a more noticeable impact on the sound quality had he turned it on and off while the record was spinning.
    What app setting was used in the demonstration, and why did you not demonstrate each of the settings? I would have liked to hear Grand Canyon.
    Thank you, I'm sure your response will be insightful!
  4. esldude
    According to one rumor.  This works by broadcasting an RF signal.  SR thinks they know that we are effected by RF, and they have quantified how to shape an RF signal that makes music sound better to us.  This was supposed to have come from the designer Ted Denney at the demo in the video.  As Mr. Denney has written here at least once then maybe he can fill us in that.  
  5. bigshot
    How would an RF signal come through in a youtube video?
  6. esldude

    Well that was my first thought.  With SR none of this makes sense does it?
  7. esldude
    Okay just found this. 
    Creates a binaural RF field that swamps external RF fields and allows our senses to operate properly.    Works off the Schumann Resonance frequencies and harmonics.
    As those are 3hz to 60 hz and it is RF sure would like to know how those are made into binaural RF at those frequencies, and such a small device.  Seems the device would be better placed behind the listener as that is what is being corrected here.  Imagine if they made this a gov't project.  It would allow swamping with binaural RF for the entire earth and the entire human race would have their senses operate properly.  Don't know how big the transmitter needs to be, but judging by this maybe not all that big.  Those low frequencies travel quite a ways.   
    Wow, just Wow.
    I sure hope Mr. Denney can post here and tell us more.   I do believe most of SR's recent product announcements have been the result of some psychological research alright.   Mr. Denney is not just lead designer at SR.  He is also the owner. 
  8. cdsa35000
    This is a spin-off schumann resonance device:

    I bought a cheap barebone from ebay, it really works for the "sensitive audiophile ppl" and good as in his video.
    Notice he didn't touch the volume of the amp after the first time, so no manupulation.

    To me with atmosphere on, audio sounds as more wet room-ish, without it sounds dry-ish.
    Do you hear.

  9. Speedskater
    That pictured toy might be able to generate a little noise in the AM radio band, but at 8Hz not a chance.
    To make a real EMF (electromagnetic field) noise generator:
    the electromagnetic hypersensitivity people will hate you.
    a] Get a real big, budget Class 'D' pro audio power amplifier.  One that can do near full power at 8Hz.
    b] a 1000 foot roll of 18AWG magnet wire.  Make an antenna by wrapping it around the perimeter of the listening room several times.
    c] a digital music source with a repeat function.
    d] increase the power until the antenna starts to get warm.
  10. cdsa35000
    Better yet lets kill hififreaks with EMF:
  11. esldude

    Sorry, but I prefer my Schumann resonances with tubes.  A good pair of KT88's gives me much smoother highs, more depth, more spacious and dynamic sound.  I use coils laid into the rain gutters of my house.  Hand wound xfmr's with other secret circuits gives me the stereo effect in the low frequencies.  I don't see how any low priced gimmick solid state based emitters of this could possibly compete.  Besides which is more like the ionosphere, solid state or vacuum tubes?  I have used 6550's in a pinch and those NOS GE 6550's all had this blue glow inside the glass envelope. 
    In any case, if you aren't convinced of the science this should fill in the missing details:
    From the organization for the advancement of knowledge.
    Our brain waves share and are attuned to certain frequencies of the Schumann's resonances,
    the ELF signals that pulsate between the Earth's crust and ionosphere.
  12. Speedskater
    For real science about Schumann resonances and other phenomena, see this US PBS (Public Broadcast System) science show NOVA.

    At the Edge of Space

    Can scientists unravel the mysterious phenomena that lurk between Earth and space? 

    Program Description

    Between the blue sky above and the infinite blackness beyond lies a frontier that scientists have only just begun to investigate. In "At the Edge of Space," NOVA takes viewers on a spectacular exploration of the Earth-space boundary that's home to some of nature's most puzzling and alluring phenomena: the shimmering aurora, streaking meteors, and fleeting flashes that shoot upwards from thunderclouds, known as sprites. Only discovered in 1989, sprites have eluded capture because they exist for a mere split-second—40-times faster than an eye blink. NOVA rides with scientists in a high-flying weather observation plane on a hunt for sprites, finally snaring them in 3D video and gaining vital clues to unraveling their mystery. Combining advanced video technology with stunning footage shot from the International Space Station, "At the Edge of Space" probes the boundary zone and offers an entirely new perspective on our home planet.

  13. bigshot
    You'd have to have a black hole between your ears to buy this product.
  14. Arttt
    What this guy in YouTube video presentation is talking about is true. But I doubt he has the technology to back it up. It's like in 60s they wrote sci-fi books about Lazer guns, spaceships, walking on surface of other planets and so on.. The vision was there, but not the technology.

    This product is probably for people who with time got into Placebo medication to simply make absence of satisfaction from their hifi-high end gear less pain full.
    I doubt this product, some day it could be possible but not tomorrow...
  15. SilentFrequency

    Synergistic Research are visionaries of the future?

    I honestly can't tell any difference between the sound with the Atmosphere device turned on or off in the YouTube video but I'm unsure if that's what the video is intended for or just to show the audiences reactions from the individuals whom were live and present at the presentation?

    Based on the findings from the "HOT" thread to date, I'm now quite skeptical of SR tbh.
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