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  1. customcoco
    Funky glasses lover here.
    Here's my current rotation :
  2. s1rrah
    Just got my new Serengeti Genova's ... polarized ... photochromic lenses ... such a nice set of shades; I've wanted these forever and finally broke down and bought them.  It's an older design from Serengeti, released in 2011, and generally only available in the UK.  But man are they ridiculously good.  Might buy a 2nd pair before their all gone ...
    The frame design is excellent too ... sides block just about all incoming side light ... way more functional than my beloved Aviators ....
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  3. DrakeShot
    Nice Thread. will post mine later.
  4. s1rrah
    Just a heads up regarding a sweet deal on Serengeti "Genova" Polarized Drivers ... there's a guy in the US selling brand new, boxed sets fro $65 a pair with free shipping, on Ebay (see link below image).
    An insane deal on some truly great glass:  

    I already have a pair but am buying a second as backup; at that price, there's simply no reason not too...
    These were released by Serengeti back in 2011 and are most easily found in the UK; Amazon and Ebay sellers typically sell for well over $100+ dollars ...
    They have "photochromic" polarized lenses (amber glass) and strike just the right balance between an aggressive and conservative look; if they were a car? They would be an Audi TT ...
  5. Riley Beale
    Hi! I am a huge sunglass addict over 250 pairs of various brands. I have about 10 Spy hielo's. I have one pair in clear prescription lenses. They do not hold up very well to prescription. I have been through a couple of frames already in my collection and have had to trash them because they prescription lenses keep stretching them out to where they won't stay on. They are not very durable frame wise and they are not really meant for anything remotely active or wet or sweaty. think more for casual use when you are crusin the town or something. I have kind of got away from Spy in recent years due to their happy lenses. I don't trust them. I am worried they will allow harmful light to reach my eyes due to them allowing Blue light into the eye. I asked my eye doctor about this and she said to avoid them. I have a mild prescription with a slight astigmitism. I have a pair of Maui Jim Peahi in prescription in Gloss Black with a Neutral Grey Lens in Trivex. I can't wear polycarbonate sunglasses anymore due to the distortion they cause. I do get the highest quality polycarbonate in eyeglasses with an anti reflective coating on both front and back of the lenses for my clear glasses. I have problems with glare driving at night. i mostly wear my Peahi for night driving now. I also really like Kaenon's and have had stellar luck with their customer service. They are very nice and very helpful. Also, they get it done in a timely manner. I am into Smith's with glass lenses as well. Costa's are kind of hit and miss for me. Some are great some don't stay on my face well due to the excessive amounts of soft rubber on the temples. They are too pliable and not stiff enough to grip my head well. My favorite designer brand is Mosley tribes which is a now discontinued line of Oliver Peoples. My crown jewel of those are my Legacy frames. 1 gold frame with photochromic amber mirror glass lenses (I bought these after seeing Maynard from Tool wearing them), Matte Steel or gunmetal Frame with newly installed G-15 polarized glass lenses a both in size 64 and a Size 60 in gold with Java brown Polarized glass lenses. I also own 2 Ray Ban's over 100 oakley's. a few Liquid's, Gatorz, tons of Black Flys thanks to my cousin in So Cal, a lot of Hoven's, a few Electric's and Von Zipper's, 1 pair of Vaurnet 085 in black with Skilynx lenses like my dad had in the 80's and 90's (he bought them after seeing Chicago Bears quarterback Jim Mcmahon wearing them on the sidelines) , some Dragon's and probably several I am forgetting. I have kind of moved on from brands that don't offer higher grade lens material lately. I have 2 floor sunglass display towers and one counter display. All of my stuff is brand name no knock offs for me.

    On another note does anybody have any Dillon optics they could share some photos of or some information on how they like them? I am considering getting some in prescription when I have my next eye exam in a few months.

    thanks and peace

  6. DamageInc77
    I am partial to Maui Jim Freight Trains, Persol 649, and the Mykita Owen.
  7. JamieMcC
    Hey Riely thats some collection you have going I have been a Vuarnet fan myself for over 25 years now and while I have often tried different brands I keep going back to Vaurnet and have been slowly building up a collection of their different technical mineral glass lens. My day job involves working afloat the Varnet Skilynx (cats eye) Nautilynx and Polarlynx are all exel for marine use under harsh reflective sunlight. I have tried several different Serengeti optons but the polycarbonate lenses are to fragile for my liking and have not lasted very well the vintage Serengeti Dow Corning photochomatic mineral lens which I also liked are hard to find these days in a frame that's not hideous. Also my normal drive is quiet forested and the photochromic re action as you drive through the dappled sun light is not ideal for driving. The Maui Jims I had were very nice I forget the model but was gutted when I lost them whilst on holiday.
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2017
  8. Riley Beale
    Hello! I am in an area where Vuarnet's are not available. Only seen them in one store on one of my short travels. One store in Tahoe has a few pairs that have been sitting for a long time. They have been half off for a couple of years now. They only have polycarbonate lenses Vuarnet's now so I am not too sure if they are real. I have been in there when I go to concerts in Tahoe. I live over a hundred miles North of Sacramento and I am busy in the Spring, Summer and Fall farming almonds and walnuts so I don't get too far away from home. My favorite brand is probably Kaenon for practicality. I love there lenses and they have a lot of frames that I like. I only wear glass, Trivex and CR-39 lens materials now. I don't care for the distortion of polycarbonate or plastic lenses anymore.


  9. uoods
    Native sunglass-fi for all my active outdoor uses :sunglasses:
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