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  1. Aimeeeeeb
    What brand are those sunglasses?
  2. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Guys, I have a dilemma. I'm not really a sunglass guy, mostly just whenever I get a new prescription I get two, one with dark tint that I leave in the car in case I need it (or when I accidentally wreck my normal pair). However, I just received a pair of grey-grey RB3429 from my Uncle, but the problem is that I'm legally blind without my prescription glasses as I'm at around 650/200 on the left and 575/175 on the right (near sighted / astigmatism). 
    Is there a way to get prescription lenses on these aside from shipping them to RayBan and paying the premium for the RayBan prescription lenses? To be more specific, are the lenses on these just on there like any normal glasses, or do they use some kind of adhesive that will make it a PITA to remove safely without damaging the lenses or the frame? I called up the RayBan dealer and they said that, at best, I'd have to order the lenses from RayBan, and then they can install them, but given my prescription this will likely not be something that they'd have in the storeroom somewhere and likely very expensive.
    Past that, in case it is possible to remove the lenses safely and then just put in another one, are there specific brands of lenses that would at least have tint and UV coating that isn't too bad compared to what RayBan uses but are relatively cheap? I mean if it was just a replacement because I broke the lenses on my RayBan I wouldn't mind getting Nikon lenses (no really I saw them when I had to get a new frame because I slumped on my desk wearing my glasses), but given my prescription can change every two years or so, I'm not too enthusiastic about it.
    I don't really mind if the lenses will be thicker than the frame also, as long as I can actually use these, and in case I get lasik later on and the procedure actually works, I can swap the old lenses back in; then pop in new prescription lenses in case my eyes develop the same problem some time after the lasik.
  3. warubozu
    Last pair I purchased, Maui Jim - Eh Brah
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  4. diddy808
    Maui Jims Island Time
  5. fuego
    Rayban is what I always use
  6. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Anyone know how to get in touch with Ray Ban to order prescription lenses from them? Not the frames, the lenses - we got the frames in stores here but they don't get the lenses from RayBan (Nikon is more common actually), but I got a pair from my uncle last Christmas and if I get new lenses for these I want to have the same coatings used by RayBan (and the logo on the lens).
    Saw some threads on sunglass forums that soem were able to do that but I didn't get a reply for my PMs. RayBan US isn't replying either.
  7. jodgey4
    Carrera guy myself, my face isn't big but it works best with their large aviators [​IMG].
  8. PotatoWhisperer
    Anyone know anything about Spy Optic Hielo's? My friend gave me a pair for free once and they've just been sitting here. They look a little bit silly on me and the sunglasses are made for people with huge heads or something cause they're constantly slipping off. On that matter, anyone know any quick fixes to make shades fit on your face? [​IMG]
  9. bluedolphin
    I got a second pair today of WileyX XL1 they very comfortable.
    I was not lucky and got one with rubber factory failure, since it cost 105 euro,  iwonder if i should change them
    is very noticable when wearing them, it arrived like this is not on the plastic is the rubber near nose.
  10. n1234
    Hi, is the owner of Tom Ford TF0108 James Bond 007 selling them or willing to sell them? let me know asap thank you.
  11. LAmitchell

    Are the Maui Jim lenses still the best? I haven't had a pair in about 5 years but damn those frames look perfect.
  12. warubozu
    IMO yes they are especially their glass lenses, the Maui Jims along with my Persols are some of the clearest and color correct sunglasses that I own. I also like both of their frame styles. Funny thing is right now I own more Oakleys than I do Maui Jims and Persols, but that's about to change.
  13. LAmitchell
    Thanks for the response Warubozu,

    And I'm glad to know that PERSOL lenses are as good as the Maui Jims...

    Because I just bought a pair (of PERSOL) and I absolutely LOVE them (the fit, the look, the lens clarity, etc)

  14. s1rrah
    Just picked up a pair of Serengeti Genova Drivers (Polarized version) ... been wanting a pair for a long time and finally broke down ...
  15. warubozu

    Awesome and they look great. I currently own 3 pairs of Persol; 3108S, 3037S, and 3114S. Will be looking to get a pair of 3086S soon. I find Persol's lenses to be on par with Maui Jim in clarity and color correctness. Their build quality is also first class, have not found any flaws in the pairs of Persol that I've purchased so far. I also like their frame styles and they do fit on my head nicely without any discomfort just like my Maui Jim sunglasses.
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