1. Tsujigiri
    Arms are a little thicker on the ones in the link, but after seeing the better pic it looks like they are just Ray-Bans from the lens logo. Must be a different model as their classic aviator has a taller, less rounded lens. I wouldn't be surprised if it was heavily based off the OP Benedict, actually. Both are Luxottica companies, and Lux often takes popular frames from one brand and rebrands them under one of their many other brands. FWIW, though, I have both a pair of Benedicts and Ray-Bans, and find those particular OP's to be significantly higher quality than Lux's other offerings, and on par with other high end sunglass brands. I've also had OP's that didn't feel high end at all and were more on the level of RB, though, so their lineup varies from model to model.
  2. LFF
    In remembrance of the date and for one of my personal heroes, I decided to sport these today...
    Same exact ones...
  3. iso-b
    Ray-Ban warriors with gradient polarized lenses.
  4. Endcode
    John Varvatos JV775,those lens are not that purple in person, but the overall craftsmanship is awesome
  5. jfindon
    Just because I'm thinking of it, I'm sure I found the Ray Bans from the show I posted about on the last page.

    Same arm thickness and all.
  6. LFF
    NO logo on the show version... :wink:
  7. TheAwesomesauceShow
    My Oakley X Metals
    Waiting for X-Metal X Squared in the mail [​IMG] 
  8. Music Alchemist
    I've got the Adidas Evil Eye with custom inner lens attachments for my nearsightedness.
    They look slightly cooler than this:
  9. emo72
    hello i have oakley xframes and need a prescription lens? anywhere i can it done reasonably priced in toronto? it seems some optician places dont like (cant) do them.
  10. immtbiker Moderator
    Just got these KAHULUI HARBOR:
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  11. LingLing1337
    Ive been using Serengeti Velocity driver's tint for about a year now, no complaints. Ill put up a proper pic tomorrow
  12. Jeb Listens
    Well, we're finally getting some sun here in England.   And I just discovered the Gear-Fi section.  
    Enjoying the Randolph Engineering Aviators.  AKA the "Don Drapers"
  13. CallMeDaddy
    My sister works at a boutique shop and gets them almost 50% off ☺. Before she started working there i told myself id stop buying nice sunglasses. i had lost 3 or 4 pairs of mauis and had one crushed....but that was replaced by warranty... Only to be crushed again the following year.

    I now have two pairs of mj's. Kahului harbors in a rose lens and banyans for when im more active.
  14. TheAwesomesauceShow
    ^not my collection but a member from another forum. This is only 30% of his collection. [​IMG]
  15. thelurker

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