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Stax SR-009: Best Headphone Ever Made? - Head-Fi TV, Episode 008

Discussion in 'Head-Fi Network & Industry News' started by jude, Jun 28, 2011.
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  1. wind016


    Gotcha. I just made a short impressions thread and I talked about a similar feeling initially. I was underwhelmed with it's rather soft, inorganic sound, but came to really appreciate it a lot after a while.
  2. Syltburken
    To Jude: Do you even think it was better than the Sleek Audio CT20, that was like $3000 more?
  3. arnaud Contributor

    Seriously? Come on, nothing beats a CT20.
  4. Hawaiiancerveza
    Whats the amp near the laptop??? =)   
  5. wotts
  6. Hawaiiancerveza
    Ya I looked it up.  But they seem to be more of a speaker amp rather used as a HP amp... know anything about it? =)

  7. slapfireguy
    Great review.   You sound like I did in 1971 when I was at the Glaser Brothers Sound Studio in Nashville.  They had just installed their Daniel Flickinger console and their MCI 16 track machine.  I remember everyone commenting that they could never see why anyone would need more tracks on tape.  That quickly changed to 24 tracks. 
    I would love to borrow them for a weekend, but I don't want to buy headphones that I can't listen to when I go cruising down to the beach in my Maserati.
    As far as wanting them, I do!   You hooked me!
    As for buying them, I think we need to pass a debt ceiling bill first.[​IMG]
  8. rgs9200m
    A $5200 SR009 and a $5000 tubed Woo WES amp and it's "BRIGHT" ?? ( Go to  8:10 - 8:40 in the video).
  9. Music Daedalus
    Personally, I had a chance to compare he90 and stax 009 on aristaeus, unfortunately, at that time I only got my arcam cd 23 with me. I will say 009 is a really nice headphone, the main difference with he90 is that 009 has a more direct presentation, more controlled bass, they are products with different ideas anyway, reflecting the different understanding of music.
    btw, I do not care to much about frequency distribution, extension to much. Good imaging and lively presentation style matters much more.
    also, I am curious, is a mac + da10 an eligible source for such a high end system.
  10. jude Administrator

    MacBook Pro / MacBook Air --> Amarra --> Lavry DA11
    To answer your question:  I definitely think so.  Of course, anyone who disagrees might then consider my opinion invalidated on that basis, and I can live with that.
    That said, I'm so happy with the DA11 that I bought two of them, because I was getting tired of toting the one I had back and forth between my home office and my office office.
  11. El_Doug Contributor
    100% high-end!  The DA10/11 is a top notch source, detailed and quick to the max. 
    Unless, of course, you define "high-end" by the price, and demand tubes, output capacitors, extra distortion, and significant rolloff - then the DA10/11 will disappoint you :wink: 

  12. pazto
    Very nice episode, they're crazy stuff
    I wish I could afford sth like these (wonder who)
  13. Syan25
    Yeah, wish i could too///
  14. milosolo
    Wait... You're a guy?? And all this time I thought you were that hot girl in the avatar. Frankly I'm devastated...

  15. Lunatique

    Wait, you're not the anime girl in your avatar? I'm devastated too. . .. :D
    My avatar is one of my favorite photos I've ever taken as a photographer, and it's my wife, Elena .
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