Sony XB450BV Replacement for student on a budget
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Jan 2, 2020
Hi there, my old and loved xb450s well... start to get old and I indeed, despite the bass kinda getting allmost in the way of everything else, love the living crap out of em and exept for the Crushers (which i am not 100% sold on since I owned and broke multiple skullcandys as an teenager because of build quality reasons) I didn't find any cans which provide me with that bass that makes me grin.

Now on the music: With the bass mostly off I listen to things like stoner Rock, prog rock/Metal and ocassionally Death/Black Metal which they sound ok with. The reason which because I Iove them, is electric music, especially Tekno, Tribe, Mental, Psytrance (especially darkpsy) and Breakcore. They (and the crushers) are the only Headphones I ever wore, which you can feel the music like when it is coming out of an pa. I'll edit in some sample tracks, when I am home.

Another thing is the budget, since I am a poor student, I got an really tight budget (for the audio world at least). Something in the lines of maximum 150€ would be good, 100€ (Europe prices) would be better :D Used ones would be ok, if new ear cushions are aviable for non ridiculous prices.

So, what do you think, is there anything, you could recomend me on my search or should I just stick to fishing for some crushers on Ebay? Thank you in advance for helping me and have a solid 2020!
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