Sony WF-1000X discussion thread: Truly wireless IEM with Active Noise Cancelling!

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  1. natalieann
    I have tried both these and the Beoplay E8 and I prefer the Beoplay much more in terms of comfort, and sound quality
  2. david8613
    I wonder why the big reviewers did not pick up on this problem?
  3. david8613
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  4. SniperWolf
    Aw damn it! I only plan to use these to work out so I may keep it if there's a drop in price for Black Friday. I'm a sad panda though. Thanks for testing and reporting back here. Very much appreciated. One more thing. How often do you experience drops? Say for instance you were walking outside for half an hour.
  5. SniperWolf
    Thanks so much for putting in the work to report everything you've found. Much appreciated. Looks like the tech isn't quite there yet. Unfortunate because apple seems to have nailed it. Perhaps they have a patent on some sort of superior tech. Either way, I think I'm going to return mine and wait for WF 1000xmark2 or whatever it will be called.
  6. Brent0001
    If I stayed in the same place they cut out every now and then but when I walked around the right side was cutting out so much I couldn' take it anymore..Heading back to best buy now..
  7. SniperWolf
    This sounds absolutely intolerable. Mine goes back as well. Thanks again.
  8. david8613
    I am going to give it another go before I send them back, I really like the sound but the disconnects should not happen, especially there are other true wireless ear buds that have a solid connection.
  9. Slaphead
    I've been using these on my morning commute for around a week now, and really I've had next to no cutouts. The only ones I've had have been in the exact places where I get cutouts on my MDR-1000X and my B&W P7W anyway - tram stops which have digital live information displays typically cause cutouts if I'm standing in the wrong place.

    The only exception was this morning where I had the right side cutout very briefly followed a series of complete cutouts while waiting for a bus in a place where I don't normally get cutouts. Looking around I noticed that somebody was sitting on a bench directly behind me wearing wireless Bose headphones and using her phone, which was within 30cm from my jeans back pocket where I keep my phone. At the same time I noticed her switch to the music app and then stop and start the music. That indicates to me that she was having problems as well. I moved about a metre away and then all was fine again.

    I may be wrong but going through this thread there appears to be some anecdotal evidence that the people who are experiencing the most problems are using android handsets. I'm using iOS and, as I've said, any cutouts I've had have been normal for the place I'm in, or otherwise explainable.
  10. jaymbee
    I returned two pairs and I use iOS. Lots of cut-outs.
  11. Slaphead
    Bang goes that theory then.
  12. shadow04
    I use mine almost daily for about a month now and have not faced any disconnects whatsoever. There are some instances where the right side cuts off but the sound comes back after a half second or so, and the instances are far and few. I’m using them with an iPhone 7 for what it’s worth, my Pixel 2XL should reach me late next week, will see if there is any disconnects after I switch to a Android.
  13. CocaCola15
    To anyone who has had no dropouts/disconnects, consider yourself lucky. I had no issues either in the house, but once I got outside in a busy city walking environment, they became so annoying I couldn't keep them no matter how good they sounded. And unlike many here, I didn't care for the sound all that much compared to less expensive BT in-ears I have tried, as I mentioned. But I doubt very much it's an iPhone vs. Android deal. I have an iPhone 6-Plus, and using it with other BT devices is great. But not the Sonys. I think after reading about other brands that these early efforts are laudable, but not for people whose real reason to have these is to use them out of doors and on the move. Again, if you have escaped the dropout issue, that's great. I can't say the same.
  14. CocaCola15
  15. CocaCola15
    You mention no dropouts whatsoever, but then say the right side cuts out. Therein lies the rub. For you it was infrequent, but for me, it was not. I guess it's a case by case basis.
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