Sony WF-1000X discussion thread: Truly wireless IEM with Active Noise Cancelling!

  1. M0rdresh
    What's the news of the rumors about Sony having done updates to these and released new ones?
  2. spdtdl
    False imo
  3. david8613
    These things are great when indoors, they sound exceptional! Best I have heard yet in a true wireless ear buds. Outside and moving is a different story, the other day walking outside to my car in a parking lot, phone Samsung note 8 in my jean pocket, not too many people around so no bluetooth congestion and I had several drop outs. A few minutes ago I took garbage outside thin shorts on phone in pocket several drop outs again all right side. I tried switching pockets both times same issue. Im not having this problem with my samsung iconx 1st generation, or my iconx 2018, or even the 99.00 jams ultras. I think its the tech sony is using which i think uses your surroundings to reflect the bluetooth signal, like walls, and Furniture, but once outside this fails because your in open space nothing to reflect off of, The bragi dash had this same problem. Samsung, apple and jam must be using a different type tech. It' a shame because i really like the sound they produce is very very nice.
  4. Brent0001
    I picked these up two days ago and have had no problems...just had to turn off the equalizer to get better sound...
  5. SniperWolf
    I picked this up about an hour ago but it's still in the box. I've been reading some bad reviews on them. My biggest concern is the signal drops. Are you getting this as well? Also, what is your music source? Android/iphone/laptop. I really want to keep it but I'm going to wait it out until more people can chime in. I have a month to return it.
  6. Brent0001
    I'm on a note 8 using Google play music and I've had no problems..went to the gym and work everything good so far..I returned 3 different wireless ear buds in the last week and this one seems to be the best so far..
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  7. david8613
    Brent have you tried using them outside?
    Sinperwolf are you "sssniperwolf" the you tuber?
    The way I tested the anc is i simply used them in my car driving, the sony's block out all engine noise easily, I can very faintly hear the radio but not much. If you don't drive you can do the same test in front of a fan or air conditioner, the sony's are good they work as advertise with anc. I would like to hear from the people not having connection problems what firmware there unit has, what phone they are using, what settings are they using, better connection or better sound quality.
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  8. CocaCola15
    Just boxed up my pair from Amazon, sending them back. Dropouts when out walking were the dealbreaker. I have now tried these and the Optoma NuForce BE Free8s, and both had dropout issies when out and about. Not at home, just outside walking around. I have a $49 pair of Optoma NuForce BE2s and they sound great and the small wire makes them a better choice. I guess the wireless BT IEMs tech will improve, but for me at least, it's not here yet.
  9. Brent0001
    I just picked them up but I'll test them outside tomorrow..I work downtown chicago and I had no drop outs today at work..
  10. david8613
    You should try the samsung iconx originals, jams ultra, and samsung iconx 2018 no drop outs. Although I will admit the Sony do sound better, I rather take a small hit on sound quality then deal with drop outs, so annoying.
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  11. SniperWolf
    I'm not sssniperwolf on youtube :p ( She's really pretty!!!)
    So do you have a pair of WF1000x's? If so, how often do the interruptions happen? I'm going to wait until black friday to see if there's a discount on them. If they are, I'll just bring them back to BestBuy and get a price re adjustment and keep them.
  12. SniperWolf
    Really looking forward to your findings. I did hear that they work great indoors but not so much outside. I'm planning to use them for working out. I'm wondering how they would perform in a semi closed off space.
  13. Brent0001
    When I'm in the gym or at home they work great..dropped out like crazy outside.
  14. david8613
    I am loving the sound and anc from the sonys, but they do drop out when outdoors, especially in quality sound mode, in secure connection mode its less but still drops out. gonna test some more, maybe sony will update the firmware or something. they divinely sound better than the Samsung iconx 2018, but the Samsung has way better controls.
  15. Brent0001
    Outside again today and tried secure connection and have the same problem..Guess they go back.
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