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Is that a screen protector on it? It's got a really obvious 'orange-peel' finish in that photo...
Yeah, it’s just the screen film that comes fitted in the box. Leaving it on until my case and tempered glass arrive.
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That's good to know it's support 2TB. I currently use 1TB on my ZX-507 and it makes the player load the Walkman library about 1-3 seconds slower compare to when I had 400GB card on.
how long does it take to load the library with 400 gb and 1 tb?
I have 512 gb card
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Took about 7 minutes and 40 seconds to build the library on Walkman app. I have 415GB of music file on it though. I never had a chance to time with my old card.
7:40?? why so long?? do u wait 7 min every time u change sd card or add new music??
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7:40?? why so long?? do u wait 7 min every time u change sd card or add new music??

Not sure as why. Maybe just too much music. It makes sense that bigger storage will require system longer time to index all the space. Usually I don't wait around. I just leave it doing its own work after putting new music in.
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I hope Sony will release the next Signature Series with streaming capability.
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I think Sony offers superior sound quality.
I listened to 2 DAPs. AK 100 (selling for $1700-1800 in Ukraine) and sony nm wm1A (selling for $1200).
sony sounded incomparably better.
and zx300 and zx500 models (as I understand) are smaller versions on wm1A/1Z DAPs, which SQ is only slightly worse.
but sony with its zx series offers u a truly portable devise. all other DAPs are too huge to be put in the pocket.

You should go with the ZX507 hands down and you won't regret at this price even for the most hardcore SQ enthusiast you can't really criticize the sheer brilliance in clarity and detailing in sound on this DAP. Truly enjoyable with LDAC and wired headphones.
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It's good to have different headphones and IEMs in this hobby.

Was listening way too long on the IER-M9 which although sounded really precise and pinpoint sound stage, it becomes overwhelming for the brain/auditory system to keep processing all the incoming signals for hours.

Switched over to the audio technica ath-esw990h wooden closed back headphones on balanced cable. This is like wearing sunglasses as the higher frequencies are more soften down by it's wooden enclosure. It's really relaxing to listen to a softer treble energy headphone especially one with good timbre and intimate soundstage and lush vocals. Audio Technica makes some of the strangest sounding headphones. They don't perform the best overall, but for certain genres or usage they really shine.

It's amazing how zx507 can pair so well with headphones of different tuning or ohm rating and still maintain distortion free, excellent clarity and musicality.
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