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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. MH01
    Hey mate. This is android and some app not playing nice. I actually turned off wireless / apps and was shocked the thing had battery after a week. To be honest I stopped using the android features a while ago. I turn everything off except Tidal. Just by having android do it's stuff and check for updates/emails etc etc, battery gets killed .
  2. Vlad0
    I also stop everything, do not use Wi-Fi, BT or whatever. So you do not experience battery issues after the root?
    Previously it last a week, now a day...:frowning2: It is too drastic in order to ignore it.
    How you remove the root app?
  3. MH01
    A day? Heck no. Last time I left it in a draw it was nearly 2 weeks with plenty left.

    Definitely not what you are experiencing. I used all the apps in the post from this thread, and I just used the Chinese app itself to remove it . I'll dig up the videos I watched. You have removed it though right ?

    What does battery management say? What is causing the battery usage ?
    Whitigir likes this.
  4. Vlad0
    Mainly system idle takes 80% of the battery. It is very strange. I used different app in order to remove root one, it crash several times but last time while crashing was able to remove it.

    Before I look for different app, I perform factory reset because I think that this is the cleanest way to remove root app, it wasn't. It stays as only not factory active application.
    After that, I update everything, and disable all not related to music apps, as before. Only non preloaded app is Nova Launcher, but it was used and before without problems.

    What is the purpose of this row and the extra zero? Should the previous one is enough?
  5. MH01
    Going to take it to PM :)
  6. jonathane40
    Has anyone compared the NW-ZX2 with the NW-ZX100? If so, in which ways is the ZX2 better? Does it have more output? Is the OS more responsive? Is it more revealing?

    My ZX2 won't stay in a power off state. I power it of and within 24 hours it starts itself back up. Is this normal? Since I don't use it every day, it's really annoying. I have to leave it plugged in or the battery will be dead, if I don't use it for a week. I have Wifi and NFC off.
  8. Whitigir
    I don't use my Zx2 for even 2 weeks, and there would still be battery left if it was full before. You will have to kill some android background apps too
    My real issue is that it powers itself on within 24 hours of being turned off. What's causing that?
  10. Whitigir
    That , I have no clues. I have never turned it off
  11. jonathane40
    Does anyone know if this player has problems displaying albums that have more than one disc? I read that the NW-ZX100 only displays the first disc of a set and to see the second disc you have to go into folder view. Thanks!
  12. ThomasHK
    So, what's the latest status on this player?
    • Are Spotify and Tidal working well?
    • When rooted, what's the power output?

  13. Whitigir
    Is there a root for this player ? If so, I have missed it
  14. Vlad0
    It has a root, should be carefull with it. Power bump is ~20%, enough to run my Z7 at last....but too late, meanwhile bought WM1A....:)
  15. Whitigir
    I never rooted my Zx2, just simply turned off most background apps in android and it wireless functions. I could run Z7 out of it for almost a day...and left it in my drawer for 3 weeks and it has %50 left....
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