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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. nc8000 Contributor

    Yes deffinately get trrs on the cable and a short pig tail to trs. I have a number of pigtails to various other terminations, as long as the main cable is 4 wire and terminated to something balanced anything is possible with pig tails
  2. Whitigir

    Absolutely :)

    Yeah, the thing I hate most is the customer services from 3rd small party
  3. Rob49

    Even though I've only got one amp. ( E12 ) I don't think I would be on a quest to find a suitable amp. It sounded "bloated" & I couldn't carry on listening. The ZX2, does not need anything, it is magical on it's own.....and if you think about it, would Sony make a flagship model Walkman, that "needs something else, to get the best out of it" ! ?
    Answer : NO
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  4. Whitigir

    Yes, this is the one that I strongly feel about and fully support. If anything, people need external amps = for their super-hard to drive headphones. Because once you think about it, only HD800 right now is for the flagship of all headphones, and it is 300 ohms ? Not too sure, but i am more than happy with my TH900, which is not any less high-end or flagship VS hd800....and it is driven beautifully by ZX2.


    Not the best lighting and picture, but hey! This is my killer combo.

    Who wants power ? But less battery ?
    Who want stacking ? And risk damaging cables and ports on the devices on the go ?
    Be my guess!
    But for me, to be able to reach this level of high-quality sound in such a small device, portable enough that I can hear in the car, bring with me to the office, and everywhere ? I don't even need to charge it for almost a week....and I listen to music at least 2 hours a day :D....too good ! Can not wait for Zx3 lol
  5. nc8000 Contributor
    Yep I've been using 2 box stacks for almost 15 years now and have finally gone tired of getting at most 10-12 hours per charge and often less. I travel 3-5 days a week for about 40 weeks per year and it is great to have the ZX2 that I can charge in the weekend and then not having to bother bringing charger with me as it last the full week on one charge (play about 3-4 hours each night). It has power enough to pull anything that I'm likely to travel with. On the go my iPhone with the new q-jays as headset is plenty good enough in ambient noise from train/bus/plane.
  6. proedros
    one small thing i like about zx2 - i leave it every night on and the battery next morning has lost just 1%
    the battery factor is a big (+) in not looking for 'better' DAPS , plus no problems/bugs with FW etc 

    i can live with a 5-10% worse sound , peace of mind here is a major factor
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  7. Conext
    Well, the only reason I began considering amping the ZX2 is the repeated claims of the IE800 needing "moar power" in order to sound its best. I know the ZX2 must be using some sort of digital trickery to generate the sound signature that I like, which is why I'm only interested in amping the LOD.
    I don't know what sort of results I'll get. Which in part, is why I opted to go with the Oppo HA-2. I'm equally interested in what it can do for my phone, tablet, PC and other headphones. Perhaps I'll come across a new favorite sonic combination. Granted, that's not likely. But you never know until you try.
  8. nc8000 Contributor

    Yep, mine has not been off since I got it in September apart from experimenting with turning off the sound enhancement apps. Just charge it every weekend
  9. Whitigir

    There is no trickery, Zx2 technology is pure class D amp, and the DSEE chipset that has some good processing power...however the software enhancement sucks......so just disable the sound adjustment app for the rawest and purest performance from Zx2 hardware + with TRRS and you will love it by a lot. I doubt IE800 need that much power. Otherwise how could I drive my TH900 that good ? But if you try it, let me know what you have experienced, I love hearing new experiences and share it with people, and hence I love head-fi :D
  10. audioxxx

    I can not comment on the oppo ha2 amp as I don't have one, it looks like a nice unit, I don't think it will be able to keep up with the ZX2 classy class D amp, I don't think it uses high end components to complement it's circuit.
    But I can not judge something I do not own, or have not tested, and would be interested in knowing if you think it plays in the same league as the ZX2.
  11. Hifi59
    Need a little advice guys. I want to take advantage of using the Trrs portion of the ZX-2. What type of cable would I need to connect the Sony to the dual 3 pin xlr female inputs on my schiit Mjolnir amp?
  12. Caruryn
    The avforums review of ZX2 has a small comparison with Oppo HA-2.Honestly,it sounds redundant at this point but you're better off with mojo for $200 more.I was at the thread and even the chord representative was getting pissed at the number of people advertising the ie800+mojo combination.
  13. Whitigir

    I agreed, Mojo is too good to over look it :)

    Line-out cable with xlr male :D contact schiit
  14. Caruryn
    Time to test this JetAudio Whitigir as the resident ZX2 fan and convince the rest of us to take the dive [​IMG]
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  15. Whitigir
    That link is to where ?
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