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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. Whitigir

    SPC should have that most noticable harsher trebles and edgy sounds. I notice it, I think you will as well, and pure silver does not have those :D
  2. muscular
    Not to say TRRS has no improvements, but its really minor. Many of the members here praised TRRS connection when they previously only had the stock cable. Most of the improvements they have heard, are perhaps 80% from the silver cables and 20% from the TRRS plug. But as with every cable discussion, i plead for the members here to discuss with discretion and respect. 
  3. Whitigir

    I agreed on the cables upgrade that can improve the sounds, but I disagree on the portions. To me it is 60%/40% and that is TRRS/silver improvements. Speaking from my experiments with stock cables re-terminate into TRRS jack and various cables materials :D.

    Again, even copper TRRS cables would bring more air, and separations as improvements, being any more materials upgrades would bring even more.
  4. Sound Eq
    anymore feedback on this as i am 100% confirming my ak100ii is having a working eq with line out
  5. proedros
    you should ask this to the mojo thread as well , where people are bound to have bought mojo (and sold their zx2?)

    i do not see many people here with mojo stacking up their zx2 (or at least this is the idea i get)
  6. Sound Eq
    well i think i got my answer and the answer is through lineout the zx2 does not have eq adjustment possible
    on another note in the mojo thread they told me to ask in the daps thread
  7. nc8000 Contributor

    I would have thought that eq would work via line out but possibly not via digital out
  8. Sound Eq
    well thats confusing now
    other said the usb propriety would not support eq while optical like ak daps would
    and my ak100ii does support eq when conected optically to my chord mojo
  9. nc8000 Contributor

    Lineout is analog, usb is digital
  10. Sound Eq
    that explains all and i am sorry for my nook question
    so daps with optical line out support eq to other dacs
  11. nbarnard36
    I can't comment at the moment in regards to eq, but to use the ZX2 as a transport, it must be by way of sending a digital signal, as the Mojo only accepts a digital input. Personally I recently acquired a Mojo, but have no plans to sell the ZX2, as this is a very good dap, with very good battery life. I was thinking to use the ZX2 as a transport, but the Sony digital cable, the WMC-NWH10 USB Conversion cable makes for quite a bulky setup. I purchased a cable off of Amazon:
    This cable is billed as working with another dac/amp, the HA-2, but it doesn't work with the Sony. Another Headfier linked me a cable on Taobao, and I was able to purchase it using Google translate, but strangely, there was a lot of information which didn't translate. I did purchase it, and it came with free shipping, but I don't have full confidence that it will actually get all the way here (?).
    I'm thinking that the ZX2 is not a great transport for the Mojo anyway, as sending a digital signal out kills the battery to an extraordinary extent, I think some members mentioned that they were getting somewhere in the neighborhood of 4.5 hours play time, so not really worth it to me for this purpose.
    I was thinking to pick up a dx80, as these are getting up to 12 hours playback, and seems like it works well as a transport. I was thinking to use the optical connection.
    I will say that I've found the UERR to be a GREAT match for the ZX2. This is a combination that I can find REAL satisfaction with. And this is compared to UERM, K10, ie800, and Angies, though, to be fair, the Angies have been out of the house for a while, and are due back in the next couple weeks...
    I will happily hold onto the ZX2 indefinitely; it's a very good player for my purposes.
  12. nc8000 Contributor

    I don't think you can say that, I suspect it will depend on the individual implementation for each dap if eq and other sound effects will work over a digital out (usb, coax, optical or other). It depends on if the digital stream is taken before or after the dsp stage
  13. proedros
    just curious , but why would you buy ZX2 just for Mojo transport ? if you have 1000$ to spare , why not buy a TOTL iem instead ?

    plus, i don't think the (zx2+mojo) will be any better than your (ak+mojo) combo

    the 2 strong points of ZX2 for me is its battery and its internal storage , i think that your existing mojo combo may even be better soundwise , plus you won't have the said volume cap problems frequently mentioned here 
    i am sure there are better sounding daps than ZX2 out there , but i like ZX2 for the total package 
    if i had a mojo and liked how it sounded with another dap , i would not go for ZX2 

    btw , if you are so much into EQ , you may look for the Cowon P1 which is said to sound great and has tons of eq options 

    plus its battery is in the mojo league (8-10 hours)

    just my 2 cents.

  14. Sound Eq
    guys i totally understand why my question be strange to many
    but i want a dap that has more eq bands than what my ak100ii offers 
    also eq is important to me, and since daps like ak100ii can have eq when connected to mojo then i will not make sense anymore for me to settle for less options than my ak100ii does
    and why with mojo, well sometimes i like to use it with full size headphones and the mojo is more powerful than my ak100ii, i think the best dap that offers all i look for is the ak320
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