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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. somanydynamos
    im using a dignis case and a tempered glass screen protector, loving it thus far =)
  2. mike g
    The dig is case and tempered glass look better than what I have at the minute but neither seems to be available in the UK. Does anyone know if the screen size is the same as any of the Sony phones and I could get a tempered glass face protector for one of them that would fit the nwz x2?
  3. nc8000 Contributor

  4. mike g
    Cheers - just ordered it. No idea why I couldn't see it.
  5. proedros
    i got this one , leave it here just in case
  6. echineko
    Somehow I've never been a fan of tempered glass, seems like it's more of a nightmare to clean off if it cracks. This screen protector film looks the business though, too bad I already bought another type.
  7. muscular
    I use a Unique Melody Mentor. The silver dragon is good at its price, good customer service, fast shipping and delivery of product upon ordering, really like no other 3rd party cable manufacturer, but the SPC ground does come off as a con if anything, still, a silver cable of that thickness (26 awg) is definitely going to outshine stock cables. There's still a limit to how much improvement can be made over a cable, so i guess ciem companies are leaving that decision up to the consumer.
  8. echineko
    I have a pure silver cable currently from Beat Audio, and will be getting a SPC cable from Norne Audio (both of which will work with my incoming K10), I'm curious to test this as well and see for myself. Never really considered it would be much of a sound signature change, the main reason I got these was because they came with the balanced 3.5mm TRRS terminations, and had good wires (thickness, material).
  9. Caruryn
    average_joe has reviewed silver dragon and other cables.Generally the changes in sound coincide with what the members here find when paired with ZX2,more open expansive sound but obviously  changes can have bigger or lesser impact  with different iems.
  10. Sound Eq
    guys can i ask a question, i want to consider buying the zx2 and connect to the mojo but i need your kind answers 
    if i connect the zx2 to the mojo
    1- does the eq work
    2- does the eq in players like neutron work
    i got into a talk with a fellow head-fier and he says no, but he also said no when he connects his ak dap to the mojo optically that his eq does not work, while when i connect my ak100ii to the mojo the eq works
    kindly can anyone confirm if eq works with mojo
  11. nc8000 Contributor
    I must admit that I fail to see why anybody would buy these expensive daps just to connect to a dac. Why not just get a cheap android phone without a sim card. Am I missing something ?
    proedros likes this.
  12. Decreate
    I'm also using the UM Mentors and am currently using the Ref Silver Litz from Ted's Headfood which I later had modified to a 3.5mm TRRS plug. I personally found it to have tightened up the bass a bit, made the top end a bit more present and after the plug was changed, I found the sound stage to have extended a bit as well. 
  13. echineko
    The Mojo has a DAC component (a rather good one, by all accounts) that will override whatever the ZX2 has been doing previously. Additionally, to get a digital out from the ZX2, as far as I know you need a specific cable sold by Sony (mainly in Japan). The alternative would be to use the headphone out of the ZX2 to feed into the Mojo.
    Either way, everything you hear will now be dependant on the Mojo, whatever EQ, etc from the ZX2 becomes irrelevant, and the ZX2 becomes a rather expensive transport. Why bother, when there are much cheaper options (as mentioned earlier, such as using an inexpensive phone with a lot of storage, almost literally the use case for which the Mojo was developed)?
  14. Sound Eq
    well i am using the mojo with a phone, so i am not debating what the right or wrong choice
    i really would like an answer to the whether with the sony cable u mention connected to the mojo does the eq still work
    for example with my ak100ii connected to mojo optically the eq still works
  15. echineko
    I don't have it, nor a Mojo, but I'm going to say probably not. There's some here who might have the actual verified info, though
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