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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. animalsrush

    As with ES5, K10's have great synergy with Sony zx2. They are slightly recessed for vocals and using stock eq you can adjust to get the best sound.. Currently enjoying zx2 / k10 ciem combo
  2. Whitigir
    K10 has great synergy with zx2 as reported by Steve from enjoythemusic.com. :wink: . Thank you for more confirmations. I am getting away from in ears monitors....they hurt after a while...I rather enjoy headphones :)
  3. proedros
    no offense , but i would feel like an idiot if i paid 1600$ and had to EQ on top of that [​IMG]

    and to the friend who asked about K10 , i would say to him to go for this (C)IEM

    Rhapsodio Solar
    Better than K10 , and cheaper
    read the (rhapsodio) thread, leave the (Noble) herd

  4. robiceli
    No offense but there's nothing wrong in EQing - It is a matter of personal preference after all. A build-in EQ  (also found in very high end audio devices) is there for a reason, you know.  I myself like to colour my music by EQing and if that makes me a person who can't "see" and/or feel the quality of music by using EQ, maybe I should feel sad for being one of those people out there who is enjoying music this way. And the thing is, I'm not [​IMG] 
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  5. proedros
    i meant eq'ing as a way to improve iems who are lacking in sound (as in recessed mids) [​IMG]
  6. echineko
    Don't know what the K10s did to you, but they must have scarred your childhood man [​IMG]
    animalsrush likes this.
  7. proedros
    i am just someone who believes in the motto 

    'good is good , but better is well better'' [​IMG]
  8. nc8000 Contributor

    When you reach that level I dont belive any one is objectively better than the others, it's all down to personal preference
  9. Whitigir
    Well, to the people who doesn't like the idea of using E-Q. It makes sense as we are only "reproducing the already mastered, EQ-ed, edited, then produced music". By standing on the Sony Zx2 statements "hear the music the ways artists intended". Then we have to hear the music without E-Q. We even disabled the sound adjustment app for that...because the colorful effects of which may improve on some, and then compromise on another, which after all was another way to "color" the music.

    Let's just call people like me, and some others as being the "purists". We have points though as we want to hear what it is there, and how, and why did it get produced this way. This is the points to all "Reproduced of the already produced music".

    However, the people who love to hear the music the way they want to hear does also have a point. Why should they listen to the music the way it was intended ? Why don't they just "enjoy" the music the way they want to hear ? So this is where EQ comes to play. Again, there has to be compromises, and if they preferred it, then it is the way they enjoy it.

    My ultimate conclusion is that, however ways we individuals want to hear the music...we never fully hear it or understand it with bad gears that compromises on some, and bad sources that compromises even worse, and then EQs. This is totally against "high-end" goals in the "audiophiles world", and this is Proedros point. It is the same simple example as you are personally asking Mossaic to compose a track the way one personally want to hear, and not "Mossaic" himself....the same as asking Picasso to paint the paintings the way one understand it....and not Picasso....then it just turns out to be "ordinary" and not "extra-ordinary"....because, mind you....common folks as such one individual can never "produce" something so "extraordinary". That is how we have "legendary" status for special "extraordinar" things.

    Also, if one doesn't understand neither Mossaic or Picasso, and listen to explanations from a teacher or professor wouldn't do any goods either. Because one Picasso may worth hundred millions to one....and then it would be just "money value" by others :D

    It takes a genius to understand another....or else, it would just come down to preferences, and subjectively speaking, and personal tastes, and all those good stuff. So for all that said, high-end gears and systems goals are engineered, and made to reproduce the music at the purest and most original from the way the artists intended. Isn't it not ?
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  10. 24B96H

    Wow. What's wrong with using EQ? You guys are so full of it. If we like to use EQ on whatever earphone/headphone, why can't we? Who are you to judge us? You think you don't use EQ and you are better than us? What a load of crap.
  11. 24B96H
    Fricking "purists". Don't look down on us if we don't want to listen "the way music was Intended". I use EQ on both TH900 and K10. If you have problem with that, then that is you, not us.
    robiceli and georgelai57 like this.
  12. Whitigir
    Nobody is looking down on anybody. Music is an art, and each of us enjoy it in a unique way. It is just a simple goal that high-end gears aim to get to the closest original source as they can. Does it necessarily sound good ? Nah. So purist or not, enjoy music the way you love to enjoy the most.

    Trust me when I say there are composer, singers, artists that don't listen to music to the "purest" possible....they only enjoy it, and to them music is life, they enjoy one to relax and create another.

    Also, not all purist audiophile has the ability to write or compose a song either :D so why take things seriously ? Just enjoy music the way you want to. We are all here for the discussion, and seeing one to another points. You will just have to be open-minded, just like music budd!
  13. fiascogarcia
    How would you describe the signature of the Solar?  Thanks!
  14. proedros
    6 reviews , all 5/5 and from people who owned other totl iems.
  15. echineko
    To balance things out:


    20 reviews, all 5/5 from people who own other totl CIEMs and new custom users too :p
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