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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
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  1. HamsterKing
    Thanks guys for answering, should be converting my wave to flac and save some harddisk space for my future WM1A, btw I got a cable from nobunaga lab, 3.5mm and it mmcx is it recommendable to convert it to 4.4mm Is it easy to convert it.
  2. jmills8
    cause of low powered amp.
  3. nanaholic

    Exhibit A of "alternate facts" - even when the numbers provided by the *manufacturer* themselves and verified by third party says otherwise you still believes in your own "reality". You are making a poor case not just for the QP1R because you have to outright lie to make it appear better, you now make sure that nobody will ever take your opinion on anything in this thread or about the WM1, or the QP1R seriously ever again. Good job. :)
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  4. rudi0504
    Today i have free time to do comparison 3 high end DAPS in term of sound quality and power to drive my Accoustic Enigma Dharma headphone.

    Sony PCM D 100
    Sony WM 1 Z
    Questyle QP 1 R

    Accoustic Enigma Dharma

    SAA Endorphin balance XLR 4 Pin
    XLR 4 Pin to 3.5 mm by Alex
    XLR 4 Pin to 4.4 mm by Wild Lee

    Audiophile songs from Taipei High End show 2016.
    In FLAC

    Beethoven symphony number 7
    In narive DSD

    Sound Quality:

    Ranked nr 1
    Sony WM 1 Z vs

    Ranked Nr 2
    QP 1 R

    Has rich in detail but clarity below high ftom QP 1 R

    Sony has sweeter mid and forward mid presentation.mid sound analog like tube amp sound

    Is deep and great impact and can go very low
    QP 1 R Bass is faster and more to mid bass.
    QP 1 R bass sound like from solid state bass quality.

    Both has great separation

    QP 1 R has wider soundstage
    Sony WM 1 Z Has better depth slightly narrower soundstage

    Sony has better background.

    Ranked number 3:

    Sony PCM D 100 sound quality can not reached at the level Sony WM 1 Z and Questyle QP 1 R

    Is not so clean as the two DAPS

    Sound harsher compare to work DS

    Not as tight and fast speed these were DAPS

    Also below these 2 DAPs

    Less wide compare to 2 DAPS

    It is not as quiet the two DAPS

    Power wise:
    It has big power to drive Enigma buy sound harsh compare to the 2 DAPs

    These 3 DAPS have big power

    In term of power sound quality between
    Sony WM 1 Z and QP 1 R are different approach
    Power QP 1 R is cleaner like solid state sound but sound thiner

    Power Sony WM 1 Z sound like tube and sound more analog and warm.

    Because Sony WM 1 Z Has blacker background and sweeter mid I ranked Sony WM 1 Z on 1st Place and
    Questyle QP 1 R on 2nd place
    Sony PCM D 100 on 3rd place

    It was surprised me that Questyle QP 1 R latest batch December 2016 has significant sound quality improvement
    In headphone out and line out.

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  5. Sarnia
  6. musicday
    Reading the manual was a great experience and definitely one can learn so much,also the battery can be replaced but is a bit of a pain to get to it,plus it has to be solder it on the main board.This Walkman seen to have the best build quality from the pictures and videos i have seen so far,and not getting warm at like,just like the Tera Player is amazing.
    Definitely i am thinking about getting one,as soon as i will find more about it.
  7. ledzep

    Bought the licht clear myself, nice cable well made, 8 days from ordering to falling through the letterbox in the UK.
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  8. PrinceOfEgypt
    Sony MDR-EX100 brand new if anyone is interested!
  9. ledzep
  10. musicday
    For those who bought the 1Z UK model volume capped did you registered with Sony before removing the cap or after?
  11. Whitigir
    Ok, I am a cable maniac person, while I appreciate your comparison. The one thing that bother me, my fellow enthusiast, your cables wires.....I do want to cry
  12. Audio Addict Contributor

    I would not call you a cable maniac, maybe a cable addict. :)
  13. Whitigir

    That would be so kind :D, but yeah, I love them and more than addicted to them....it is the constant experiences that I spent money, time, works on these cables from little tweaks here and there that .....is sheer crazy. I don't only settle on just grab random wires, plugs, braid it for fun, and make the cables. I only settle for the best. I won't bother to debate differences from A and B or what some can or can not hear. I stick to what I found out for myself, and make the cables that is best for myself and my own system :D in the way I personally want it to be. In order to achieve that, I am constantly working on my cables, be it USB cables or headphones cables, even adapters....lol.....until I found what I want, and money is the pathway for all that to happen.

    If that is not "maniac" way of...addiction, I don't know what is :D....sometimes I hate myself LOL

    Back onto the topic. Comparison between WM1Z and another DAP, the Opus 2 from balanced out. Upgraded cables to maximize the potential of both DAP. I will put it in a simple expression: both using z1r fullside cans for comparison.

    With appropriate cables, Wm1z is an obvious winner, from Dynamic, to resolutions, to soundstaging, into power delivery. Would there be any instances that Opus 2 would win? Yes, there are. When using stock cables from z1r to Wm1z 4.4mm balanced and to 2.5mm balanced on both DAP. The main signature remain different, Opus 2 is more solidstate and WM1Z is more analog.
  14. blazinblazin

    What material cables would you recommend to go with 1A/Z?

    Copper, silver, spc, hybrids or alloys
  15. moneypls
    It doesn't matter I believe. Anyway, I removed volume cap from my WM1A then registered it to Sony.ca successfully
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