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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
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  1. nanaholic

    No I get you point perfectly.

    Except the electronic market -not just audio- has shown time and again that pricing strategy is nowhere as simple as "just undercut your most expensive comeptitor and offer similar or better performance". It simply doesn't work that way because consumers are not perfectly rational (especially audio where it is probably one of the least rational). No one is ever in any position to "off" the other cheap brands because some crazy business man is always willing to go below you, Samsung tried to do that and now makers such as Xaomi and One Plus ate Samsung's lunch from the bottom out of nowhere. In the audio world did Fiio ever offed anyone? No. FOTM and high performing Onkyo DPX1 dap didn't off the competition either, seriously just study the history.
  2. Leviticus

    A is a reference to the A-series, whereas Z points toward the ZX DAPs. One of the main differences between the two series is the operating system.
    So we can choose between Android and Sony's own unique OS? That would be tremendous!
    Edit: My theory doesn't work since the ZX100 is not based on Android. But the Z-series, on the other hand, is based on Android. Man, I really loved my Z Walkman back in the days...
  3. purk Contributor
    ZX100 is non-andriod operating system.
  4. gerelmx1986
    and still sounds pretty good but build was a total no-no
  5. Sonyvores
    Leviticus very interresting theory! But as you said it, it doesn't work here hehe

    Well within Sony, Z and X always stand for high end / flagship model
    =>Bravia X (XBR) and this IFA will bring back the top Bravia Z
    =>Xperia Z and now Xperia X series
    =>Walkman X then Walkman Z and Walkman ZX

    Can you guys find what other audio products Sony released recently that also have A & Z equivalent?
    If you do, you'll understand the logic of WM1A and WM1Z
  6. warrior1975
    So, it looks like $3k is the price. If it's Android based and better than the zx2, I'm getting it. Based on price, it must be better than the zx2, it absolutely has to be.
  7. purk Contributor
    I doubt that man.  I hope that's true.  How about a 1TB onboard for those precious hi-rez?
    I don't think I could ever enjoy buying a $2000 dap without worrying whether it could take a fall. Moreover customer service nowadays is risky when problems occur within the warranty if buying directly from the company.
    For now I will continue to enjoy my Z1070
  9. leylandi
    New MDR-1000X


    The 1000X appears to be part of the high end line of Sony headphones, High-Resolution Audio compatible along with active noise cancellation, the 1000X is packed with a lot of new technology. The headphones feature a personal NC Optimizer which tailors the noise-canceling performance perfectly for you. This is accomplished by the headphones optimizing the performance of noise cancelling by analyzing the shape of your head and wearing style. How exactly this happens is unknown to me, but I am sure Sony will explain it at IFA, or perhaps they will not. An ambient sound mode is included, there are 2 modes, I will let Sony explain the 2 modes.

    Normal mode: you can hear the ambient sounds like you don’t wear the headphones.
    Voice mode: you can notice voice and announcement around you with unnecessary noise cancellation.

    Seems the voice mode cancels out the ambient noise like cars and random noise but permits sound to come through. The right unit features a touch sensor on its side; by covering and holding the entire surface of the touch sensor, the NC is turned off and the volume is turned down automatically. This permits one to hear any announcements and conversations quickly without the need to remove the headphones. Like most high end Sony headphones, the 1000X feature DSEE HX which upscales existing music to near high-resolution sound quality. In addition to SBC/AAC, aptX and LDAC codecs are supported for high quality bluetooth streaming, and with NFC, connections are quick and easy. The headphones swivel to fold into a compact shape for easy travel and storage. Playback time is 20 hours with NC on and 22 hours with NC off. Standby time with NC on is 34 hours and a 120 hours when the headset is turned off. The headset can also be used with a wired connection, NC on around 30 hours.
  10. nofarewell
    I hope you are right because I would def buy this one! :wink:
    My concern is for physical buttons. I really do hope it will have them. 
    And Sony, please....please, add more voltage or power or whatever....spare power for nicer, richer performance! (Not if Sony players didn't sound warm, but still...)
    I am very much excited about this one.
  11. gerelmx1986
    I am also excited about this one, saying bye bye to my zx100
  12. warrior1975

    You don't think it will be better than the zx2?
  13. nofarewell
    Defo man...I hope the size will be OK as well. There's gonna be the new A series as well, if this is going to be too big and touchscreen, and if the price tag is going to be too big, I think I'll go for the new A30 series players. I hope they will be different than the A10/A20 series. I love the look of the NWZ-A829 for example, I'd love to see a new A series which is more similar to that one, with 64 or 128 GB of storage...:wink:
  14. gerelmx1986

    well once you go to ZX range, (at least for me) you can't go lower again
    Sonyvores likes this.
  15. Ascariss
    I would appreciate that you don't just steal the info from my blog and paste it here without providing a source. [​IMG]
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