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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. gerelmx1986
    will try it, sd far right now the native DSD playback chugs on the battery

    I he has mentioned he pisses only flac 16/44
  2. AlexCBSN
    Random accident while walking the dogs, you know whats funny? I read you’ve got the ier m7, i ordered a pair from amazon warehouse deals, package arrived and inside there was nothing... I’ve been cursed this whole week with sony

    Sound still on, screen works, its just aesthetic but still... its a busted glass
  3. phonomat
    If that's the case, I'd go see a doctor ASAP.
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  4. meomap
  5. nanaholic
    It is a pretty significant lost though - as you are talking 30% lost in battery life when there is no output increase in the amp section of the device.

    Plus Stamina Mode has trade-offs - as one of the method it emploies is dramatically slowing down the CPU clock speed which reduces the smoothness of the UI and general responsiveness of the system by reducing the transition animations etc. Also if one of the marketing point of the device is streaming capability which involves lots of communication, then it's uncertain how much more battery life you can squeeze out with Stamina Mode and it may only be something that is only beneficial to completel offline users (in which case, then getting a non-Android model to start with is probably the better choice). So it's a lot of information that you have to communicate pretty clearly to users.

    Also most of the non-essential apps that are on the black list of Stamina Mode are related to communication apps doing background refreshes and push notification (such as pre-intalled Facebook or Sony Mobile News apps), which really don't/shouldn't come pre-installed on their Android DAP install in the first place. I remember the ZX1/ZX2 image were pretty barebones as it was even compared to the Xperia phones and the only apps that were left to disable were the remaining Google services like Google Store and Gmail that are mandatory in a Google certified Android release, so not sure how much more stripping they can do.
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  6. Pablovi

    Mexico, it’s officially $700 USD, but you can find it for around $600.

    The official Sony store... https://store.sony.com.mx/nw-wm1a/p
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2019
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  7. Stephen George
    Anybody know what the "?" icon means on the main screen? Supposed to show a count, but perhaps it doesn't like some files? Would be nice to fix...

    Last edited: Sep 30, 2019
  8. gerelmx1986
    which walkman are you using, wm1A/wm1Z?
  9. djricekcn
    Curious.... Does that matter? Is using the exact same software, no?
  10. Stephen George

    OOOOOPS, wrong forum...this is the Sony Hap, my apologies
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2019
  11. SolarBeaver
    I currently have Hifiman HM-901, which I feel is a bit outdated and looking for a new DAP, so I was wondering how is the Sony's nw-wm1a compares against it in term of SQ? Is it a noticeable step up? What about HFM R2R2000?
    Also, I have Sony XBA-Z5, is it a good pair to this DAP or should I go for a more pricey earphones such as Hifiman's RE2000 silver (which is on some pretty good discount atm) or something from campfire (like Andromeda)? And what kind of adapter I need to have to run this DAP with a Z5's supplied balanced cable (which have two 3.5mm plugs)? I heard it's better to use 4.4mm connection on WM1A, so is there any non-custom double 3.5 to 4.4 balanced adapters around?
    And sorry for so many questions, I'm so confused right now, would really appreciate some guidance...
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  12. ttt123
    You've asked a couple of major questions, which I don't think anybody can answer, though can give a personal opinion.
    - Is the sony WM1A/Z a good DAP? Seeing as how you are on the WM1A/Z thread, I believe you can only expect a positive answer to that. I have not tried the Hifiman, but for Chinese DAPS, did own the iBasso DX90, and recently a Hiby R6 Pro. The Chinese DAPS are great value for money, and sound good. But in the end, I personally like the Sony players (ZX2, WM1A, WM1Z). They have been described as a sound that presents music as a whole, rather than focus on the individual elements, and I agree with this. But of course it depends on your individual preferences, so you may like it, or not. The only way is to go to a store and try it out. That is the only way to find out whether YOU like it or not.
    - The XBA-Z5 is a decent IEM, and if you intend to keep it, best spend the money on reterminating it with a 4.4, instead of wasting the money on an adapter which has limited use, or buy a new cable. The cable can be re-used on other IEMs (that are MMCX), so no loss there. Then take your time and try out different IEMS with your new DAP, and find out which has synergy with the DAP, and for your kind of music. People like Andromeda, Solaris, IER-Z1R (especially paired with a WM1x), QDC 8S(_), VX. And of course there are lots of other chocies. Too many to list. But you'll only know after you try them out.
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  13. silvahr
    Anyone has experience in connecting the WM1A to a desktop amp using a cable 4.4mm to dual XLR 3 pins?
    It would be double amping. Any perceptible distorsion?
    Thank you in advance.
  14. aceedburn
    I haven’t used it with the balanced out but I use it with magni 3 using the single ended out to stereo rca. No distortion or clipping. I tested it with a 1khz sweep test to verify it. Yes it’s double amping but I think the signal coming out of the WM1A is very clean and thus works well.
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  15. SolarBeaver
    Thanks a lot! The problem is that there're close to zero hi-fi shops with decent DAPs/earphones/headphones around, that's why I have to shop mostly blindly, which can get very frustrating and expensive in the long run :frowning2:

    As for IEMs, I'm interested in new Sony's IER series, Z1R is going to be too pricey for me, so I'm wondering if there's a noticeable step up in SQ going from XBA-Z5 to M7 or M9, assuming I'll use them on WM1A...
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