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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. LinstantX
    Thank :clap:
  2. rgutierr
    Absolutely loving the battery life coming from my ZX2-truly night and day
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  3. djricekcn
    ...? You sure you're talking about a zx2?
  4. rgutierr
    Yes? Had the zx2 since release and even with the fresh battery it drained pretty fast. I've been smashing this player since I got it and it's lasted a lot longer than my zx2 ever did
  5. duaned
    How does it sound compared to the ZX2?
  6. djricekcn
    Really...I did have it too but battery lasted 20hrs+ on for lflac / hi-res flac with occasional dsddsf

    Definitely lasted an entire day
  7. djricekcn
    Compared with zx2,I can say it's clearer and zx2 didn't have balanced
    Zx2 is still good imo but the sounds are generally heavier compared with wm1
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  8. rgutierr
    Honestly, too soon to tell but i did try a player that was already burnt in at a local store-call it placebo maybe, but it did sound better than my current one. This one sounds a bit..."cold" at the moment, hard to explain. But i know (hope) that will change, as i do think my ZX2 did sound better after some weeks of playtime than when i initially got it.

    Jesus christ-i was lucky to get 8-9 hours O_O on max volume with flac (i my HRFlac library is not too big at the moment)
  9. rgutierr
    I have yet to get a balanced solution yet....thats the next money sink lol :)
  10. djricekcn
    Depending on the music (mainly janime music) I think there zx2 delivers better but with instrumental and vocal emphasized, wm1

    Overall wm1 is better but that didn't mean zx2 is bad either
  11. rgutierr
    Yeah-when i tested my ZX2 and the WM1A at the local sydney shop (shoutout minidisc@chatswood) the WM1A sounded better in every way to me for the music i listen to. Did a side by side test for about 2 hours and they let me import my own music from SD card to their player and i used my own IEMs.

    I was also considering the ZX300 before the WM1A due to price, but tbqh, to me, it sounded quite flat.
  12. rgutierr
    To everyone who told me to get a balanced cable for my Andros



    I was not expecting that
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  13. KEV G
    Me too lol, haven’t had this 1Z too long and still getting used to it really but coming from the DX200Ti that’s sounds great but now it’s like my Andro’s are on steroids........awesomeness :smile_phones:
  14. Whitigir
    What...you meant u never used wm1Z out of 4.4mm ? LOL

    If you love something on steroids....DMP Z1 is the WM-1Z on steroids
  15. KEV G
    Coming from DX208Ti :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
    So no, 4.4 only :joy:

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