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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. Quasimodosbelfry
    I bring my 1A everywhere. And yes, that's how you use a streaming service on your A/Z.
  2. nc8000 Contributor
    Yes you are perfectly right as aac is the best an iPhone or iPad can do over BT
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  3. Aeskualpio
    I use the 1A everywhere.
    Paired to a Galaxy Note 9 via LDAC for Tidal
    Paired to RHA CL2 with BT cable
    Wired to RHA CL2 or DM7 via custom OFC cable terminated in 4.4
    On airplanes connected via BT receiver to a BT transmitter for watching movies/shows on the IFE
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  4. buzzlulu
    Thank you (and others who replied).

    New question - I am exclusively all in Apple.
    Is there an Android phone which I can purchase and use exclusively for Tidal Bluetooth streaming to my 1Z (I would not activate the cellular capabilities and only use it at home on my WiFi network).

    I realize it is a bit extravagant to purchase a phone to use exclusively for Tidal streaming and that the only advantage over my iPhone XS is the ability to lose the CCK/USB cable - however I am interested in asking.
  5. bflat
    Certainly! Any Android phone with 8.0 or later should have LDAC since that is when it was integrated into the OS. Personally I would stick with brand names but ironically, some of the lower priced phones are from the Sony Xperia line because they never sold well, but have good quality. Smartphones work perfectly fine with Wifi only. You may also want to make sure you buy an Android phone that works on your network and also uses Nano SIM. This way you can simply take your SIM card from your iPhone and use it on the Android phone if the need ever arises - like maybe you are going overseas for a while and don't want to risk getting your iPhone stolen.
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  6. buzzlulu
    Thanks for that.
    I would think a Sony branded phone would be keeping it "all in the family" with the 1Z.
    Any cheap ones you recommend which will still provide a quality experience?
  7. Aeskualpio
    I use either a Galaxy Note 9 or the Google Pixel 3. Both have LDAC. I think the well reviewed Pixel 3A has LDAC as well, and a killer camera.
    Also we are maybe 2 weeks from the Galaxy Note 10 being announced, you should be able to get a G Note 9 at a good price once it’s announced
  8. McMadface
    FIIO M6 DAP is $150 and has WiFi and LDAC. And, it looks really small and cute.
  9. bflat
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  10. Kitechaser
    Have to make a correction. Played around with JRiver headphone settings, and the iem output from this DAC is jawdropping. Perfect match with my iem.
    Probably the best dac/amp combo on the market, at its price point (2000 dollar range) It's an absolute must hear item.
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2019
  11. rgutierr

    ahhh good to see someone in similar situation! what are you listening to the WMA1 with? and what music do you listen to?
  12. gerelmx1986
    1, I dont have a case any more, had the walkman case from dignis sold to me by @nc8000 . But my husband decided to wash it on the wash machine, crap happened, it came out destroyed.
    2. I've already have fw 3.01 fantastic firmware, sounds good, packed with many features.
    3. I did have the mdr-Z7, and xba-z5, these two I had an adapter from dual 3.5mm to.male 4.4. I no longer have these, right now the MDR-Z1R and IER-Z1R have stock 4.4 cables of good quality.
    4. Mine has around 6500 hours of use, battery still kicking like new.
    5. I listen to classical music, all FLAC, Hi-res FLAC and DSD
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  13. rgutierr
    Awesome. Ive spent so much this week...bought the DAP, a pair of Andromedas and a 4.4 cable...Im broke for a good while! Keep checking the tracking of all my items like a madman XD My gf is loving her upgrade of her ZX1 to my old ZX2 though!
  14. Quasimodosbelfry
    I feel your pain. I gather it was an accident?
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  15. nc8000 Contributor
    What a shame about the case, it really did look and feel great, it simply just didn’t work for me
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