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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. RobertP
    Just try Qobuz + UAPP in USB DAC mode today and what a nice surprised. Bit-perfect is doing really excellent job with SQ. Noticable better than just Qobuz app alone. I went through older posts and someone mentioned back in around January I think. Big thanks!
  2. auronthas
    Just came across my mind and found this Fiio K3 , not sure if it will work .

    From their website, K3 can direct convert any USB audio (WM1A USB DAC) input to coaxial or optical digital output, then I can connect this to my DacMagic , correct me if I am wrong? K3 is with XMOS USB receiver chip, this may be a good cheaper solution? @bflat @Whitigir, appreciate your input and advise.

    K3-Optical digital Out.jpg
  3. bflat
    I realize now that any DDC that you want to use with the WM1a may not work if it is powered by the USB, meaning power must come from the WM1a. I would go with a self powered DDC for best results. Also the K3 is USB powered DAC so may not have enough power from the WM1a to work. Have no idea what the audio quality of the optical output is, but guessing it's at best mediocre given the price.

    Anyway, I'm completely unfamiliar with the external DAC you are trying to use but given it's limitation on inputs, it's probably pretty dated and quite possible a lower quality audio than your WM1a so not sure what you are trying to accomplish. In fact the K3 may be a better DAC that the old one you have.
  4. Midnstorms
    Guys off topic question, you think that Tia fortune will be better iem than sony IER Z1R for WM1A?
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  5. LeFaucon
    Maybe - surely - depends of your own ears...? :thinking:
  6. bflat
    ok, this is starting to annoy me. Is there a way to turn the WM1z off while it is still connected to power? Even when I power down, it immediately turns back on.
  7. nc8000 Contributor
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  8. bflat
    Oh well, guess battery saver mode will make it ok to leave on 24x7 in DAC mode.
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  9. Rchandra
    Call me crazy but I'm starting to prefer the sound out of the SE over Balanced on my walkman.. The sound is to me much cleaner on my hd800S
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  10. Mund1
    I hear you, I tried and tried too.. I think it's a dumb design, oversight on Sony's part. I want to charge the battery, I don't need the unit on!
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  11. Midnstorms
  12. Midnstorms
    Unfortunately there is no way... it happened back to old walkmans too why you want power while off?
  13. Midnstorms
    how is that so!!! interesting 1z?
  14. Mund1
    I have a question. I often listen to music in the kitchen on this Marshall Woburn powered speaker. With having the WM1Z now, what is the best avenue of getting the best possible sound... for what it's worth.

    1) There is a 3.5 std jack on top, that comes with the (as shown) coiled cable. Stay with this means, 3.5 std but get a different cable?_________. if so, what is a good choice (need a 2ft length) ?______

    2) OR... Any sound advantage to using the RCA jacks or the Optical on the back, over the 3.5 std for sound ?_______

    3) Would the 4.4 Balanced out on the WM1Z to the Woburn, i.e. 3.5 std jack do anything better for quality ?___________ (or completely dumb question)

    20190510_172341_resized.jpg 20190510_170647.jpg 20190510_170746_resized.jpg
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  15. Midnstorms
    Optical allways sounds diferent from miniplug i guess depends what kind of sound you want guessing miniplug will be colored out being more suitable for the amp you mention but also optical should be more nimble and neutral defeating wm1z character hope others reply too so i see if im wrong here

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