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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. DatDudeNic
    Same here sold off my r6 and 300r in favor for the wm1a. 8 months later still no regrets but i did at one point wanted to sell it off due to medical reasons but in the end i kept it. So far so great!
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  2. DatDudeNic
    The last 3 sentences may very well be the best thing ive read in this whole thread!
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  3. DatDudeNic
    Ive been known as a burner in my community but once i went and got myself the wm1a ive never really wanted anytjing else, its perfect but my jeans and shorts may beg to differ...
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  4. DatDudeNic
    The vx sure is a beast. Its bright tuned right.
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  5. DatDudeNic
    Good to know it wasnt just me that thought the bal has a higher noise floor compared to the se :)
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  6. cn11
    I've got a 4.4 balanced cable coming from PWAudio, and hoping it isn't going to be too hissy with the VX, as I find it takes a fair bit of power.
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  7. Midnstorms
    This person just needs your honest impresion, you are neither a Sony engenier, nor am I, so we cant post charts or facts about Iems, i think the information on iems is sometimes confusing and dificult to process some will praise them some will bash them depends on what you have heard before i agree, but if you happen to have the iem in question is nice to know your impresions or mini review also if you think you prefer them over other iem its common knoledge that what you like he might just hate he choses wheather to believe or not, dough of toppic in this thread maybe... Im also not moderator here so you should not be afraid :skull:, have a nice day:blush: also if this questions anoy you nowone is forcing you to answer just skip them and let others share insights
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  8. Midnstorms
    Maybe if Redcarmoose will be kind enough, and have auditioned the M9 he can shurely pin point you the diferences on them, I think that bass will be diferent for starters ovbius reasons two diferent drivers... M9 maybe faster... i guess wm1a its fast enough bass if it was me i would go for the TOTL. I think iternal chambers are diferent also as well as drivers!
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  9. scrivere
    Thank you very much! I will look into it
  10. gerelmx1986
    I am on the same boat , the goddamn Ausländerbehörde stills hasn't citated me and my husband for the interview with spouses, that means I still don't have an Aufenthaltserlaubnis (residence permit) and I cannot work until I have that card... I am running low on money and my partner recently lost his job
  11. jaibautista
    Just wondering...

    Are there any leads about Sony updating the WM1Z/WM1A anytime soon? It's been almost three years since Sony released the WM1 product line and competing brands have been aggressive in updating their respective offerings.

    I hope Sony includes the following features in the next iteration of the WM1Z/WM1A:

    1. Variable line-out function for both unbalanced and balanced output (already seen in the LPGT and, based on its published specs sheet, the N6ii)
    2. A bit more power (at least match the power output from newly-released/about-to-be-released DAPs competing directly with the WM1 series)
    3. Maybe a better version of LDAC?
    4. USB-C and fast charging (minus any proprietary LOD)

    And I hope Sony retains the following:

    1. Looooong battery life (my WM1A has almost 1,600 hours of playing time and it can still run continuously for 24 hrs when using the 4.4mm HP out)
    2. Non-Android UI (I really think Sony nailed this one compared to the UI employed by other brands)
    3. Arguably best-in-class DAP ergonomics
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  12. Liono
    I've tried looking on Japan google etc, but nothing, really hope something is announced soon as would like the 40th Anniversary model in July for my 40th to upgrade my ZX1, as long as it's not more than £1000.

    One would assume either an announcement on 1st July or at IFA?

    Amazon UK have not had any stock of the WM1A for a week now.

    Edit: This site says it's been discontinued:
    Last edited: May 12, 2019
  13. LeFaucon
    I am not and you are right in everything...
    But once again... the question is : « which is the best ? »
    For whom ? For himself I suppose...???
    I am not agressive... but this kind of question well... always questions me !

    For instance, I could ask which is the best between Xelentos and AK IEM...?
    But MY ears even don’t support the Tesla sound technology !
    You see what I mean ?
    Just an example...
    Try to find the combos and test by yourself huh ?
    You will hear - by yourself - which is the best for your ears...
    Earring sounds and feeling is so much personal...!

    Over for me and I like everybody here for I learn so much from all of you
    Last edited: May 12, 2019
  14. Redcarmoose
    I have not heard the IER-M9. But........ fit on the IER-Z1R can be iffy for some. Meaning I have read about people getting an easier fit with the M9. The IER-Z1R fit me perfect though it really is big and heavy. But as it fits it’s absolutely a comfortable IEM. Choosing the M9 or Z1R could be a question of musical tone. The Z1R will be more over the top maybe as far as treble and bass. Though for the folks wanting those dynamics it’s the cat’s meow!

    As far as matching the four, I can only comment on the IER-Z1R and 1A and 1Z. And again there is no right or wrong good or bad combo here. It’s more about finding your own personal tone. Surprisingly the Z1R IEM makes the 1A way thicker. The Z1R makes the 1A something special. If you had some kind of test IEM which could purely show the character of two DAPs......the 1A has less low end, a more even treble and a less thick soundstage. The 1Z has a treble and bass boost along with a thicker front to back and full soundstage. Crazy as it seems the Z1R can bring some of that thickness to the 1A! The Z1R is naturally thick. And the 1Z is nice with the Z1R but besides myself others feel the 1A and Z1R combo has faster and more nimble bass. Though I use both DAPs.....and it’s hard to tell what would be the best combo.....as it’s totally subjective....really.

    The M9 is going to be all BA so (even though I have not heard it) it’s safe to say it will offer BA decay. Where the Z1R has both a DD bass and supertweeter and a BA for the midrange. The Z1R will have slower but more natural decay. I feel the supertweeter is more natural than any BA I have heard.

    Your better off just trying stuff, or use the written words here to get a clue as to what to try. Nothing will be better than a demo. You can read about this stuff till the cows come home and not get anywhere near as much “proof” as trying some gear.....even for a moment. IMO
    Last edited: May 12, 2019
  15. ttt123
    Just chiming in, and putting on my political hat, and agreeing with both points of view. While I do feel that some questions cannot be answered, and tend to trivialize the forum, at the same time, I guess it is an exercize in patience, and understanding that different people see different things as "normal". Similar to situations when a young child asks questions that cannot be answered, though we attempt to. They have not learned, or are in the habit, of trusting their own opinion over others, and concluding that there are things that have no good answer. And sometimes, the question makes us think a little deeper, and maybe question our known "truths". Overall, I am thankful that the forum is productive and interesting, though the tone and users change over time, which is normal, and the forum has not degraded into mud slinging, and personal attacks, which is so easy to do, and has killed many forums.
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