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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. Hanafuda
    Everything's a ticking time bomb. Including you. Relax, avoid doing stupid things as best you can, enjoy, keel over one day.
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  2. aisalen
    No need to power down your wm1a when taking out the card, you just need to unmount the card from the menu before getting it out. I sometimes forgot to unmout it removing the card, no problem so far but the tendency of corrupting the card is there so avoid it.
  3. siruspan
    Spinfit cp240
  4. Redcarmoose
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  5. Sarcasmo
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  6. JeremyLaurenson
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  7. milesjunkie
  8. superuser1
    So in theory it would work while trying to get UBS digital audio out to a DAC? Has anyone tried that scenario?
  9. Sarcasmo
    Never tried it that way round. I think I read that someone in the ZX300 forum tried and said no. I'm not sure if someone else can chime in, otherwise I can try later when I'm home.
    May need something like the FiiO L27 cable:
  10. superuser1
    I have a fiio L27 cable but sadly its a no go with Micro BL. This would work well if it is compatible. Please do try it at home when you have the time.
  11. captblaze
    this is what I use to allow my WM1A to act as a digital transport to another DAC (without needing the cradle).

    20180726_174840456_iOS.jpg 20180726_174848939_iOS.jpg
  12. Quadfather
    I got a chance to listen to the Sony NW-NW1Z today. my Sony NW-WM1A does hold its own, and the differences are smaller than I thought, so I will probably try to find the gold one used.
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2018
    I wouldn’t pay no more than $1000 for a used gold brick knowing it may become paper weight within a few years or less.
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  14. Quadfather
    I would definitely have to be careful, and find somebody who took care of their player as well as I take care of all of mine.
  15. superuser1
    Thanks. I know this works .. i am wondering if that small adapter works?

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