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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. Redcarmoose
    47AD6DDD-36ED-4A88-858C-090FA0A6CB38.jpeg 93217B81-0C5A-4399-82A5-303FCD027B39.jpeg A3C33F70-0B0C-450E-B2E1-F065670A330A.jpeg
    Pictures of 1A/1Z
  2. pororom
    I am interested in Sony NW-WM1A european version but I have to clarify a fundamental doubt about the power output of headphone jacks (both unbalanced and balanced).
    I am currently using a Shanling M2S with an output impedance of 4.8 ohms and the result is good at the sound power level.
    Does Sony NW-WM1A european version output impedance offer more output power than the Shanling M2S?

    I use the following Iems and headphones:
    JH Audio Michelle
    JH Audio Rosie
    Denon AH-D7200 (impedance of 32 but likes the loud volume)

    I'm a bit deaf and I like to listen at a high volume.
    I suppose that with JH there should be no problem but with the Denon I do not have anything clear.

    Can you clarify my doubts please?
  3. nc8000 Contributor
    I drive JH13 and the Sony Z1R from my 1Z on balanced low gain with volume 50 and 90 so there is lots more power. You will need to run the rockbox tool on an EU unit to remove the volume cap and enable high gain and you really should use balanced to get the best from these players
  4. teknorob23
    Sony NW WM1A K MODSony WM1A K Mod.jpg Sony NW WM1A K MODSony WM1A K Mod_7.jpg I've had my freshly K Mod'd Wm1a back for a couple of days and Wow, thanks to everyone who recommended doing it. First off the power/ current increase is amazing, not that my IEMs are hungry in that sense but the extra body and definition and layering in pretty much all parts of frequency range is pretty impressive. I'm not a bass head, but the 3d resolution with the mod is something else and finally just edge the DX200/amp4 combo which was the best i'd heard from a DAP, although its still not quite as good as the Hugo2 which to my mind is not really fair comparison anyway.

    The whole process of dealing with Music Sanctuary from the UK, was as smooth and not far off as quick as it would be dealing with someone here. it took 3 weeks pretty much on the dot to complete the mod, burn it in and test it, the return shipping took 3 days and was included in the cost. The comms with Calvin were great throughout and so far i've not had to wait longer than 24 hours for an email response and i was able to get Calvin on the phone both of the times i needed to.

    There is i slight sting in the tale for me though and that is having followed this while i was waiting for the WM1a returned i accidentally bought a pair or A18s, then yesterday i got been thumped by an unexpected tax bill, so i'm having to sell most of my headfi apart from some core bits ie my Hugo2 and the A18s. I might be able to keep the WM1a, if i can sell all my excess cables and SMe9s, but i am testing the water in the classifieds with it. I'm sure theres a cautionary tale or one of Esops fables for that covers the situation i find myself in, but fortunately it all comes in small and similar enough black boxes for my wife to notice my stupidity! :frowning2: :wink:
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2018
  5. jasonho
    Nice! Which mod option did you choose?
  6. siruspan
    My portable electrostatic rig :)
    Sony Wm1a, cardas HPI interconnect and Shure KSE1200

    LRM_EXPORT_20180725_131508~01.jpg LRM_EXPORT_20180725_131444~01.jpg
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  7. Whitigir
    Wm1Z can only do so much, while Dx200 can practically do so much more. Especially with different amp modules, the sonic signatures with either improvements or side-stepping have no limits. One of the best module I love so much now is the latest module Amp8. It has less than 0.37 ohms output impedance, 1.2W of total power with current upto 2700mAH. It now driving my Hd800S very nicely.

    If you put WM1Z inside it territory and also limited Dx200 under the same circumstances, the Wm1Z will be slightly superior sonically, and majority is battery life. But if you fully allow Dx200 to extend it features and practicality, the Dx200 is not to be underestimated. In fact, I have started playing DSD512 stored onto 400Gb cards, and the performances of it is worthy of upper tier desktop performances. The dx200 can also Do live conversion of DSD512 via USB-DAC features, which heavily relying on the PC and it built, but then even out of my Built PC, the Dx200 still show it limitations of it physically and technically inferiors in compare to Desktop Pieces. However, Offline conversion is another story

    Simply concluded it, if you want just a portable player with great performances and reliability, playing PCM and long lasting battery, the wm1Z is excellent answer. But if you need anymore than this, the Dx200 will always win, both practicality and sonically. See ? Playing Offline conversion DSD512, Wm1Z is simply no match (incapable), even desktop piece such as lks004 will shy away from this little player :). There are reasons for this, which I have experienced it myself and not just talking out of my butts

    The one thing I have not done while having my wm1Z before. That I have not taken considerations about converting into DSD256 which both 1A/Z are capable of playing natively. I do know that battery will considerably be drained down though. I would advise you guys to try it and report back.

    The software I am using is Xivero sampler converter, it is free to demo for 1 minute conversion and it cost $19.99. <==== click on the link

    Now, why would you want to do this offline conversion ? Remember I have built my Dedicated PC for my Stax system before ? I came across a very interesting finding regarding the Digital interfaces, the timing, the power supplies....etc...all of these little reasons will affect the sound quality. Offline conversion is using an algorithm under different sigma-delta modulations. But because it is a processing conversion, the PC can take all the time and whatever power that it needs to calculate, process and convert at the utmost accuracy. All you compromise for is storage spaces.

    Again, what is DSD ? It is a Processed Digital signals, which was processed from PCM with applied (sigma-Delta algorithm) and it is depends on studios to add or subtracting flavors (they call it remastering). Majority of the records are based on PCM for ease of edits, and storage, processing reasons. Then they get converted to DSD.

    Regardless, it is still a can of worm, which I have no interests in debating or picking up wriggling reasons. If you are a true enthusiast, your ears will be first, and then reasons later. If so, I urged you to try this offline conversion into DSD256 for your newest Walkman, and then report back it performances. Surely it will surprise you :)
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2018
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  8. gerelmx1986
    About the boot loops and some things i've heard

    * Don't directly delete files/folders from your WM1 or ZX300. I've been doing this for ages and never had an issue with my WM1A
    *Use the microSD card only with the PC. I've used the SD card mounted and unmounted from my WM1A, again never had an issue. I use it mounted on the 1A when i transfer a few new music, but unmounted whn i am about to transfer huge amounts of muisc to it to benefit from USB 3.0 speeds
    *Don't shut it down while it is working on the database. This is right, i usually leave it do its DB update/creation business for a while, I know wiht me it takes for the first time arround 15 minutes to fully create the DB with both memories filled at max capacity.

    I usually as extra careful step and to asses wether i need a new HDD or retransfer the backups, I check my Lossless library for corruption, though for DSD data, it is more complicated as with FLAC because DSD does not have error robustness
  9. NaiveSound
    That's actually really cool

    I like the dx200 sound better than wm1a, but wm1z is far better than dx200
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2018
  10. NaiveSound
    What's a decent adapter 4.4mm? So I can plug in my 3.5mm cable. The 4.4mm adapter is for a balanced player
  11. Darksoul
    What eartips are those?
  12. kel77
    If your 3.5mm is unbalanced, a adapter will not work.The only way is to convert your cables to balanced.
  13. JeremyLaurenson
    The latest is that after upper management looked at it, Sony is going to ship me a new unit. SO thats great...

    I am very concerned about the likelihood that my new WM1A is also bricked in the same way and will, at that point, be well outside of warrantee.

    What does "Use the microSD card only with the PC" mean - Sony recommends formatting in the WM1a - are you saying to power down, put card into PC, copy files, replace card back into WM1a and power on each time? This ticking time bomb has me wondering it I should just sell it when it comes, brand new in the box instead of Russian roulette.
  14. PointyFox
  15. gerelmx1986
    The WM1A has an option to mount/unmount the SD card without turning it off. Toolbox icon > settings > device settings > Mount/unmount SD card.

    My WM1A is already out of warranty period since november 2017
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2018

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