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Sony IER-Z1R In-Ear Headphones

  1. MoonAudio Contributor
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    Hear astonishingly faithful sound reproduction with the IER-Z1R In-ear headphones. With a custom high-resolution HD hybrid driver system, refined-phase structure, and the sonic purity of a 0.17" balanced audio connection, IER-Z1R will elevate your listening experience to one you can feel.


    The Sony IER-Z1R use a hybrid driver system - three unique drivers in total equipped with Sony's special balanced armature drivers and audiophile grade building materials. The primary driver is a large, 12mm dynamic driver with a diaphragm specially constructed with a magnesium alloy dome.


    The second driver is 5mm, using an aluminum-coated liquid crustal polymer diaphragm and receives its power from an external magnetic circuit (helping to keep down noise and boost frequency response). The final driver is a balanced armature driver made from magnesium alloy. Each Sony IER-Z1R earbud chassis is composed of a zirconium alloy, making the buds quite resistant to corrosion and scratching, all while remaining comfortable.


    The Sony IER-Z1R price certainly constitutes a premium experience in high-fidelity listening. Sony has gone above and beyond to ensure a product that faithfully reproduces your favorite tracks while perfectly controlling acoustics. A standard, one-year headphone warranty is included.

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