SONY D25s PDCP New Old Stock
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Jan 3, 2006
ALO has acquired a limited number of vintage new old stock (NOS) NEW IN BOX Sony D25s PCDPs. The Sony D25, one of the finest sounding portable CD players made.

EnjoyTheMusic Mini Review

The D-25 portable CD player is regarded by many as one of the best portable CD player ever made for sound quality. Its construction is superb and is made almost entirely of metal. Not like the cheap players of today. This player was made circa 1989 and has the audiophile coveted 4X over sampling that offers incredibly detailed and smooth sound. The headphone out will drive even the most demanding headphones with ease and the line out when paired with a nice headphone amp offers the most liquid midrange and taught accurate base. The D25s has a strong headphone out and a true Line Out on the back of the unit.




This item has never been used, only tested to ensure all of its functions are working properly and then carefully repacked in its original container.

The D-25S, D-25, and D-250 are all identical in their construction and sound and the different designations were for different markets. The only difference is that the 25S and 250 models are silver in color rather than black.

The items included are
1 new Sony D-25S Discman in its original packaging
1 new power supply
Cable seen in photo optional
No battery is included, these are still being made we are in the process of buying some some and will have these for sale at a added cost. If you would like to locate one for yourself look for a "Sony BP 2x" replacement battery.

If you want one of these please go to our webstore and pick one up before they are all gone for ever, this is a rare find.

Ken @ ALO
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I have a couple of vintage D-5 and a D-25s and I can vouch for the 25s being worth the money. It runs my HD600 as well as my Tomahawk or Headsix.

I'd buy another D-25s if I didn't have so many...
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Originally Posted by greydragon /img/forum/go_quote.gif
How does it compare SQ-wise to an iMod?


If given the choice between both an 80gb ipod PLUS the D-25s vs just an iMod, I'd pick the 80gb WITH the D-25s everytime.

Oh wait, I did that already

Get this first, then save for an iMod.
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Wow...I didn't know that they are that highly sought after. I still got many of my portable Discmen, which include the following: Sony D-25S(2), D777, D311, D-E900, D-515(2) and several others Panasonic.
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Originally Posted by DevilofLife /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Does the power supply support 220-240VAC?

Probably not. Most of the older PCDPs PSU were very region specifics.


I picked up one of these when they we're going for around $40 on Ebay. $40 was an insane price for one of these! If I was smart I would of purchased a bunch more.

Yes. I remember those as well. The seller was "Silicon Salvage" I think. Another older PCDP that deserve a lot of recommendation is the Sony D-303. IMO, the D303 has the best line out of any PCDPs I've tried. The D-303 line out is even better than the D-25s. Sadly that the D-303's transport is very faulty and prone to skipping.

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