SONY D25s PDCP New Old Stock

Discussion in 'ALO Audio Premier Sponsor Forum' started by kb, Nov 25, 2007.
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  1. lewy10
    I bought my Sony D-25s and I have to say, Im in love!!!!!
  2. lewy10

    Originally Posted by Shumani /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    I am shocked at the amount of volume coming out of the headphone jack. Is it true Ken what is being said, that the line out will not take the sound up a notch? When will the Power Box become available? Will it be a logical addition for a Road Warrior, or will there be an alternative? Thanks.

    The volume and the amount of sound is quite high.
  3. Jap
    Is the SLA Power Box for the Sony D25S still being made?
  4. magicman
    if somebody has something like d-50 mkII or d-25/250 new old stock let me know - I will pay any price for it
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