Sony/B&W/HTC/AKG/Sennheiser/MISC Thread

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  1. aertus

    we'll just have to wait and see really rumors are that sony has a bezeless xz1s or something like that. My guess is that all mirai from now will be standard 4k so no difference between bigger size and smaller size. and the one coming in MWC will be sort of like a half iteration between mirai and 2017. And then mirai will just come out as 4k regardless of size. this is what im gathering but none of this might be true so all we can do is wait.
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  2. RockStar2005
  3. aertus
    why did you sell the meze99 i thought you really liked them?


    i don't really like this guy but this shows even htc is faster than samsung lol
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  4. RockStar2005
    I loved them.............but like the B&O 2nd Gen H6s, they weren't as comfortable as I initially thought. To me anyway. The H6s were MUCH worse, but I guess the bulkiness of full-sized HPs plus the clamp issue (which got A LOT better after I stretched them out, but still not enough in the end) was a bit too much. I managed to get the HD1s to sound JUST as good as the 99 Cs by using the same EQ I did for the 99 C's stock pads. Sounds weird, but somehow it worked. Both have HPs have a pretty similar frequency response chart, so I guess that played into it for sure. But as you saw in my review, they were just a notch or so more comfortable than the 99 Cs. In the end, that is what won me over.

    I don't normally put much stock in speed tests as there are many factors that can affect speed, but I guess this ISN'T bad news! lol My buddy who usually buys iPhones got the Note 8, but went and reverted back to Apple with the iPhone X b/c of a few reasons, one of which was the audio and call quality on the Note 8 was awful according to him. But his main reason was that he was just happier living in the Apple "ethos" so going back made his life easier. The face recognition tech on the X is pretty friend said even in the dark it works! lol I'm guessing it brightens the image it sees of your face in order to recognize it. Pretty amazing if you ask me.
  5. Lewislink2
    Have a set of Sony XBA-H1 and love them. Better sound to my ears than the H3. Haven’t tried the XBA-A1 or any of the newer Sony IEMs, though. Want to, but kind of shy about it because the more expensive H3 turned out to be not so good.
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  6. aertus
    so HD1s are your go to headphones at the moment? and by the hd1s you mean like the over the ear headphones? I tried B&O headphones in person i know what you mean its not the best fitting or most comfortable despite great sound.

    some good news for xperia. Some leaked benchmarks are showing a flagship phone with 4k bezeless screen with smaller bezels than the lgv30 and samsung. But again, we can't confirm everything at the moment but it seems sony has been saving everything for mirai and since its xperias 10th annivesary it might mean they will take it seriously.
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  7. RockStar2005
    Well, ALL the headphones I buy are ALWAYS over-ear. F on-ear! I consider them to be trash. lol I'd rather have an IEM than an on-ear. lol Yeah they are my my go-to HPs, though hopefully not just "for the moment" but I plan to keep these for years to come. Of course I may wanna upgrade one day or whatever, but for the foreseeable future I fully intend on keeping these. The HD1s have the same kind of ULTRA comfort my old Sony MDR-1A 'phones had, except they sound better (and arguably look better too).

    Yeah the H6s were AS GOOD as the Meze and the HD1s in terms of sound quality, but their comfort issues were impossible to overlook. The fact that I had a friend (someone I hang out with in person) who bought them and ended up feeling the same way I did only further backs up that statement.

    Oh nice! Hopefully it's true! I would love to go 4K after seeing the XZ Premium in person, even though I initially didn't care about that stuff as much. But now that the screens are getting larger (and bodies smaller) I guess it would be nice to have. I just hope Sony goes 18:9 by the end of 2018 cuz I really like it now. lol

    Oh wow, so 2008 was when they released the first Xperia? Interesting. Yeah hopefully they knock it out of the park. But they're gonna have to swing EXTRA hard in order for the U.S. to feel it, if you know what I mean. LOL
  8. RockStar2005
    18:9? I sure hope so!! lol
  9. aertus
    im not surprised sennheisers are that good haha.

    yeah dude full active display has smaller bezels than samsungs oled. they are gonna use that and leaks say it will have smaller bezels than samsung and lg. Also think of Sony A1e bravia that has acoustic surface sound it means sony might be the only company to have the formula to make truly bezeless phone.

    it will be 18:9 4k bezeless which will make it stand out in competition.
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  10. RockStar2005
    Yeah they are. lol Over the last few years I bought Senns for both my parents for either their birthday or Christmas. As of the present time, they are both still happily using them with no issues. If you're looking for something that sounds great, has style, and isn't too pricey (ivory is $250, black is $225 on Amazon), I HIGHLY suggest the Senn HD1 Over-Ear wired then.

    Nice! I hope all that pans out then! ESP the 18:9! lol

    Yes..........all those combined with Sony's COLOR ACCURATE screens are def something I would like. My cousin who loves Samsung claims a survey he saw said ppl preferred oversaturated screens (Samsung phones) over color-accurate screens (Sony phones). I think he's full of ****. lol If that IS true, that's some sad ass BS. lol But I would need to see that article before I even begin to take it seriously. I'm sorry aertus, but if I take a picture of a purple skyline, that **** better NOT come out orange (as you may recall in the V30 vs. S8 photo comparison article I posted here a while back). lol
  11. RockStar2005
    Happy New Year everyone!
  12. Lewislink2
    Happy New Year to you also! ☺️
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  13. aertus
    there are rumors of a "pro" line of xperias coming out with possible specifications as follows:
    completely new f1.7 G-Lens camera
    4K 60fps recording
    Optical SteadyShot
    6GB RAM
    Giga LTE
    128GB UFS 3.0
    UFS 3.0 doubles NAND read and write speeds over 2.1
    so could boot in 10 seconds, setting a new world record
    S9 not getting UFS 3.0 cuz Toshiba is the only one mass producing it at small quantity.
    JDI full active display or POSSIBLE (not certain) limited quantity JDI 4k OLED. the former is more likely than the latter since we've seen them.

    I think Sony has been holding back for their 10th anniversary kind of like apple did. I think they are gonna go full force with their innovation and all the things they have under their sleeves.
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