Sony/B&W/HTC/AKG/Sennheiser/MISC Thread

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  1. RockStar2005
    S9's not getting it? OH well! lol

    Yes I hope so.........I would like to see them offer up something extraordinary this year!

    And as a reminder, NOW that it's finally 2018, I guess we'll find out if that Verizon contract rumor was true or not...............................forms of proof would include: 1) Offering the FS to ALL U.S. markets! lol 2) Offering the option to buy Xperia phones through carriers LIKE T-Mobile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3) Offering VoLTE on ALL U.S. phones and ensuring that they are all also T-Mobile VoLTE-certified as well!!
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  2. RockStar2005
    So there's a schedule of when the phones will be released, and also a "concept video" for the XZ2. I like the the different speaker grill. Very cool! Hopefully they ACTUALLY do that. lol
  3. RockStar2005
  4. RockStar2005
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  5. aertus

    very nice improvments all around even if minor. IT seems like they are taking battery life seriously again and upping the battery capacity it seems they are back at z3 levels of battery awesome lately. They reduced the bezels (they didnt have to go true bezeless) put on a better processor, and good cameras. and finally a FP scanner workaround in the US. It seems like sony is really listening and making moves.

    im even more excited for their flagship.
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  6. aertus
    thats a beautiful design. I swear sony needs to hire these free lance artists doing these concept videos on youtube. They need to be hired asap they have better designs then whatever smartphone companies are hiring haha.

    but 2018 sony flagships are definitely going to be interesting.
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  7. RockStar2005
    WOWWWWWW!!!!!!!! This is INCREDIBLE news aertus!! lol

    Bigger battery, OIS, bigger screen, FS that works in the U.S.!!!!! I am LOVIN' it!! lol

    The only cons are: 1) 16:9 (but hopefully the flagships will be 18:9 lol) and 2) FS on the back...........I really liked the side scanner more (yes, even THOUGH my V30 has it on the back........I know lol). I get make it bezel-less, they have to keep the FS on the back cuz it can't be on the side. So the question is, do you like no bezels more than having the FS on the side? lol I guess in 2018 the former is the preferred option. lol

    Yeah if this is any indication, that is fantastic! Let's HOPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the flagship is also T-Mo VoLTE-certified too. lol
  8. RockStar2005
    I agree. That would be the best course of action. Or run a contest and let the FANS decide! lol :L3000:

    Yes there is A LOT of reasons to have hope now. lol
  9. aertus
    yeah i prefer side scanner too. Im not certain if this is because of the bezeless issue or some kind of patent issue. This is becoming confusing as to why my money is apple trying to sabotage the rise of Sony in the US or samsung either one of those.

    yeah they are making big changes. Honestly i don't care if its 16:9 as long as it bezeless the 18:9 for me isn't really necessary. maybe if i used one i'd change my mind but im still good with 16:9.

    Am i the only one who thinks these are really good looking phones especially the XA2 in silver? For a midranger this is a really good phone imo and if they price it right i don't see why it wouldn't popular for midrangers. And now with snapdragon instead of crappy mediatek and bigger battery life I see no reason as to why not. And now you can also record 4k too. They are really making changes.

    now i really can't wait for the flagships.

    yup i told you. also keep in mind its 10th anniversary so maybe they held back all this time.
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  10. RockStar2005
    Yeah I dunno either. It's prob not the patent/licensing issue with HP that we thought, but more that they wanna try to go bezel-less. I still prefer the ergonomics of the side FS, but if it'll sell more phones, then F it I guess, keep it on the back. Although, with the advent of in-screen FS, it eventually won't matter.

    I just like 18:9 more because you seem to get more screen with less body, so my hatred of phablets is quickly vanishing. lol

    Yeah I think they look pretty cool too, esp for budget phones. The price thing worries me, but I'm hopeful they won't F up and charge flagship prices for these things. And yes, using Snapdragon is def a BIG plus too! The 4K recording is also another welcome addition to the XA series as is the FS.

    Well one will come out in 4-5 mos and the other prob 9 mos, so we'll see. I went with my friend to Best Buy randomly last week cuz he wanted to go to buy the new Madden 2018 Xbox game. Stopped and looked at the XZ Premium again but this time with him. Even he was like F this phone looks really nice! lol He likes the square/rectangular builds, so he said that would be a reason he'd maybe buy it down the line. I know he prob won't cuz he loves Apple, but he seemed genuinely impressed by it, as was I. lol
  11. shahkhan
    some one plz compare audio quality of Lg v20 and that of sony xz1...
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  12. RockStar2005
    That would be interesting to read. Earlier in this thread I posted about a convo I had with someone on this site about the XZ Premium's sound quality, which I believe is equal to the XZ1's. The guy basically said if you enable AHO (Automatic Headphone Optimization) on the XZP/XZ1, it sounded even better than his $300 Sony Walkman! But the V20 and V30 I believe are in that category too, so it might be close. I actually owned the V20 (int'l B&O-certified version) for about a week but returned it to keep the HTC 10 b/c the 10 sounded great and I wanted a smaller phone at the time. My cousin though had the T-Mobile V20 (not B&O-certified, though I really don't know if that matters TBH) and I listened to it a few times and it sounded FANTASTIC! But since I haven't listened to the XZP or XZ1 yet, I can't really say if it's better or not than the V20. But hopefully this info helped a little.

    Hopefully someone reading this can answer your question.
  13. aertus
    nah sony learned their lesson with pricing too. just look at xz1 already receiving massive price cuts here and there.

    thats true, my friend said the same thing about 18:9 that it feels much better in the hand but im not sure tbh. the XA2 aesthetic should be incorporated into flagships the edge to edge display looks nice for a budget phone. THis might grab some market share from samsungs midrangers.

    im surprised he liked the xzp. i have a friend who doesn't like the rectangular build of it. i still have yet to see XZP irl.
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  14. aertus
    and these phones will be avalaible in february so not really a long wait time for release like before.
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