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Sonic Satori - HRT Levels the Field with the MicroStreamer

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by mikemercer, Jan 23, 2013.
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  1. mikemercer
    Yeah Kevin used to recommend using a Y-splitter for the MS.
    I would LOVE to see Kevin make a NEW VERSION OF THE MS - set-up like the COZOY Aegis - because, its almost as if the COZOY is what HRT would've built if Kevin didn't have his accident.
    Kevin was in a really bad biking accident you guys. He's OK now - but it was a serious ordeal -
    plus: HRT did the Stage system (their powered speaker system) and I'm not sure how well that's gone for them. That's such a congested market...
    I believe in my heart - that if they got back to what they do BEST - DAC/Amps - they could still KILL IT TODAY!!
    I love the COZOY Aegis - because it works flawlessly w/ iDevices and Android - and while its not Apple-Certified - Kevin can do Far better IMHO
    If you'd like to see a new version of the MS - for iDevices and Androids 
  2. Lohb
    Mine works with Android with an OTG cable and UAPP.
    Just velcro on back of phone case.
    idevice would be a good idea, with it integrated in a battery pack case for 6, 6 plus and 7
  3. ericr
    Are you aware of HRT'S i-dSp product specifically for Apple devices with the lightning cable?


    It doesn't have an added battery but it only draws 50 mA so it should be easy to power.

    At $69.99 on Amazon it seems like a great value (I'm not an Apple guy so I've not heard it).
  4. Lohb

    Yes, I was aware of that one, but it is not same internal chips as microStreamer.
    Arcam have an integrated audiophile case for iPhones.
  5. mikemercer
    I've got both the DSP and iDSP
    for me, who went to work for HRT YRs ago because I loved their OG MusicStreamer - the iDSP (needing a CCK - it sounds good, but its plastic and clunky) and DSP don't represent - IMHO - what HRT can really do!
    I've used my iDSP and DSP on many occasions - and as good as they sound, I'd LOVE to have an MS on my iPhone instead [​IMG]
    IMG_6263.jpg    DSC01861.jpg
  6. ericr
    OK, thanks fow the info. Those always had my curiosity, but since I own the Microstreamer it didn't make sense to buy the dSp.

    The dSp is a smaller form factor, right? Do you know if it works directly with the players in the newer lollipop or marshmallow phones, or is UAAP or Onkyo still needed?
  7. Lohb
    Just picked up the AQ Jitterbug, see if it can squeeze anything more out the data-line out to the microStreamer, as the power line is already taken care off.
  8. Lohb

    With Android, there are just so many builds and hardware variations that the only way is to just hook it up OTG and see if it is kicking the audio out to DSP...BUT if you are not using UAPP, Android will crapify your source audio by up-sampling it to the limit = not good if your phone is up-sampling.
  9. LajostheHun
    The reason DSP was created is the lesser power draw on mobile devices. The MS is power hog compared , and was never designed for Android in specifically. The DSP should work with any media players on phones with A 5.0 or higher. The MS will be crapshoot with Android and that power draw will make it a poor candidate IMO to carry around, especially on long distance flights for example. Of course if you buy an LG V10, you will never bother with attached external amps and DACs, but that's a different discussion.:cool:
  10. ericr
    Thanks Lohb and LajostheHun!
  11. LajostheHun
  12. cedou97yon
    Hello, I'm also considering jitterbug to pair it with my microstreamer.
    As my setup is alsmost the same as yours (y usb cable + xiaomi powerbank) your tought about jitterbug might be helpful.
    Also wondering if I should buy jiterbug or usb linear power suply first and i noticed you are using one (LPS such as Teradak U9).
  13. Lohb

    Hi, a desktop LPS did improve things (teradak 5-volt U9), split Y also and I'm still waiting on my jitterbug to try it on the data line.
  14. Lohb

    Did you pull the power pin out the USB into your computer on the Y-cable ?
    They do not have that removed by default, as they are meant for another purpose which keeps the 5-volt pin active/alive.
  15. cedou97yon
    no i bought this y cable from forzaaudioworks.
    I also own a Hrt stage system and will try jitterbug with it. Don't know the dac inside but worth trying.
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