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Sonic Satori - HRT Levels the Field with the MicroStreamer

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by mikemercer, Jan 23, 2013.
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  1. mikemercer
    can you help with this???
  2. mikemercer
    Great Products Can Be Timeless!!
    Rockin' my new Teak E-Mus w/ my MS - Jitterbug, & Moon Audio Silver Dragon USB...
    and I prefer the MS,
    in this combo/the musical synergy, to my Groove, Dragonfly, and DACport!!!!
  3. Lohb

    Do you find their is a noticeable difference with Jitterbug in front of HRT MS ?
  4. Lohb
    Back in the microStreamer tribe again. Just got mine today. Lovin' it.
  5. ericr
    Yes, the Microstreamer is good stuff - one of the few D-S dacs I actually enjoy listening to. I don't miss my home rig nearly as much when I travel with it.

    Hopefully Kevin Halverson's name is up on a couple of important plaques somewhere!

    Thanks Kevin!
  6. Lohb

    Yes for all the hate on D-S chips, it sounds pretty natural and free of digititis to me !
  7. mikemercer
    I actually noticed a blacker background on a bunch of recordings!
    Sometimes, admittedly, I didn't hear a difference - but when I did - it lowered the noise-floor significantly - or, maybe more accurate - pacing and timing seemed tighter and overall more focused. 
    LOVE MY microStreamer 
  8. Lohb

    StarTech 3 feet USB Y Cable for External Hard Drive


    This should work for mobile use bypassing the power draw on notebook USB to a portable battery on the red line. Termination is already mini-USB so no messy adapters needed at the end.
    Couple of ferrite cores snapped over should help as well. Currently trying to find if it would be 5 or 7 or 9mm cores that would work for this cable.
    About $15 shipped. Not bad.
    Edit : to make the black USB plug data-out only, you need to cover or remove the 4th pin on right as you look in the plug (credit to zilch0md for this)
    then the red plug is the only one giving power from an external source. (This is a hack on a printer cable)
    Snap-on ferrite cores recommended to snap on the split data/power cable.
  9. mikemercer
    NICE ONE!!
    I was going to write Kevin Halverson - I'd love to see a Kevin Halverson / Alex Cavalli hybrid!!!!
  10. mikemercer
    We were just talkin' bout when we did this shoot-out for fun - 
    the MS came FAR too close for comfort!!!!  
  11. Lohb
  12. jarrett
    The mS is an Advanced Segment DAC (PCM1793). Does that mean it's still D-S (Delta Sigma)? I still use it for my stereo setup at home and love it [​IMG]
  13. Lohb

    Oh, right, never knew that. As it sounds so 'un-Delta-Sigma'...no brittle digititus.
    From their literature on the chip
    The DSD1793 is a monolithic CMOS integrated circuit that
    includes stereo digital-to-analog converters and support
    circuitry in a small 28-lead SSOP package. The data
    converters use TI’s advanced-segment DAC architecture
    to achieve excellent dynamic performance and improved
    tolerance to clock jitter. The DSD1793 provides balanced
    voltage outputs, allowing the user to optimize analog
    performance externally. The DSD1793 accepts the PCM
    and DSD audio data formats, providing easy interfacing to
    DSP and decoder chips. The DSD1793 also accepts
    interfaces to external digital filter devices (DF1704,
    DF1706, PMD200). Sampling rates up to 200 kHz are
    supported. A full set of user-programmable functions is
    accessible through an I
    C-compatible serial control port."
  14. mikemercer
    of course!!
    I went to work for them after reviewing the OG MS II!
    Their MS HD is AMAZING - still rock it today sometimes!!!!
  15. Lohb
    Y-split data/power combo after more testing.....jet black on quiet music passages.
    No doubt microStreamer has a mute relay with no music playing...
    Startech Cable was about $15 as I mentioned previously, and 5mm ferrite cores $5 shipped (1 clipped over red power plug, 1 over the mini-USB end).
    Reminder that the 4th pin on the black USB plug needs to be removed so you are only extracting data on the black USB plug.
    I read the cable can handle in excess of the 10 watts (5v/2A) it is rated for, so way,way in excess of the draw this tiny DACs needs.
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