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Sonic Satori - HRT Levels the Field with the MicroStreamer

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by mikemercer, Jan 23, 2013.
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  1. mikemercer
    BIG design flaw on their part! I don't use IEMs at home - but even w/ my Audeze, Mr.Speakers, or others I gotta be careful!
    I wrote about that into my review of the unit - they said something about wanting to include some aspects of their 20K DaVinci DAC (which is amazing, though 20K - I'm a bit OVER the high end in that way - thank God) but I think they should do an update for that.
    Using the MS RIGHT NOW!
    I actually prefer its synergy with the NuForce HAP-100 over my Mytek 192-DSD DAC!!
    I always take it when I travel, as it can easily drive everything from my Audeze LCD2 w/ Fazor (even drove my OG LCD-3,
    as indicated in my original review) to my Alphas and its also quiet enough to drive my JH Audio JH-13 Freqphase!!
    YEAH Darin!
    I forgot about that.
    How's the Vostok (SP?) coming?
    What a serious sesh we had at CES!!!!
    SURE - I was honored to write the first review of the microStreamer for Positive Feedback! - as I know Kevin really well.
    Hell, I went to work for Elite Distro (their distributor) years ago because I loved their OG music streamer so much!
    I wrote about it for The Daily Swarm - letting people know they can have FAR better than a Y-cable leading to their computer!
    As the Swarm is a music site - but my Sonic Satori column also lives there.
    IMO: it's still the king of these small USB DAC/amps!
    thats the OG DF
    just got the ver1.2 - lets see how it does!!
  2. mikemercer
    oh, I gotta come by!!!
    and thanks SO much for keeping in touch with the thread Kevin!
    I may have to hear STAGE at your place!!!!
  3. cedou97yon
    don't know exactly why htc player can't recognize the Microstreamer on the technique side, it is strange as it is their last flagship and the microstreamer is almost compatible android (not officialy) but it works well with many recent android phones i think, even ipad,ipod and some nas.
    So I can point you to this thread with a grat app that will probably work with the m8.
    I think it is the best app for usb audio playing through android.
    the app is not free and it is constantly evolving since its born :) .
    The interface is not yet the best but the app is great just check the link and you will understand how much it is great.
    The app is not free but you can have a free trial.
    I'm using it in my setup : Wonderful sound :D 
  4. ocelot2500
    Thanks for the response.
    I got a chance to try a few different media apps last night, and the one you suggested was the only one that worked.  Also, their USB Audio Player Pro worked, it just took me a minute to realize you need to use the player's volume control to adjust the volume on the headphone out.
    That being said, I don't mind carrying an amp with me.  I have been using the JDS Labs C5 with the microStreamer, and I rather like that setup.  The only time I plan to use the microStreamer with my phone is when I fly, so my setup doesn't need to be pocketable.  It just needs to be small enough to fit on the tray table. 
  5. MikiRambler
    Hello everyone,
    6 months ago I bought HRT microStreamer. It was fine, but now I belive that it is broken - sometimes (but only sometimes) left channel squeaks. You can hear music but it is also squeaking, which sounds somewhat like water being boiled. I'v tried different cabes and headphones. Has anyone similar problem - is it common?
  6. Kevin_Halverson
    Your description of the event, particularly since it is intermittent, makes this more likely to be a host side, not device side issue.  There are a number of trouble shooting steps you can undertake to find the cause.  Please contact our support staff at support@hirestech.com and we will be happy to assist.
    Kevin Halverson
    High Resolution Technologies, LLC
  7. mikemercer
    NIIICE rig!!
    doin some tests against the new Dragonfly V1.2
    I always thought the original DF was great for traveling - dug the form factor and the sound,
    but the MS stomped it - with regard to sonic integrity!
    Lets see what happens w/ ver 1.2!!!!
    The fellas at Audioengine also may have built their best thing yet, IMO, with their D3 USB DAC/Hphone amp!
    I love it - but it doesn't quite have the overall oomph and dynamic gestalt of the MS - as it can't drive my original Audeze LCD-3s nearly as tightly as the MS can!
    But they did do a solid job with it
  8. periofab
    For those who have (had) the combination, how does the MicroStreamer pair with the senn HD 598 ? Thank you !
  9. Gilly87
    Very well, but the bass is pretty soft and a little loose, but the soundstage is awesome and the mids are absolutely delicious. Nice sweet highs, and the uS's lean tone and raw sound balances the Sennheiser veil quite nicely. The bass is definitely the weakest link, but its a fantastic combo for strings, classical orchestral, acoustic, and blues (sometimes I think the Senn house sound was designed for Johnny Cash).
  10. CharlesC

    I use this as my primary system and am very happy with it though I can't compare it to much else.  If I had more cash I might upgrade just for the heck of it but there is no real need. I can't think of a <$500 setup I would rather have, especially a mobile one.
  11. CharlesC
    My next project is to get my CD system to sound as good as my microStreamer.  If I got an optical Modi and Magni from Schiit would it even come close?  I'm pretty sure the bitfrost/aasgard would do it but the cost is prohibitive and is likely overkill for my HD598s. 
  12. domes
    I have the Asgard 2, which is awesome, the HD598 and the Microstreamer and the Modi.  The Modi is a good dac but I enjoy the micro more.  The Modi has better soundstage depth and maybe a tad more definition in the bass but the micro to me is better in all other areas.  I keep the Modi hooked up when I have the micro on the go and it is by no means bad, I just keep going back to the micro.  I think for just headphones, the micro is fantastic and sounds great all by itself with the HD598.  I used to use an audio engine D1 with the HD598 and the micro destroys it.  I have never heard the bifrost but want to.
  13. CharlesC

    Thanks for the input.  The microstreamer is a great device.  As Mr. Mercer has said, one of its strengths is its DAC out port.  Sounds like you put that to use.  I may go for the Asgard 2 soon then start saving for the Bitfrost.  There is a chance that the CD player's built in DAC is strong but it's the built in headphone amp that is the weak link. One can hope. 
  14. JediGhostdog
    Would you guys say this is a definite upgrade from the Dragonfly 1.2? I would be using HD 600's with the DAC
  15. mikemercer
    I just got the new Dragonfly ver 1.2 before T.H.E Show Newport (and I was SLAMMED as me and  co-produced T.H.E Headphonium show there) so I just started breaking the new version in last week!
    But I'd be happy to put it up against the microStreamer for ya.
    I always say (as an audio & music writer, just just the thread starter here) however that we all interpret differently - 
    but I'm happy to put those two up against each other, as I've been meaning to do that!
    I preferred the microStreamer to the original Dragonfly - though I thought each had its place, I'd always choose the
    MS  - except if I was in a situation where I couldn't deal with a cable (like a tight airline flight or something).
    When you say you'll be using HD600's "with the DAC" you mean utilizing the DAC and headphone amp in either right??
    I'll get down to this ASAP!
    I also gotta do it for my upcoming review too.
    Will be interesting!
    The microStreamer is so well-built, and has such authority under that lil' chassis it's truly a sonic gem!
    Glad to see this thread still kickin!!!!
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