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Sonic Satori - HRT Levels the Field with the MicroStreamer

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by mikemercer, Jan 23, 2013.
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  1. Gilly87
  2. periofab
    New and happy owner of the microStreamer here ! Thanks to Michael and everybody for your trustful advices !
  3. cedou97yon
    do you think that the hrt stage speaker could work with the microstreamer (without STAGE Control Centre)?
    power may not be sufficient?
    by the way the product is only distributed in us?
    nothing in EU ?
  4. Kevin_Halverson
    While off subject for this thread, let me address the question posted by 'cedou97yon':
    The Speaker System portion of STAGE is not self powered, so a DAC like the microStreamer, despite the presence of a headphone amplifier, would have no mechanism to provide power for the speakers.  In addition, without the Control Center, the complete system would lack the analog signal processing which elevates the performance of STAGE way above any of its competitors.  To clarify, the Control Center incorporates many 'functions', including a DAC, a preamplifier, a signal processor, and a power amplifier where as the microStreamer is a DAC / headphone amplifier combination.  
    As for your question about the US versus other parts of the world, HRT has distributors and dealers in 15 EU countries.  We would be happy to point you to the correct reseller, what specific country are you inquiring about?
    Kevin Halverson
    High Resolution Technologies, LLC
  5. cedou97yon
    thanx for your quick answer and sorry about the off topic question (didn't find anything about the stage here) but i knew that you could give me a good answer.
    I was talking about the stage when ask about the distribution in eu, and finally found a seller (1500€ for the pack :s).
    By the way i already have a microstreamer and enjoy it a lot with ue900 and fidelio x1 :wink:, to me it is a great product.
    Maybe i should make a new topic for the stage as i have more question about it(wireless module specification)?
  6. Kevin_Halverson
    Happy to have been able to assist and answer some of your questions. As for starting a new topic, that is likely a very good idea.
    Kevin Halverson
    High Resolution Technologies, LLC
  7. Gilly87
    Anyone have a good recommendation for a good USB cable for the uS? I'd like to get something a bit more durable than the stock cable, if possible, and around the same length. I'm not interested in cables marketed based on sound improvements; I'm not spending more than $30 on a cable, and only that much if it's something nice with a solid warranty.
  8. Kevin_Halverson
    If 'reliability' of the HRT supplied USB cable is the concern, I can offer that after over 25k cables, we have seen but a handful fail.  This is as good and likely much better track record that any 'expensive' cable I know of.  
    Kevin Halverson
    High Resolution Technologies, LLC
  9. Gilly87
    Good to know,  thank you Kevin. I may very well purchase a new one through you.
    I have to say, I am extremely impressed by your responsiveness and involvement in the community here. My girlfriend is a musician and enthusiast as well, and she recently expressed interest in having a uS of her own; we may be in touch with your sales team before long :)
  10. Kevin_Halverson
    Happy to have been able to assist. You can obtain another USB cable from either your HRT dealer or HRT, whichever is most convenient for you.  Pleased to learn that a second uS may be joining your ranks!
    Kevin Halverson
    High Resolution Technologies, LLC
  11. DanBa
    Sorry, post removed: wrongly-placed post!

  12. amigomatt
    I've ended up writing some impressions in another thread that I feel might be relevant to this thread, especially if anyone is interested in comparisons between HD598, HE400, NAD VISO HP50 and Sony MA900.  I'm also plugging the HRT Microstreamer to be THE MOST COST EFFECTIVE UPGRADE I'VE EVER BOUGHT IN NEARLY 20 YEARS OF INTEREST IN AUDIO GEAR.
  13. CharlesC
    So what are you comparing the microstreamer to?
  14. mikemercer
    I absolutely LOVED the MS + JH Audio Roxannes!
    The new Dragonfly - ver1.2 is also a far better musical performer than the first I think,
    but it doesn't have the overall dynamic gestalt of the microStreamer or the separation that I really dig about it.
    I'm also SO psyched to see this thread still going strong!!
    Keep it up fellas!
    I think the microStreamer is one of @Kevin_Halversons' greatest sonic achievements, and not only has it stood the test of the last two years - 
    with a bunch of similar components coming out (not touching the magic of the MS as far as I'm concerned) but I think
    it will stand the test of time for many years to come!!
  15. amigomatt
    I'm not, I'm just expressing my happiness about how good it is.
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