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Sonic Satori - HRT Levels the Field with the MicroStreamer

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by mikemercer, Jan 23, 2013.
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  1. jagu
    I am using the ms with jh13 pro together with LG G2. The jh13s are very sensitive and I can hardly increase the volume because it gets too loud. The ms works just fine with my Philips L2s, a perfect match. Is there a way of changing the gain via HRT support? Anyone tried this?

    Skickat från min SGP321 via Tapatalk
  2. Kevin_Halverson
    You mention "ms" is the microStreamer?  We use the designation uS, for the microStreamer and MS is the designation for the Music Streamer series.  Assuming that we are discussing the microStreamer; the host you pair the microStreamer with may not access every step of the analog attenuator or the IEMs you are using may just be extremely sensitive.  Regardless, there are a few methods for deceasing the level (volume).  One is to introduce some amount of digital attenuation in your media player.  The other would be to use an inline attenuator (3.5mm style) after the headphone output of the uS.  Neither approach is a perfect one, but as long as you are adding only a modest amount of reduction, the impact should be negligible.  
    Kevin Halverson
    High Resolution Technologies, LLC
  3. Gilly87
    Has anyone used Beyers with the uS? I want an open upgrade to my DT770 LEs and I'm looking at the 880, 990, and T90 as options, would be curious for any input from those who have used any Beyer models with the uS.
  4. snowshoe

    Which OHM rating? I have 250 OHM 990s. I haven't tested them, but I can.
  5. Kevin_Halverson
    Rather than relying upon subjective opinions of compatibility, HRT has a simple Excel based calculator that you can use to determine several aspects of compatibility using purely objective means.  If this is of interest, please contact our support address (support@hirestech.com) and ask for a copy of the calculator.  
    Kevin Halverson
    High Resolution Technologies, LLC
  6. snowshoe
    Sounds like a good offer. Still, I'll test them out this evening.
  7. Gilly87
    Yeah please do! I am most interested in the 250 ohm 880/990 since they are the cheapest :p I will probably need to upgrade my rig before going to the T90...
  8. kayza
    I have 880 premium 600ohm I paid 220 shipped off amazon brand new that I do t like as much as my hd700s, so I am selling. If you want them, let me know. Used like 10 hours if that.
  9. SunTanScanMan
    I've actually used them with my 600ohm T1. They sounded good in my opinion. Clean and detailed. 
    Also used them with the HD650 (300ohm), with similar results. I thought it paired up quite well with the latter. 
    I was quite surprised switching from a dedicated amp and dac to the microstreamer, as the gap between them was so much smaller than I had expected. In my opinion, volume-wise the microstreamer had no major issues driving the HD650 or T1, whilst keeping good sound quality.
    I am keeping the microstreamer, despite my purchase of the aforementioned dac and amp, because I know its abilities, and will be using them in a portable basis on my laptop when I go back to study later this year. Currently looking for a decent portable headphone[​IMG] 
  10. Gilly87
    Hmm...we might have difference in taste then, because I noticed quite a bit missing when I used my HD650 straight from the uS; volume was fine, but the dynamics, separation, and authority were clearly stepped up when I switched from the uS headphone out to uS line out -> Asgard.
  11. SunTanScanMan
    I've not heard the Asgard, but I would agree with you that moving to a dedicated headphone amp would be an improvement in the ways that you mention, from just headphone out of the microstreamer. I would still say those elements are there adequately (allbeit lesser) with just the microstreamer.
    With the meier stack, I also note that the sound is smoother and more refined, making it easier to listen to for a longer period. (as it should be expected)
    I would still say my experience with the HD650 and microstreamer was good, and I could imagine myself enjoying the combo if they were my only equipment.
    Currently the W1000X and the T1 are the cans I listen to most. The former sounds too bright with the microstreamer for my tastes and string quartets could sound a bit messy. Audio technicas tend to be bright anyway but I felt the dedicated dac and amp produced a more refinement. 
    I've not heard the beyers that you mention, but I believe the T90s are closest to the T1 (unless I'm horribly mistaken) soundwise. The T1 has a warmer tone than the AT but slightly less than the 650. There's not woolliness that the 650 can have, the sounds are cleaner and have more definition. Again I could be perfectly happy with just the microstreamer and the T1. 
    Currently I am listening to a lot of string quartets and symphonies. In my opinion the two German headphones are a nice pairing with the microstreamer.
  12. angler1
    Just received my HRTms  paired with my Shure 1540 very nice sound.  Besides the great sound loved how plug and play it is.  Great combo!
  13. snowshoe

    Sorry I couldn't get back to you on this the other day. I am testing out the uS on my DT900s right now. I'll report back with more impressions later, but I wanted to say that the sound is much better than I expected (not to say that I had low expectations, but I find the DT990s to be really fussy). I'll be comparing it with an Emotiva XDA-2 both as a DAC paired with a Schiit Magni and as a DAC/amp. I tend to prefer the DT990 paired with the XDA-2 /Magni combo. The Magni is a little brighter so it balances well with the bassy DT990s. With the uS, the balance is actually very nice.
    This is probably going to require more work. I'm going back and forth between the uS and the XDA-2. There are very clear differences between the two but I'm finding it rather difficult to put my finger on what those differences really are. I want to try out different types of music, but thus far I've focused on two songs: Heaven for the Sinner (feat. Erykah Badu) from Bonobo's The North Borders album (this is in 24/44.1 resolution, bought from bleep.com) and "Afro Blue" (feat. Erykah Badu) from Robert Glasper's Black Radio (this is a lossless CD rip - BlueNote should really release a high rez. version of this album!).  Why these? Because they are on my playlist and I know them well. My impression is that these songs sound better in general on the uS paired with the DT990s. However, the reason I don't use these headphones that much is because I find that they are a little boomy. That boominess is more pronounced through the uS than the XDA-2. For reasons I won't get into now, this makes no sense to me, so I've been checking configurations and computer settings to rule out other factors. At any rate, the uS also seems to bring the midrange forward where it is inexplicably recessed in the XDA-2. Booming bass aside, I actually prefer the combination of the DT990s and the uS to the DT990s and the XDA-2 -- not the result I expected.
    Update 2:
    I needed to spend much more time with the uS. What threw me was that the DT990s sound great through the uS but my Q701s sound a little thin. Considering the Qs are 62ohms and the the DT990s are are 250 ohm, the result should be the other way around. Nevertheless, after a week or two of going back and forth and trying various combinations (the uS through the Schiit Magni, for example), I'll say without reservation that the DT990s sound better than I've ever heard them straight through the uS. The most noticeable thing about this pairing is that the mids are much more forward. I've read that the uS does push the mids a bit and the DTs lack them a bit - this must account for the great sound. When the uS is connected to the Magni, the DTs don't fare so well. That midrange is not as powerful. I like to use the Magni for music that needs a bit of additional detail - bowed bass for example - so the weaker midrange is probably the result of the Magni's strength in the higher frequencies. I'd imagine that there are better pairings for the uS, but the Magni is all I have on hand.
  14. Gilly87
    Awesome, glad to hear its a good pairing... Looking forward to your comparison :)
  15. Peccz
    Gilly87, I've searched a bit about connecting the uS to a Nexus 7 and saw that you got it working with a 2013, did you have to use an external power supply and what kernel are you using? Has anyone tried it with N7 2014?
    I'm looking for a simple way to play Wimp HiFi via my uS to my stereo without my laptop, it kind of defeats the purpose of having a laptop if it is attached to the stereo. :p
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