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Sonic Satori - HRT Levels the Field with the MicroStreamer

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by mikemercer, Jan 23, 2013.
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  1. Kevin_Halverson
    You can pair the microStreamer with a Nexus 7 using the application USB Audio Player Pro.  There is no need for a power supply with this combination (which I use myself) and the battery life isn't impacted too noticeably.
    Here is a link to the application: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.extreamsd.usbaudioplayerpro
    Kevin Halverson
    High Resolution Technologies, LLC 
  2. Peccz
    Thanks Kevin, the uS being able to run directly from the USB port is great, just have to figure out how to get Wimp to play through it bit perfect or at least lossless. But that shouldn't be too hard. :)
  3. Kevin_Halverson
    Actually, right now, that will be impossible as Winamp lacks the resources to replace the missing USB host stack.  This capability is what makes USB Audio Player Pro special.  It is capable of playing uncompressed and lossless compressed formats so that shouldn't be an issue for your application.  Nearly any media player can be so called "bit perfect" assuming that you avoid SRC so no need to get 'married' to any specific player.  Pick one that is capable of playing the source material you want and supports the desired hardware platform.  As of right now, for a Nexus 7 you have the choice of one media player so that makes the decision rather simple!
    Kevin Halverson
    High Resolution Technologies, LLC
  4. Gilly87
    2013 Nexus 7 is the latest model. I was running a custom kernel on it that had built in OTG support so I'm not sure I'll be much help to you, unfortunately.
  5. mikemercer
    SO psyched to see this thread still kickin!!
    I wanted to use this new NuForce HAP-100 headphone amp that I have in for review in a very minimal set-up,
    so I threw in the microStreamer as the DAC ahead of it (LOVE that Kevin put a dedicated 2.25v line output on the MS - alongside the headphone output) and the combination sounds fantastic!!!!
  6. mikemercer
    Been using my Monster DNA Pros a bunch lately - easy to pack when I gotta get-up and go quickly.
    I decided to try em w/ the MS.
    Wonderful combination!
    Spectacular midrange - which is where these lil' cans really shine: textural, and the timbre was spot on!
    Kevin's always been able to get it right where most of the music lives!
    The bass was punchy and tight, and the highs were airy and extended without a tinge of brightness
    (which these cans can sound a bit bright on certain gear).
    Even his Muse Electronics had a SWEET SWEET midrange (as well as the rest of the frequency spectrum of course)
    I wish I would've tried the DNA Pros with the MS when I had em before they came out 
    (was reporting our impressions back to them) - a superb pairing!
    Could be my new go-to laptop set-up on-the-go!
    So I heard there's a new Music Streamer III Kevin???
  7. ocelot2500
    Hello all,
    Let me start off by sating I have had the microStreamer for over a year now and it is great.  It works really well as a compact DAC/Amp that I can use in the office with my IEMs.
    I just got a new phone (HTC M8) and would like to use it with the microStreamer.  When I plug the microStreamer into the phone, it only outputs at full volume or no volume.  That is, I can't adjust the volume on the headphone out.  So far, I have only tried it with the built-in music app.  Has this issue happened to anyone?  Any fixes?
    Thanks in advance
  8. mikemercer
    Hey Everybody!
    SO, after taking my microStreamer w/ me on yet another journey - this time to THE Show Newport - where @warrenpchi and I co-produced THE Headphonium (it was a real BLAST, and it seemed like everybody had a good time
    We missed you there HRT! I know you were in a room at the Hilton - a bunch of Head-FIers wondered why you weren't havin' fun with us!
    Next year?
    Things are changing - we tripled in size this year, and not only getting bigger next year already - but we will ALL be in the same place
    (we ran out of room at The Atrium Hotel so we had to have THE Headphonium II at the Hilton)
    - we also have another LA meet coming up soon - will post dates again ASAP) - I wanted to say that I re-evaluated a question posed upon me recently:
    IF I had to choose, between the MS, new Dragonfly V1.2, or Geek Out 1000:
    I had replied saying it would be the LH Labs Geek Out 1000 based on its ability to drive more difficult cans.
    HOWEVER - though the Geek Out 1000 has more juice to drive more difficult cans,
    and it is a terrific product from a sonic stand-point - I have a change my answer, and as this thread starter I wanted to say it here:
    My answer is STILL the microStreamer!! Not only because of it's sheer musicality - but because  @Kevin_Halverson decided to include a dedicated 2.25 line-out AND headphone output.
    So, instead of adjusting your gain and guessing - you KNOW you're feeding a headphone amp a proper line-out/2.25v.
    I ended up using the MS as a DAC in front of a few headphone amps that were lent to me at THE Headphonium - and it was glorious - just like with the NuForce HAP-100 at home!!
    So it's a far better tool all-around, plus I LOVE using it w/ the iPad - as I think the iPad makes for a fantastic digital transport...
    It also marries beautifully w/ my current favorite cans: the Audeze LCD-2 w/ Fazor!
    (followed by the LCD-X, LCD-XC, then OG LCD-3 - breaking in my LCD-3 w/ Fazor right now)
    so this thing keeps standing UP!
  9. mikemercer
    Or anybody have this issue??
    I haven't yet
  10. Kevin_Halverson
    This is a portable platform that we haven't evaluated here so I can't say with any certainty, but my guess would be that it doesn't support device side volume control.  This is a HID (Human Interface Device) portion of the USB interface that is standardized across all operating systems,  If the 'on board' media player lacks the interface, it can't get to the attenuator on the microStreamer.  Again, just my guess, but I can't think of anything else at this point.  A different media player might have the necessary hooks to communicate across USB for volume.
    Kevin Halverson
    High Resolution Technologies, LLC
  11. Kevin_Halverson
    Thanks as always for the kind words; yep, the Music Streamer series in now in its fourth generation.  I can hardly believe it, but its been over 5 years since the original Music Streamer was the launch product of HRT.  
    Someday you really need to hear STAGE.  It is by far the most significant thing I have done in the four decades that I have been involved in audio.  Ping me next time you are in the area and you can come have a listen and see the new factory too (much larger and I have a killer size listening room of about 20' x 40').  
    Sorry I missed you at the New Port show last week.  I was only there for about an hour on the setup day (Thursday).  I am still limping around after my bicycle accident last November so doing a crowded show isn't back on my agenda yet.
  12. darinf
    Wow, that's quite high praise for the microStreamer, especially given all the hype around the Geek products these days. I still have yet to hear a Geek Out though.
    Well, HRT was sort of at the Headphonium: At my booth at THE Show Newport, I had Out Of Your Head driving three mircoStreamers paired with some Schiit amps, electrostats, etc. The microStreamers worked great.
    Another question, has anyone tried driving a pair of HD600's directly out of the microStreamer? Does it have enough power to get decent listening levels? A customer was asking me about it the other day, but I don't have a pair of HD600's to try.
  13. ocelot2500

    Thanks for the response. 
    I haven't had a chance yet, but I was planning on trying different media players.  I'll report back if I find something that works. 
    It isn't that big of a deal anyways, since most of the time I feed the microStreamer into an amp.
  14. CharlesC
    Glad you're still on the uStreamer team, man. As far as the Geek goes, that business where it kicks into high volume because you touch something scares the crap out of me.
  15. Gilly87
    I got plenty of volume with the 650. But it wasnt the most dynamic combo, the bass punch was underwhelming and the soundstage depth you expect from your real rig won't be there. I'd say the uS is one step above a decent portable DAP in terms of the amount of power it puts out.
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