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Sonic Satori - HRT Levels the Field with the MicroStreamer

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by mikemercer, Jan 23, 2013.
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  1. domes
    I am going to dedicate the Microstreamer to mobile listening as I can't part with it but also can't resist upgrading.  Also waiting for an Asgard 2 to arrive soon.  Any good choices for an upgrade from the Microstreamer for a dedicated desktop dac without a huge jump in price?  
  2. Gilly87
    Music Streamer 2+ is a solid option.
  3. ericr
    FWIW, I find the MS and the Asgard 2 a pretty good combo.
  4. Gilly87
    Yeah the ms worked well with my old Asgard. The MS2+ is a definite step up though.
  5. mikemercer
    hey guys!!
    I'm SO psyched to see this thread THRIVING!
    I never wouldv'e imagined that it would keep going like this!
    Thanks to ALL OF YOU for participating in the discussion.
    I'll use the microStreamer ahead of the Vali for you w/ my Mad Dogs!
    That sounds like a VERY cool combo - I used to use the microStreamer ahead of the Pan Am..
    Gimme a lil time - writing assignments and sh--
  6. Debennett2
    First post on this forum....just starting to explore the world of hi-res music.

    My issue:

    I'm currently using my iPad mini (ios 7.1), lightning to usb cable, and microstreamer. The microstreamer keeps staying on 44k no matter what I play. I've tried some external players that were recommended to work....nothing. It just plays back at 44k when I know the file to be 96k.

    Anyone know what might be going on?
  7. Kevin_Halverson
    The sample rate indicator LEDs on this or any HRT product reflect the sample rate that the host (iPad mini in your case) is sending to the device (microStreamer in this case).  A device like a microStreamer (or any USB device for that matter) has absolutely no control over the sample rate, this is determined exclusively by the host side.  Either your source material is actually 44k1 sample rate or your media player is performing SRC (sample rate conversion).  You state that you "...know the file to be 96k", how have you made this determination?
    Kevin Halverson
    High Resolution Technologies, LLC
  8. Debennett2
    Thanks for the reply, Kevin. I've made that determination based on two things: I bought the audio tracks from hdtracks and tried a good sampling of all those albums, I have no other "type" of music on the drive, and these same files have been tested on my pc via xbmc and indicate that they are 96khz/24bit there.
  9. Jonamafun
    Having a bit of trouble using the microstreamer with my Android device.

    Previously, the uS was working my Samsung Galaxy S3 when it was running Android 4.1.2.

    Now that I have upgraded my phone to Android 4.3, I can't for the life of me get it to work. When I connect it the phone recognises the device is connected, but when I try to play any music through either the default player or Neutron, no sound comes out. Furthermore, the player appears to 'skip' through the track at 3-5 second intervals.

    Anyone have any ideas?
  10. mikemercer
    I'll reach out to @Kevin_Halverson for you - IF he doesn't see this!
    HRT's on-the-money w/ SUPPORT!!
    Runnin' my microStreamer w/ the new NuForce Primo 8s - review to come - 
    man I still LUV this lil device! and it marries SO well with the Primo 8s:
    Silky midrange, glorious highs, and low-end that bangs like a desktop rig!!
    The Geek Out 1000 has some advantages for sure - BUT, they shouldv'e, IMO,
    as opposed to 2 headphone outputs - made a dedicated DAC line-out/2.25v + headphone output like the MS!
    Some peeps are having trouble using it as a DAC alone (the Geek Out) - where to set the gain, etc.
    I only used it as a DAC/amp w/ cans for my review...
    But the HRT microStreamer is STILL going to be my first-choice for on-the-go small-scale USB DAC/amps w/ my MacBook
    and iPad!!  I love the Geek Out - but there are some quirks.
    I've been ROCKIN my HRT MS ever since I reviewed it and started this thread...
    Not ONE issue!!
  11. citraian
    Are there any other quirks besides it not having a DAC out?
    How's the 1000 with sensitive headphones? Is the volume bearable?
  12. mikemercer
    since I don't wanna get too off-topic here in the HRT MS thread:
    Here's a link to my review at Part-Time Audiophile - where I get into it...
    and I also started a Geek Out 1000 Impression and Appreciation thread 
    The 1000 worked beautifully with my Momentums and B&O H6's, (I mostly ran it w/ my Audeze LCD-X and XCs)
    I didn't use it with any IEMS -  the Geek Out 450 might be better for those types of cans.
    the issue is actually with the volume setting, a strange tweak - check out the review, I get into it there.
    Back to the NuForce Primo 8s and microStreamer!!
    BTW -my biggest issue/quirk with the Geek Out 1000 is actually why I didn't use IEMS with it.
    But its sonic integrity and musical performance are top-notch with headphones like the Audeze's, Sennheisers, and my Mr. Speakers
    they just made a choice that back-fired with regard to the volume set-up in order to incorporate certain technical aspects of their Da Vinci DAC into the Geek...
  13. Debennett2
    Anyone know where I might start looking? Is this because I'm not jailbroken? Or is this possible an app setting? 
  14. CharlesC

    My guess is that if you are loading your music thru iTunes to play with the iOS Music app, iTunes is probably downconverting your file.  It seems very unlikely to me that the Music app is capable of playing high res files.  There are other apps that will but you will probably need to load your music without iTunes to make it work the way you want - you will probably need dropbox or something like it.
  15. Debennett2

    I'm using a wireless seagate hard drive via wifi. These are raw flac files. iTunes is never used and I'm not using the default music player.
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