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  1. jilgiljongiljing
    Um...I installed it, where do I configure the playback device to be ASIO4all?
  2. Benaiir
    Love this program so far... Album art finder is a half-ass job though. It finds like 90% of the music and I have to do the rest.
  3. krmathis Contributor
    Yes, I have tried it.
    It is quite nice indeed, and have made some promising progress the last two years. I simply can not get over the fact that it is build upon XUL Runner though and hence do not feel native, just like Firefox, Thunderbird, and others.

    So iTunes it is for me...
  4. Jubei
    Ever since I started using Foobar inertia has set in with regards to changing to other audio players. Heck, I don't even bother upgrading to the latest Foobar as the one I using is fine and I don't feel like spending the time to reconfigure again.
  5. apatN Contributor
    On second thought it looks very nice but I haven't found a way to install ASIO or WASAPI. Is there a way to install one of those? Otherwise I am going to stick with Foobar.
  6. Al4x
    thanks op may actually be the first program to get me to stop using WMP, well after a few improvements

    itunes is by far the worst ive used, absolutly hate that with a passion

    foobar - found it too complicated, its skinning was beyond me and i didnt like the look

    WMP, - havent found a player like more than 11, for me the interface is near perfect for finding and organising

    Songbird, - has a very nice GUI, like wmp, and is more customizable just beggining to explore its addons, needs a good album view tho! and a few bugs need sorting [ie speed] before it displaces WMP but i can see it

    yet again mozilla impresses, i already love firefox and thunderbird, and this is close to becoming my default music player!
  7. Al4x
    thought id resurrect this thread now im using this exclusively since the w7 WMP is ugly!

  8. krmathis Contributor
    Yeah, Songbird is definitely worth a try. [​IMG]

  9. Al4x
    like mine but the colours are different
  10. Jubei
    A few questions : - is it stable and does it use alot of memory?
  11. MooTaters
    Complaints about 60-110MB usage?  Only time I'm ever bothered by ram usage is when half of my 4GB is still held up by things that just didn't want to flush out.  ie: using firefox for a while and I close it to find my ram usage won't go down until I restart.  Heck my firefox is using about 250MB and songbird about 95MB.
    I consider it a better itunes...used that for a while, but started to hate it in windows so found soundbird about a year ago give or take a few months.
  12. necropimp


    deal breaker right there since i've decided to go lossless image with embedded cue sheet for everything
    i'll stick with foobar
  13. chinesekiwi
    Songbird = all bling, no functionality, particularly compared to Foobar2000.
  14. hockeyb213 Contributor
    My question is what is the best player available on os x
  15. khaos974
    Have they [songbird] solved the problem with large flac libraries yet? When I last tried Songbird 6 months ago, it used to crash when attempting to tag a file while playing others, or it simply lagged when I changed tracks rapidly.

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