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Sonarworks Headphone Calibration software

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by amigomatt, Apr 14, 2015.
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  1. DivineCurrent
    I highly recommend listening to Dr. Cheskey's Ultimate Headphone Demonstration Disc while running this software. Using the HD650s on the flat reference curve, the realism Cheskey's recordings convey is startling. I bet it will work just as well with other binaural recordings too. 
  2. SanjiWatsuki
    I've been trying out SonarWorks for the past month or so and I'm impressed. I've used it with the HD800, DT990, and the M50x.
    I heavily suspect that the SonarWorks house curve is very similar to the Harman speaker curve or the Olive-Welti headphone curve. The main differences is that I think SonarWorks emphasizes the sub-bass more and is a bit brighter in the upper mids and lower treble region.
  3. chinook9
    I have purchased the headphone plugin and have it working well on Windows 10 in Foobar.
    I'd like to use the plugin on my MacBook also but I don't want to have to buy JRiver.  Does the plugin work with any of the free or relatively inexpensive music players for Mac?
  4. Yoga

    You can use Audio Hijack to route all system audio through it, which means it works with absolutely everything. Spotify, Youtube - any music player.
    There is a free alternative using Soundflower and another piece of software, but this app is *well* worth the little outlay.
  5. edwardsean

    Second that. This is a great way to also chain some high fidelity processing together. I have Tidal (hifi) > Sonarworks > EQ > OutOfYourHead.
    It's a killer pathway. 
  6. Yoga

    Any reason you're not running all system audio through that chain?
    I used to get the odd click/pop, but that seems to have vanished with the latest update. I've left the module in just in case :¬)
    To all - make sure you have 'Avoid Clipping' enabled (Sonarworks plugin UI).
  7. edwardsean
    Hi Yoga, great to see you here. I have this running though the 430HA and the end result is really astounding. I'm just running Tidal, as it's the one thing I need it for. I thought it would be more direct and cleaner pathway. Is it better to run all system audio?
  8. Yoga

    Hey buddy :¬)
    That makes sense, I'd do the same if it were for a single app - less to process. I run all system audio as this is my audio production machine; I'm always listening to music (through various apps and services). 
    I did wonder if that was ambiguous. Avoid Clipping is an option on the Sonarworks plugin itself, on the right hand side, just below the volume slider. Make sure it's enabled
  9. DivineCurrent
    Since the software contains a preset for the B&K curve, I experimented a little with the custom curve option to get close to the Harman Reference Room Target (RR1). Here are the differences in 4 loudspeaker curves:
    And here is what I did for the custom curve:
    Compared to the B&K curve, this one has a 4 db bass boost from 100hz downward, and a 1-2 db reduction from 200hz to 4 Khz. Got to say, this makes my HD650s sound like huge tower speakers with a subwoofer. [​IMG]
  10. chinook9
    Thank you Yoga, for the recommendation.  I will try it in the next couple of days.
  11. Yoga

    No worries. Enjoy!
  12. DivineCurrent
    Has anyone tried the Beyer DT880 with the software? I sold mine a while ago, im wondering if it will be worth it to get them again to use them with the software. Even with the calabration, my guess is the DT800 will have a little more treble resolution than the HD650.
  13. pila405
    Where can I get the HD800 profile?
  14. MattTCG
    It comes packaged with the software. I'm using jriver and choose dsp studio and then select hd800 profile. 
  15. phoenixdogfan
    Recently purchased the HD 800's which was on sale on Amazon for $1000.  Use the "flat to 20 hz" plug in for them which has a link somewhere in this thread. Send the JRive output directly to OOYH using the Magico Q7, Focal,and Revel plug ins mostly,and sending that output to the phones and a sub pac.  If you ask me this set up punches like George Foreman or Joe Frazier.  Just gobs and gobs of clean deep no hangover or boom bass that in no way obscures the suberb mid range and treble.  It's so sweet to lose those room nodes.
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